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To my future husband,

I have many mental issues (including Asperger syndrome, ADHD, general anxiety disorder leading to panic attacks etc.).

I’m constantly torn between „I‘m the worst person that anyone could have the misfortune to meet“ 422 more words

Fourth of Asperger’s Ten Traits – "We still question our place in the world…"

“4) We have comorbid attributes of other syndromes/disorders/conditions. We often have OCD tendencies (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), sensory issues (with sight, sound, texture, smells, taste), generalized anxiety and/or a sense we are always unsafe or in pending danger, particularly in crowded public places. 473 more words


The House of Autism

I was going to write a sign, print it out, get it laminated and stick it to the front door. It was going to say “Welcome to the House of Autism. 1,033 more words

A question for you:

I am a woman with Aspergers. So sometimes I don’t get things. So…I’m asking.

I know that relationships are not totally perfect and the idea that someone “accepts you for who you are” means that they will actually ask you to change certain things about you or what you do and that’s okay. 66 more words


Autism Awareness Month Post Sixteen: Crying On The Couch Because Aspergers Holds Me Back

Head throbbing

stories in my head keep reoccurring

waking up is always a struggle

because life is a tussle

between anxiety and responsibility

desire and mental makeup… 198 more words