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Escaping The Silent Wave Of Anxiety and Struggles With People


Fell into bed, tired as could be

not from back-breaking work

but my Aspergian brain, you see

as an introvert, people tire me

and as courteous as I try to be… 186 more words


The Road Less Travelled

I have a hundred thousand words in my head. They jostle noisily each keen to escape the obscurity of my mind and land in the spotlight. 226 more words


Moms don't get work notes

“I don’t like fighting with you and the children.”

“I don’t like fighting with anyone.”

“Then why do you do the things you do? Why do you do things that will upset me?” 882 more words


Lost in translation in school

School was the first time I felt out of place. I didn’t always feel like the odd man out. I can’t sit here and say I was excluded all the time and that this is the reason for my feelings of alienation. 1,976 more words



I watched the new Power Rangers film and it was an enjoyable visit to my childhood. When I was a kid I used to watch their show all the time. 189 more words