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Because Sometimes a Day is Perfect

Today is one of the few really, really good days I’ve had in awhile. The company who I do social media blogging for, I have officially completed a third to half of the blogs required of me for my job. 270 more words


You're Crazy, So There

A few entries ago, I wrote about people making assumptions when accidents occur, because you are a recovering mentally ill person. Today, I am writing about a similar, but also entirely different matter: When people use your mental illness against you. 1,140 more words


Book Review: Parenting Without Panic

A few years ago, a couple of teenage boys I was working with asked me a question that must be on the mind of many an adolescent: “Bruce…is bastard a swear word?” I answered that it depends on the context in which it’s used, whereupon one of my young charges replied “Screw context! 714 more words


Living with Asperger's Disorder

Asperger’s Disorder (AS) is difficult to explain. It is typically describe as a mild autism-spectrum disorder, but most psychologists don’t think of people with Asperger’s as being truly autistic. 3,164 more words

About Me

Cogmed Story: Jason Follows Through (Final Session)

You remember Jason the 26 year old young man who hope to return to college.  He participated in Cogmed for Adults and his results are startling!   663 more words

Fitting in at church...by Anonymous

Editor’s Note:  “Sydney” sent me this e-mail last week and gave me permission to share with our readers. Her e-mail is a wonderful, first-person description of attending church as a person with Asperger’s Disorder. 902 more words

Key Ministry

Why the Autism Community Needs an Ice Bucket Challenge

Every weeknight on my way home, I drive past a blue porch light. As you’re most likely aware, that blue light is a symbol of autism awareness. 297 more words