A Detailed Walkthrough of ASP.net MVC Request Life Cycle

MVC Request Life Cycle

Life cycle of MVC request is a series of steps involved in processing client request. Regardless of technology and platforms almost all the web frameworks have one or other type of Request life cycle and MVC is no different. 3,715 more words

ASP .net MVC Request Life Cycle

A Kendo Search Window with an AutoComplete and a Grid

So I want to create a popup search window using ASP.Net MVC 5 and Telerik’s Kendo UI.  I am using the @HtmlHelper technique in my code (less JavaScript for me to write).   1,666 more words


Pre-Bundling and Pre-Minification in ASP.NET

There are number of bundling and minification libraries available for asp.net/asp.net MVC applications. Following are few I have come across with.

• Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework – Available as a nuget package… 440 more words


SET UP Maximum request length exceeded

Uploading files via the FileUpload control gets tricky with big files. The default maximum filesize is 4MB - this is done to prevent denial of service attacks in which an attacker submitted one or more huge files which overwhelmed server resources. 172 more words

Using Interfaces for ASP.NET MVC Model Binding

Sometimes you may want to support view reuse, where a partial view displays a portion of the application in a reusable fashion. Suppose you had the following entity which has a bunch of properties. 544 more words