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Default npm json and gruntfile.js for ASP.NET 5

I’ve been messing around with ASP.NET 5 a fair bit in my spare time and I’ve found that I’ve been creating the same two files over and over again, so I threw them into a gist to make my life a little easier. 29 more words


ThermalLabel SDK 6.0 Updated - Fixed License Settings in Config files and Timeout for IP printers

A maintenance release of ThermalLabel SDK 6.0 is available containing the following:

  • Fixed! License info could not be taken from *.config files.
  • Fixed! Timeout for IP printers was ignored.
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Master Page, User Control, Custom Control and Content page : Order of page life cycle event

As we all know that while serving an asp.net request goes through many stages before it gets served. One of the important stages is, going through the page life cycle events.  890 more words


SSIS: Excecute SSIS package (DTSX) from ASP.Net

Written by – santosh poojari – This article demonstrate the step by step procedure to create SSIS Package and Execute the same using ASP.net

Introduction… 1,206 more words


ASP.NET MVC - Attribute to analyze calling controller and action

I needed to create an ASP.NET MVC attribute to attach to my controllers and have them affect all actions. The attribute would apply like so: 139 more words


What is the difference between object .ToString(); and Convert.ToString(object);?

object.ToString(); doesn’t handle the null values.

For example:

Object obj = null;

String convertedString = obj.ToString();

//Above code throws an exception “Object reference not set to an instance an of an object.” 22 more words