Delegates, Lambda Expressions, Func and Action

These are few keywords which intermediate programmers are afraid of. Mainly because they don’t use them often which do not allow them to discuss it with their peers. 1,122 more words

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How to output an IHtmlString within an ASP.NET MVC Razor code block

Today I was working on a Razor view for an ASP.NET MVC app, and I needed to output an IHtmlString (resulting from a function call)  141 more words


Q: Action Results in Asp.Net MVC?

In ASP.NET, MVC has different types of Action Results. Each action result returns a different format of output. A programmer uses different action results to get expected output. 632 more words


Different ways of doing serialization and deserialization in .Net (Asp.net/Asp.net MVC) (Part 3)

Method 1: Using System.Runtime.Serialization.Json Namespace

Method 2: Using System.Web.Script.Serialization Namespace

Method 3:

In this method we will use the Newtonsoft.Json dll

This is one of the most popular open source dll, we install it from Nuget package manager or from google download it and add to our project… 193 more words


Different ways of doing serialization and deserialization in .Net (Asp.net/Asp.net MVC)(Part 2)

different-ways-of-doing-serialization-and-deserialization-in-net-asp-netasp-net-mvc (Part 1)

Method 2 approach

we will use System.Web.Script.Serialization namespace of .net framework

Step 1: Create the EmpDemo Class and write the code in code behind file like given below… 184 more words


Hire offshore ASP.NET Development Company with best quality & price

The ASP.NET Development Company is an exceptionally famous stage for the making of sites and pages. The application improvement part includes a substantial number of stages yet ASP.NET gives Vivacious and Vibrant sites. 483 more words

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Learn MVC Using Angular Dynamic Localization


This article demonstrates low to use Agular dynamic localization in MVC using the Angular i18n package in Visual Studio 2017.


Localization is a very important part of region based applications. 738 more words

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