Adding Chrome to browser identification list for Microsoft Ajax

Microsoft Ajax library can identify browser type and version for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Chrome is missing from this list and it seems Microsoft added Chrome to “init.js” but did not extend Microsoft Ajax. 119 more words


WCF giving error 400 bad request when calling using AJAX or from SharePoint 2013 Workflow

Problem Statement:-

I was getting the error 400 Bad Request, when trying to call the WCF web service using AJAX or from SharePoint 2013 Workflow. 111 more words


Calling Cross Domain Web Services in AJAX

Problem Statement:-

I have a web service which is deployed on a domain A. I want to call this web service from another domain, but cross domain calling is not allowed. 196 more words


ASP.Net MVC3 - Ajax Form

If you want to send data from client to server you can use either query string or form. The query string is a GET request method and can be seen in the URL, right after the question mark like, … 1,137 more words


Date type extensions in Microsoft Ajax library

I have to admit, Microsoft Ajax JavaScript library is not so well known and popular these days. But still if offers a lot of functionalities a developer might use doing some client side work. 494 more words