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A Vitamin for Confidence?

Yes! You read that right. Take a vitamin and you’ll have more confidence. At least that’s what my son believes today. I started him on a new vitamin this morning; one that’s supposed to help him with his focus. 330 more words


Not Normal

I’ve always felt like a freak. You know the weird kid always sitting by himself, keeping to himself assumed to be doing inappropriate things? Do you know the kid that’s suspected to be a criminal of some sort? 241 more words


Money, it's a drag

Money is something that’s prompted a lot of “how can such a clever person be so stupid” in my life. It turns out the simple truth, and I can’t tell you what a relief it is to admit this to myself instead of reacting defensively, is I can’t cope. 1,924 more words

#Autism: I joined Instagram - and I love it! #Technology #EqualityandDiversity

It’s over a month since I’ve last done a blog; One of the many reasons is that I’ve been sick – I’ve caught the photography bug. 403 more words


My apologies for neglecting you...

I have a lot going on right now.  I’m still trying to help my boy get adjusted to Middle School. Yes he’s been back in school for a while but it takes us a bit longer to get used to new situations. 258 more words

There and Back Again: The Learning Academy

It always feels special to be able to gain a new perspective on something, and my most recent project is a perfect example of that. For those who may not know, I am a 2015 Learning Academy graduate now employed by CARD as a writer/copy-editor. 514 more words


Mental Health and Me: The Start

I started my mental health journey in 2007, just before my 17th birthday. I had entered 4th year in school. In Ireland, this is known as Transition Year. 565 more words