Glimpse: Syntax error - Unexpected token }

Testing the app locally as a non admin authenticated user, glimpse.axd handler generates 3 redirects to the login action (did I mention it is an MVC 5 app). 156 more words


Mumbai Techie Group reached VJTI College

This time Mumbai Techie Group finally reached VJTI college – Mumbai (http://www.vjti.ac.in/)

This Seminar on Asp.Net MVC by Sukesh Marla (MVC) was specifically for VJTI IT and Computer Science students. 325 more words

After Event

Plug-in Architecture To Work for multiple platforms/techs


Plug-in Architecture To Work in WinForms MVC + WPF MVVM + ASP.Net MVC  + Mobile (Xamarin MVC/PhoneGap MVC) +  Win 10 Universal App MVC… 1,642 more words


Cross Domain ASP.NET Web API GET & POST Data Using JQuery AJAX

When you have created a Restful API using the ASP.NET Web API and if your API is in one domain and the UI is in another domain then you might get errors due to cross-domain issues. 708 more words


Razor HTML Encoding


The Razor view engine helps protect us against XSS attacks by encoding any data that we refer to using the @ tag to make it safe to display as HTML. 269 more words

Asp.net Mvc

ASP.NET MVC Razor: '@' character, '@:' character and text tag


You want to add some code into your page, then using @ character. This character is start symbol for inline expressions, statement blocks and multi-statement blocks: 488 more words

Asp.net Mvc