Accessing Sage 300c’s Business Logic from the Web UIs


In the Sage 300 VB UIs, a user would do something in the UI (press a button or tab out of a field) and then the VB UI would be notified of this and would possibly execute a number of Sage 300 Business Logic (View) calls and based on their results update various other fields and possibly provide user feedback via a message box. 1,365 more words


ASP.NET Hosting Indonesia- Mengaktifkan AppSetting di MVC

Jika Anda membuka web.config Anda pada akar proyek MVC Anda, Anda akan menemukan sekelompok kunci appsetting standar ditambah MVC atau WebAPI.

Salah satu appsetting dengan webpapges kunci: Diaktifkan ditambahkan yang sebagai nilai default sebagai palsu. 426 more words


capture windows username in asp.net mvc request


You can use HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name if you set up the site to use Windows Authentication. Many browsers will pass the username on transparently. 264 more words


Use of Anti Forgery Token in MVC

MVC’s anti-forgery support writes a unique value to an HTTP-only cookie and then the same value is written to the form. When the page is submitted, an error is raised if the cookie value doesn’t match the form value. 97 more words


Issue : '+' symbol (from QueryString)is coming to server side code as a White Space

The + character has a special meaning in a url => it means whitespace. If you want to use the sign you need to URL encode it. 9 more words


Get the OS of Client

Dictionary<string, string> osList = new Dictionary<string, string>
            {"Windows NT 6.3", "Windows 8.1"},
            {"Windows NT 6.2", "Windows 8"},
            {"Windows NT 6.1", "Windows 7"},
            {"Windows NT 6.0", "Windows Vista"},
            {"Windows NT 5.2", "Windows Server 2003"},
            {"Windows NT 5.1", "Windows XP"},
            {"Windows NT 5.0", "Windows 2000"},
            {"MacPPC", "Mac Os"},
            {"Mac68K", "Mac Os"},

        string userAgentText = HttpContext.Current.Request.UserAgent;

        if (userAgentText != null)
            int startPoint = userAgentText.IndexOf('(') + 1;
            int endPoint = userAgentText.IndexOf(';');

            string osVersion = userAgentText.Substring(startPoint, (endPoint - startPoint));
            string friendlyOsName = osList;

Further Information : 

HttpCapabilitiesBase.Platform Property