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an extra in space

ho hum not blogged  for  awhile    not  sure  why  as it calms me down and helps  me to write things  down  and so far  2018  will  be known for health scares and  ensuring that   close   family is  having a  secret competition to see how  many scans  use  of the  NHS  we can get in the  space  of a year at the mo  it is  a pretty close as  altho  race . 813 more words

Responsibility Gives My Life Meaning

Reflections On Life by Mitch Santell

There is a phrase that I love to say; it’s one of my platitudes. “When your life is in crisis, you find out who your friends are.” In 2006 and 2007 I had the biggest scare of my life. 468 more words


I can’t believe I’m actually going to talk about this.

I’ve had quite a few obsessions – things that I cannot help but constantly talk and learn about.  548 more words

Girls On The Spectrum

Don't model yourself over bullies and bullying due to being "clueless"

This is something you’ve yet to know, I wasn’t diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or even autism as a kid as I was doing pretty well in a mainstream primary and high school as my social and educational skills were exceptionally higher than average. 715 more words


The Ignorant can Kiss my Aspie!

I just need to get something straight – and that is the misconception that some people have – in fact, I believe most people have. I see this controversy about “handicapped vs. 2,081 more words

Mj Brewer

Do you have trouble articulating your emotions or problems?

Sometimes I actually want to discuss or rant about certain things but I have no idea how to, or where to start. It's like navigating a maze in the dark. 23 more words


Apparently My Thoughts Are Incoherent

I feel strongly about many things. Occasionally, typically when I'm relaxed, I have rushes of thoughts on matters that interest me. Typically I immediately try to transfer these ideas to paper while they are fresh . 220 more words