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What Do You Think?

Skills Program Day 52 – 


This is a thought that I have been pushing around in my head for the longest time. I know that I want to write about it, but it is one that I just can’t seem to articulate in a way that satisfies. 671 more words


The Power of Manners

“She’s so polite!”

“What a sweetheart!”

“That was so nice of her…”

And the list goes on and on.  Think of a superlative, and Amber and I have probably heard it about Kaitlyn.  345 more words

Is it them? Or is it us?

I saw this amazing blog post on one of my Facebook groups. It is by a clinical psychologist, Bruce Levine, who writes about how societal coercion, those shoulds and musts that we learn early and fear to ever break, is perhaps the root cause of mental illness. 710 more words


Autism Speaks Walk, Iowa, June 13th

As the title suggests I am registered as a one man team to advocate and raise money for people on the autism spectrum. I know a lot of you don’t know me, but I hope you can find it in your hearts to donate as little as five bucks to aid in research and programs for lives profoundly affected by Autism. 93 more words


Help For Aspies--Can Be Found Where?

Growing up in the 1960’s when nobody knew about Asperger’s syndrome, when it hadn’t even been officially accepted or even described by the AMA, was confusing and frustrating. 192 more words


Rain, Rain / No Spring

The reason our winter seems so long is that we don’t experience Spring. Winter is dry and cold with warm spells. Then the “wet season” of mixed snow and rain (April, May often June.) Stuff turns green for two weeks and dies. That about it.

Asperger's Human Experience