Areas in ASP.NET MVC

Areas are some of the most important components of ASP.NET MVC projects. The main use of Areas are to physically partition web project in separate units. 135 more words


How to create an xml using Linq?

If you need to create an xml out of an object of C# using LINQ. Please follow this step.

Create a class as below

public class Person…

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Resolving WCF Service with unity

public static void RegisterTypes(IUnityContainer container)
container.RegisterType<Interface, ConcreatType>()
.ConfigureInjectionFor<ConcreatType>(new InjectionConstructor(“*”));

Asp.Net MVC

[ios][SharePoint]-Upload Image to SharePoint from IPhone App using Swift and ASP.NET WebApi

This article will show some simple steps to upload a picture, document to SharePoint Library using XCode Swift, Asp.net Web api. I will create Native IPhone app using swift language and another app will be asp.net mvc web api to receive images with other information and upload to SharePoint. 160 more words

SharePoint 2013

EntityType: EntitySet '[Entity Name]' is based on type '[Entity Name]' that has no keys defined

So, the exception completely indicates us that it is not able to find a Key in model, which is defined in database for that entity. 217 more words