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The Guardian: about Autism 1

Reading about Autism and autistic children from parents that struggled to understand Asperger and Autism can be more than useful.

I love these articles written by David Michell; I hope you could find them interesting and might help you cope with your pupils/students! 3,987 more words


The Guardian: about Autism 2

This is the 2nd article about autism I recommend. It was written by David Mitchell and it really talks about the importance of having access to the right information and support in order to deal effectively with autistic pupils or teens. 3,038 more words



You talk about demons

But you don’t know what’s like

To live fighting against yourself

To walk and yet not arrive.

I wish I was a saint… 93 more words


More on Autism

This is a very interesting article about Autism and Asperger, so I invite you to read it and reflect on it.

It is quite engaging and invites us to have a deeper look at the people around us and in our case, as teachers, our students. 1,579 more words


Neonatal factors among subjects diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder in the US


Purpose: Contradictory studies suggest that some neonatal factors may be associated with a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) diagnosis, but limited data is available from longitudinal, prospective medical record assessments.  174 more words


No is a strong word. We mainly use it when we don’t want something or when a pet decides to do its own thing and we disagree with it. 555 more words