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CRUD operations using KnockOutJS and Asp.Net MVC3


In last posts about knockoutJs, I gave examples of Search, Binding server side model to KnockoutJs ViewModel. I’ll discuss today about sending data back to server so that we can do server side operations. 574 more words


Implement Jquery.tmpl (template) with KnockoutJS, Asp.Net Mvc3

In continuation of my previous post on search implementation using knockoutjs. In previous example I bind grid with knockoutjs observable array object. Because of observable characteristics, once view model update then knockoutjs engine render html controls which are bound to that view model. 332 more words


Implement Search screen using knockoutjs, Jquery and asp.net mvc3


Here I am trying to explain steps for how to use knockoutjs viewmodel, jquery ajax request in asp.net mvc3 project.

I am taking practical example to show behaviour. 568 more words


Client side Model binding with ASP.NET MVC 3 and KnockoutJs

Client side Model binding with ASP.NET MVC 3 and KnockoutJs Knockoutjs is type safe client side library which provides declarative bindings of DOM with model data, Automatic UI refresh when view model changes etc. 379 more words


What is Difference between HttpGet and HttpPost?

Http GET method

  • Data is submitted as a part of url.
  • Data is visible to the user as it post as query string.
  • it is not secure but fast and quick.
  • 86 more words

JQGrid methods

I am listing here some useful methods of JqGrid (Jquery data grid plugin). you can read more about JqGrid here. You can also see demo of this grid… 78 more words


Never locks records in Web application

I found one of good blog by Peter Vogel about We should avoid lock of record in web application.

You can click here to open it.