MVC WEB API #2 (Craig's Entry)

I have recently made changes to the web api. I made a view in SQL to that the web API only returned certain information about the Patient from the Patient table and the medication history table. 144 more words

Customizing profile information in ASP.NET Identity

Here is an example shows how to customize profile information in ASP.NET Identity.

In summary you need to:

  • Add your new profile properties into Models\IdentityModels.cs…
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AutoMapper to Bootstrap ToPagedList()

Automapper  Domain model to ViewModel to Bootstrap pagedlist()

int pageSize = 10; //set to ten items per page
           int pageNumber = (page ?? 1);
            //Perform the conversion and load view model then return as paged list
           List<RateViewModel> RateViewModel = Mapper.Map<List<Rate>, List<RateViewModel>>(Rate.ToList());
            return View(RateViewModel.ToPagedList(pageNumber, pageSize));//return as paged list rather an a await async list

Upload Files in MVC 5 ASP.Net and C#

Five steps to upload multiple files in MVC 5

  • Entity Models
  • GET Create Controller
  • Create View
  •  POST Create Controller
  • Modification to Web.Config to increase upload file size…
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Uploading Multiple files from a single form post in MVC

Some time back I wrote a post explaining how to allow File Upload In An ASP.NET MVC Application. Here I am going to expand on the post a little an show how to allow multiple file upload in a single post to the server. 672 more words


Synchronous and Asynchronous Action Methods

The following compares a synchronous and asynchronous action methods:

public ActionResult MyAction()
var myService = new MyService();
return View(myService.GetSomething());

public async Task<ActionResult> MyActionAsync() 80 more words