Claims-Based Authorization in ASP.Net MVC and Web Api

Normally, I would re-write a blog post in hope to provide better explanation and concise the article, but since this is from Dominick Baier, I think he does it the best. 21 more words


MVC ASP.Net Interview

1. Which is the best approach to assign a session in MVC?

A) System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session[“LoginID”] =7;
B) Current.Session[“LoginID”] =7;
C) Session[“LoginID”] =7;
D) None

2. RedirectToActionPermanent() Method for which Status code represents? 874 more words


Web Api 2.0

I working on 3-tier solution using ASP.NET MVC for an internal business application. Came across an excellent poster highlighting the Web API 2.0 working model. Here it is… 7 more words


How to call WEB API from ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET Web API is a framework that makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. 162 more words


Dynamic Paging in Kendo Grid

In one of my previous post we came across how to Insert , Update, Delete using ASP.NET MVC in Kendo Grid. If you noticed, i used a custom paging in the page below the grid.Many a times when we use any grid in our page, we always use paging. 184 more words


Deploy ASP.NET 5 Apps to Docker on Azure

NOTE: This post is part 4 of a series on developing and deploying cross-platform web apps with ASP.NET 5:

  1. Develop and Deploy ASP.NET 5 Apps on Mac OS X…
  2. 1,189 more words

Real-time applications with SignalR and SQLDependency in ASP.NET MVC

In one of my previous posts, I talked about using SQLDependency as a mechanism for detecting triggers on certain SQL queries. In this post, I’ll talk about how to use this mechanism┬áto display real-time data in web applications using SignalR. 789 more words