How to dynamically bind and configure column's metadata in kendo grid for your MVC application

As a blogger you always strive for some interesting topic to write for your blog. Recently in one of our MVC application i got the chance to work with kendo grid control, but with some… 859 more words


Percentage Encoding of special characters before sending it in the URL


I need to pass special characters like #,! etc in URL to Facebook,Twitter and such social sites. For that I am replacing such characters with URL Escape Codes. 202 more words


Microsoft Translator Service on ioProgrammo

I have written a new article for the n°211 of ioProgrammo (February/March 2017). This time I introduce my Translator Service Library and show how to use it to build a chat with real-time translation capabilities. 17 more words


ASP.NET MVC5 Entity Framework / Repository Pattern and Unit of Work revisited

The code for this solution in this link

I’ll put Android development aside for a moment to write an update of an old entry related to ASP.NET and MVC. 1,710 more words


Youtube Queuer - Implementing Google Authorization in ASP.NET MVC

As I have mentioned in an eariler post, I’ve started working on a Youtube video queuer. More details are available in the linked post. 466 more words


MVC View With Multiple Models Using Tuples And Expendo Object.

DownLoad Sample Project: MvcViewWithMultipleModels 

In mvc programming model a view can be associate with multiple models and developers have to send multiple models from controller to cshtml page.There are many  common approaches like ViewBag,ViewData,ViewModel etc can be use to achieve this functionality. 338 more words

ASP.NET Core/MVC: Error - The name 'angular' does not exist in the current context on Compilation

In case you are integrating Angular2 and Angular Material 2 with your ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET MVC project, you might need to include css or js files explicitly in layout.cshtml. 66 more words