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//Getting a path
var path = HttpContext.Server.MapPath("~/App_Data");
var directory = HttpContext.Server.MapPath("~/Photos");


Azure Cloud Service and SSL

I recently read an article written by Jeff Atwood on Coding Horror about whether we should encrypt all the traffic to our websites. I have a website which is utilizing external accounts with the help of .NET Identity, hence I must use HTTPs for my site before enabling users to login with their Facebook or Google accounts. 834 more words


Loading and Executing a Script Using $.getScript()

While the load() method loads the HTML markup or text data from the server, the $.getScript() method loads and executes script files. You can use $.getScript() to dynamically load and execute scripts based on some logic. 209 more words


jQuery Ajax load() method

In this example we will have a search bar, where we enter the name and the data associated with the entered name will be displayed in the tabular form. 520 more words


Change jQuery Slider Speed


We have already talked about integrating a jQuery Slider Plugin to ASP.NET Repeater control. Now in this blog, we will change the default speed of the slider. 382 more words


Gatling - Working with ASP.NET WebForms ViewState

I’ve been spending a bit of time playing around with Gatling to do some load and stress testing on the application we are working on. 269 more words


Custom menu in SharePoint using Taxonomy Term Store Navigation - Programmatically C#

This is a simple example how to access to Taxonomy Term Store properties in SharePoint using c# and create a Custom Menu.

First, create the terms on your Taxonomy Manage Navigation. 233 more words