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Another symptom that comes with my autism is my laser-focused interests. Whenever I find something that I am seriously interested in, I become nearly obsessed with it! 124 more words

from dust to dust

It’s been a busy week.

My grandfather’s funeral was yesterday. Afterwards we scattered his ashes at the beach. It was weird how a person so full of life and humour could be reduced to a box of white dust. 159 more words

Day 332 - 3 miles (1667.14 total) #aspergers #autism #rwrunstreak

Today is Saturday.  The kids haven’t left the house since Wednesday.  It’s thanksgiving weekend and it rained all day.  That doesn’t set Carson up for success.   398 more words

ASD Comfort and Joy pt 4: The Season of Giving

The ways that we give at holiday time are full of strange and abstract concepts and rituals that can just be a little weird. Let’s take a minute to really think about all of the social constructs that surround the giving of gifts. 1,117 more words



I recently encountered an old classmate of mine who is also autistic. However, his condition is far worse than mine. Just like when I was younger, he had no control over his motor functions and had no social skills. 50 more words

Autism: Too Many Words, Not Enough Pictures

I have been crashing today. I knew it was coming, and I have been fighting it, for there was so much to do before life group on Thursday. 654 more words

Adult Autism

Red Flag

In almost every situation, your intuition will reveal red flags but it is up to you to pay attention.
As I read posts in our Aspergers group of many wives or those in relationships dealing with their husbands, so many bring up past reflections and anger at themselves of not paying attention.   75 more words