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New in IdentityServer4: Resource Owner Password Validation

Not completely new, but re-designed.

In IdentityServer3, we used the user service for both interactive as well as non-interactive authentication. In IdentityServer4, the interactive authentication is done by the UI. 52 more words


Coding for performance: Struct vs Class

Instances of a class are always allocated on the heap and accessed via a pointer dereference. Passing them around is cheap because it is just a copy of the pointer (4 or 8 bytes). 1,222 more words


Break on Exceptions in Visual Studio 2015

Looking for the option to break on exceptions during debugging in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015? Well Microsoft dumped the old exceptions dialog and replaced it with the new… 99 more words

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(Intro) ASP.Net Core + Angular 2 = building a smarter framework

After a few years successfully building a number of SPA applications using ASP.Net MVC with Angular 1.x, it was time to start connecting the pieces of ASP.Net Core, Angular 2 using Typescript, use OAuth2 / Open ID and JWT (JSON Web Tokens), and EF Core. 274 more words


System.Web.Optimization: Issues using IItemTransform when optimizations are enabled

I have a project where I use Web Essentials/Web Compiler to generate css from less. The default setting in Web Compiler is to create *.min.css files. 155 more words


Asp.Net Corephilia took place in Dhaka

Asp.Net Corephilia” was held on 24th September, 2016 at NewsCred. The event was organized by “Asp.Net Bangladesh“.  A total of 40 developers were participated on the event. 189 more words


.Net Core - New Taste from Old School

After working few years with .Net , I started working with NodeJS Stack as Full Stack JavaScript is really awesome and isomorphic era attracted me a lot . 241 more words

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