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Entity Framework Webapp

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Today we are discuss about the code first approach of EF where code is designed based on which database is generated with tables and keys. 259 more words


Disable script manager animation extender loader from child page

//in masterpage.aspx.cs

public partial class MasterPage : System.Web.UI.MasterPage
public bool ExternderVisible
get{return UpdatePanel_UpdatePanelAnimationExtender.Enabled;}
set{UpdatePanel_UpdatePanelAnimationExtender.Enabled = value;}

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) 29 more words


How to use Office UI Fabric in your Web Applications

The Office UI Fabric framework is a easy to use UI framework that provides you with CSS and JavaScript components allowing you to style your web applications, making them seamlessly integrate with the Office 365 and SharePoint Online user experience. 52 more words


Possible tools and resources

ASP.NET  //  An open source React and Meteor platform called Telescope  // Relevant Quora thread  //  Drupal  //  Python  //  Simple Pie… 11 more words


Get Current Windows User in ASP.NET C# Web Form

This example demonstrates how to get the current logged in windows user by using an ASP.NET Web Form named “MyWebForm.aspx” and a code behind page named “MyWebForm.aspx.cs”. 56 more words


Embed SSRS Report in an ASP.NET Page

First, develop a SSRS report, deploy it to Report Manager, and run the report to confirm that it works properly. Create/open an ASP.NET Web Application. Create/open a Web Form in Visual Studio: 761 more words


Angular2: Speech IMDB using Angular2, Typescript, Web API and ASP.NET MVC

Speech based Search Movie Web App using Angular2, TypeScript, BING API, ASP.NET MVC, Web API & Web Speech API

This web application assist you to search movies and seasons through voice. 204 more words