Create a hierarchical jQuery date pickers structure

A was working recently with a SharePoint custom form with contains a lot of textbox controls to server as date pickers. Of course, as many other developers, I choose jQuery date picker. 1,061 more words


Infinite Session in Web Applications

Problem Statement:-

We were the facing the problem that session was getting timeout after every 20 minutes.


To resolve this issue. I wrote a web service method which is returning the string. 229 more words


Read SharePoint Online list from ASP.NET

Today, IT world is all about connecting systems, so to connect an ASP.NET Web Forms based website to SharePoint Online can be a usual task for developers. 1,268 more words


A simple JavaScript observable array

Working with JavaScript is very popular in SharePoint enviroment today. Unfortunately, people are looking in other external libraries to achieve functionality they already have, but they are not aware of it. 264 more words




Learn ASP Classic by building a web site from scratch.

Part VII: Displaying Data Using AJAX.

What We Will Do

In this chapter we will: 340 more words


Singleton pattern using Microsoft Ajax JavaScript library

Microsoft Ajax JavaScript library is one the powerful libraries on the market, even is not so popular any more. More and more developers are going into jQuery direction, but I still continue to use on daily basis, as I am working in SharePoint environment. 333 more words


Custom Progress Alert Box

In this article we will be learning to create a custom progress alert box for your website or webpages.Lets start with example employee website.

Creating Website… 1,652 more words

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