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Chiron Semi-sextile Uranus Since Nov 2008!

Chiron is on the faster 51 year cycle and Uranus is on a slower longer 84 year orbit, so you see why it is so unusual for these two to have been together so long. 1,168 more words


Dynamite! Nov 15, 16 Saturn inconjunct Uranus, Trine Chiron + Mars with Uranus square Pluto!

Nov 15 and 16 TWO Important Saturn aspects! 

These two aspects are at 4 Scorpio 56 and 4 Scorpio 59!  VERY close, actually, a strongly linked threesome! 764 more words


Sep 18 Exact Uranus Square Pluto, Second of Seven!

Sep 18 Exact Uranus Square Pluto, 2nd of Seven!

Personally I love a good shake up!  What’s old and dead needs to be purged and buried so we can move on free and clean.  390 more words

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