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My Autistic Spectrum and ADHD Experience Why I'm Angry

Published on Jan 19, 2017

As someone who has lived ADHD, Autistic Spectrum and other learning disability issues. I can find myself struggling with the most mundane of tasks. 222 more words


 "Too much"

The other day I was dropped off in a corner

Told my being was ‘too much’

Even my waves of love.. ‘too much’

By the man who loves me… 82 more words


The Neurotypical World Should Not Decide How We Function

I once had a boyfriend who broke my heart. I thought he was my boyfriend, at least, but he thought otherwise. Am I high functioning because I had a boyfriend? 487 more words


I'm trying to be okay

Everytime I’m starting to get okay, I start to miss the feeling of sadness. You get so used to being depressed so even though it hurts, it’s still something that you get used to. 180 more words

Brexit Shmexit

I know it’s important. I know it will impact my life. I know I should be concerned. I know I should be focussed on the impact on the UK economy. 429 more words

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