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Weaning off Lexapro: Days 28, 29, 30

Sadly, you can tell that my interests are starting to cycle again already. I can’t even make myself journal here consistently. I wish I knew how to prevent this process. 140 more words


The Other Man in My Life

By now, if you’ve been following my blog at all, you know that I hit the husband jackpot. I earned him. My single/relationship days were not great. 783 more words


OCD Fragrance Style

I learned a weird lesson today. I often shift my fragrances around – push some to the back of the cupboard, pull some forward, play around with my samples and decants, do a bit of dusting, pull a couple of favourites to have beside me in a cupboard in the lounge. 488 more words


That Look

Anyone with a chronic illness, or a mental illness, has seen it. Lived it. That look.

It’s a look that says “I’m sure you think you’re sick, but really…”, or “you probably think it’s really painful, but maybe it’s not a bad as you think”, or worse “I’m really tired, I have 15 patients in my waiting room and we keep going over this same crap”. 569 more words

My anxiety how i overcome it!

Hi all sorry I didn’t post yesterday I completely forgot as was rather busy so will have to catch up and do another post later :) 926 more words

Sticks and Stones

Words hurt me. My heart is fragile and breaks with ease. Over and over. I am far too sensitive for this world. I have been told I’m crazy. 626 more words