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Referencing different resources via configuration

Minifying and obfuscating your resources (CSS/JS) is a great practice.  It reduces bandwidth and makes it harder for users to look at what your JS is doing.   2,829 more words

SQL Injection for beginners

When we talk about security vulnerabilities in software it’s worth thinking about computer programmes on a fundamental level. On the simplistic level a computer programme is something which takes in an input, usually from the user in the form of text, processes that input, which changes the state of the machine, and then gives as output or result to the user. 387 more words


Smart Ways to Speed Up Your ASP.NET MVC Application

Improvising application speed is one of the key element, because if your application doesn’t respond quickly it leads to a lose of a prospect. We at W2S solutions are keen in building high-performance web applications. 9 more words


Sviluppo nel mondo MS (aprile 2017)

Disclaimer: non ho idea di cosa sto parlando, sono in una fase di brainstorming e potrei dire le più alte stupidaggini.

Quindi se io volessi sviluppare un’app partendo da foglio bianco nel 2017 restando nell’ecosistema degli strumenti Microsoft posso scegliere tra:

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[ASPNET] Editor for với List và thêm mới item dùng AJAX

Tưởng tượng bạn có list các item trong ViewModel

Nếu bạn muốn cho phép user thêm mới 1 item, hoặc edit bất kỳ item nào trong list thì làm sao? 1,617 more words