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Behavioral Therapy: A Casual Update

Over the last couple months, my therapist and I have been working on a lot of different things which she classifies as behavioral therapy.

We started with learning to identify emotions, having to journal everything I did that day and how it made me feel since we discovered I’m not good at identifying emotions besides “I feel awkward” or “I feel overwhelmed”. 595 more words

Autism: Easy Questions?!?

Do you have a garden?… It should be an easy question to answer, like the one, “Do you have any children?” or even better, “How many children do you have?” Easy, right? 671 more words

Adult Autism

Eating disorders and the autism spectrum

I wrote this a while ago but thought it might be relevant for this blog and people might find it interesting :)

For Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I’m writing about the link or crossover between eating disorders and the autism spectrum, particularly in women. 4,588 more words

Mental Health

Getting to know someone

When do things go from being endearing to annoying? The gap isn’t so much of a timeframe, one day, 3 dates, 6 weeks.. It’s more of an amount of depth shared – when you realized that the poor table manners aren’t limited to maccas at 3am, but they’re also apparent at 5star dining and family dinners.


7 Things the Media Gets Wrong on Asperger's

Media coverage of Asperger’s sometimes gets it wrong. Here’s what:

Asperger’s is a “mental illness.” Just no. Asperger’s is a developmental difference that can lead to certain disabilities. 819 more words


A letter to frustration

Dear Frustration

You come at the most inappropriate times when you are not even invited.
Why are you here? You provide nothing but a nuisance. I try and think logically but you grapple my brain and send it into a spin. 327 more words