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The goals of this year's staycation.

I’m done working at the college and the university for the summer (apart from the odd Saturday 10am to 2pm) as I work term-time. Won’t be back at work now until the 28th of August now, and not back full time (six days a week) until the 1st of October. 585 more words


Do I know anyone?

A few weeks back I read a brave and poignant blogpost.

It was by an American woman, probably close to my age, whose father had fought in a notoriously brutal battle near the end of World War II. 1,026 more words


I Have Autism

In fourth grade, a psychiatrist told my parents that I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder included on the autism spectrum that is considered high functioning. My parents, who did not know much about autism, did a great deal of reading on my disorder and suddenly many of my quirks made sense to them. 1,215 more words

A Calming Scent

I was substituting for a 1st-grade teacher’s aide when I first saw something that reminded me of a lamp shooting out smoke before a genie popped out. 476 more words

My struggle with Autism

I was born in a christian family, bible studies and prayer were my food. My parents were doing God’s ministries in remote village. The finance in the family was enough for the food and shelter let alone medical attentions. 618 more words

The Right Answer

When I learned I was on the Spectrum, I had my explanation for why I’m not quick on my feet. It also explained why I am physically awkward on my feet.   744 more words

The Meltdown Mystery

I was on a date with my tennis racket and ball at a campus practice wall when another meltdown started brewing.  There are six practice wall cages and when I arrived, I was by my lonesome.   493 more words