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Platforms where you can run IdentityServer4

There is some confusion about where, and on which platform/OS you can run IdentityServer4 – or more generally speaking: ASP.NET Core.

IdentityServer4 is ASP.NET Core middleware – and ASP.NET Core (despite its name) runs on the full .NET Framework 4.5.x and upwards… 81 more words


Create an Aurelia Single Page Applications In ASP.NET Core 1.0


In our previous article we studied How to Configure Aurelia in ASP.NET Core 1.0. Now we are going to create an Aurelia Single Page Applications in ASP.NET Core 1.0. 1,808 more words


Configuration : Aurelia Single Page Applications in ASP.NET Core 1.0


We are all familiar with SPA or Single Page Applications in Development Side. Aurelia is another famous  Single Page Applications in the market and It is similar as Angular 2 but syntactically different. 1,564 more words


1- The Hello World

The tools you need :

Microsoft Visual Studio : an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft, it is where we can run and debug our code. 103 more words


Encrypt and Decrypt Web.Config ConnectionStrings Passwords

Use the following steps to encrypt/decrypt the connectionStrings section in a web.config file:

  1. Open the web.config file and write down the “targetFramework” attribute value in the <compilation> section.
  2. 159 more words

Benefits of Using The ASP.NET MVC Framework Over Webforms

In the last few years, ASP.NET MVC has become one of the favorite web application frameworks among the developers. It is an open-source server-side web application framework, which is highly used by the developers for building the most efficient web applications, dynamic websites and effective web services. 513 more words

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