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Avoid Browser Showing Cached Page on Click of Browser Back Button

We have seen that generally after the logout button when we are clicking back button of browser then we can see old cached page. Or if our site is very secure and you do not want to reload your old cached page after clicking on back button. 94 more words


MVC Tutorial Step 4: Create the Data Access Layer with all methods

Now we are going to create the Data Access layer to access the data from database.

So first of all you need to add the connection string in web.config file. 260 more words


MVC Tutorial Step 3: Create the Models with data annotation and custom data annotation

Here i am going to describe the data annotations. This is for showing the errors on the UI.

So we will create the three classes and their properties with data annotations. 415 more words


MVC Tutorial Step 2 : Profile Management database setup and creation

Database Creation

We will create three tables:
1. Contact : where we will save the contact details.
2. Country : Contact user country name.
3. State : Contact user state name. 924 more words


MVC Tutorial Step 1 : Profile Management project setup

Here, I am going to create a new project “Profile Management”, so we will discuss the step by step programming for creation of a MVC project. 153 more words


Multi-Select List/Drop Down in Asp.Net MVC4

This article is basically focused on how we can use Multi-Select List/ Drop Down using Asp.Net MVC4 and Bootstrap.

Basic steps for selecting multiple values from Multi-Select List/Drop Down List using Asp.Net MVC and Bootstrap. 550 more words