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Debating a two-year-old

Why have you emptied the cupboard onto the kitchen floor? No, don’t walk away. Come back. Don’t hide in that cupboard. Are you listening to me? 934 more words


Coming Out As An Aspie Artist

I’m unsure when I began to realize I see the world differently, but I do.

It’s not because of processing with an artistically wired brain, although that is much more comfortable and easier for other people to accept. 249 more words


My Glamour Magazine Grumble

I’m not throwing shade at Glamour magazine specifically, but I’m REALLY TIRED of the whole “inclusion” sitch, since it’s not totally accurate. All I’ve been hearing about are gay rights, race issues, gender equality and immigrants, but disabilities? 120 more words

Adults With Asperger's Syndrome

Between a Baby and a Little Girl: The Joys of Ageing

As the father of a four-month-old and a two-year-old, I’m currently caught between two extremes. I have a child who needs carrying everywhere, feeding, dressing, changing, soothing, nurturing and supporting, and a child who is Miss Independent, insisting she walk everywhere, feed herself, dress herself, use the big toilet, and do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, without parental supervision. 785 more words


Fifty things you should NEVER say to a parent...

…unless you want your eyes scratched out, especially if you don’t have kids of your own (N.B. these have all been said to me in the last month or so). 452 more words