AJAX File Uploads with HTML 5

I see on StackOverflow the question often how to upload a file via AJAX.  It turns out it is actually not that difficult. We utilize a solution using the Html 5 FileReader component. 225 more words


Razor syntax

Syntax/Sample Razor Web Forms Equivalent (or remarks) Code Block
  int x = 123; 
  string y = "because.";
  int x = 123; 
  string y = "because."; 
%> 316 more words

Error: The OwinStartup attribute discovered in assembly

Khi gặp lỗi sau:

The OwinStartup attribute discovered in assembly ‘eNoteBookApp’ referencing startup type ‘eNoteBookApp.Startup’ conflicts with the attribute in assembly ‘eHandbook’ referencing startup type ‘eHandbook.Startup’ because they have the same FriendlyName ”. 93 more words


Testing ASP.NET Core MVC Controllers: Getting Started

Jason Roberts. Don’t Code Tired. 2017-06-23
When writing ASP.NET Core MVC web applications, you may want to test that controller actions behave in the expected way, for example that the action returns the correct result type (e.g. 23 more words

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How to create AutoComplete TextBox In ASP.NET MVC 5

Here we are going to implement Auto Complete TextBox using Jquery and Mvc 5. Simply follow following steps.

Step 1: Go to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015… 595 more words

Asp.Net Mvc

IValidatableObject for Complex Custom Validation

Just a note to help me remember the IValidatableObject interface that is used in ASP.NET MVC for adding complex custom validation to a view model. 234 more words


Asp.net Core Identity Framework Core, VS 2017

Nearly every application needs to manage users, roles, rights, authentications and authorizations. Asp.net Core works well with the default identity framework provided by .net team. 861 more words

Asp.net Mvc