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ASP.net MVC step by step complete E-commerce tutorial

ASP.net MVC has matured significantly over the past few years and is perhaps one of the best web frameworks out there to develop secure, fast, enterprise web applications. 1,350 more words


Guidelines to implement ideal scalable angularJS application

Food for thought:┬áPlease go through code in VS, Its a sample angular application, doesn’t have that much of meat in it, a skeleton app which deals functionality like: 135 more words


Refactoring: Usage of Guard Clauses

During initial days of development, I inclined towards using nested if statements, but with passage of time when code requirements started to be more complex and involve lot of if statements, this result in nightmare in terms of maintenance and readability of code. 128 more words


Usage of CONTAIN filter in LINQ queries

Contains scans a List. It searches for a specific element to see if that element occurs at least once in the collection. The C# List type has the useful Contains method that declaratively searches. 84 more words


WebAPI: Standard way of using session object in server methods

The best common way to use session objects in MVC and WebAPI ‘enterprise web’ project is to load them into public class soon after successful logging, then save that loaded data class into session object and utilize this session object in mvc and webapi controller using static method so that one persistent ‘typecast’ object is available for each online user. 188 more words


AppSettings values Usage through Static Class - C#

AppSettings stores strings or other values. It is found in a section of Web.config in an ASP.NET website project. Keeping constants in non-code files allows changes to be made easier. 121 more words


WebAPI: Accessing Session Using ASP.NET Web API

I know its not the way WebAPI should be used, Lot of people gonna offend on this, but it happens sometime that you need to use session objects in you api calls. 89 more words