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Lucca the Aspie

Today we ventured to the grocery store. For most people, this is an easy task. For us, not so much. Lucca has Aspergers. Along with that, sometimes we have meltdowns. 486 more words


Why I hate the term "Grow up"

There seems to be a disconnect between what I can do and what people think I can do.  I am gifted in my ability to learn and understand how things work.  355 more words


Shedding the Anxiety

I don’t edit due to ADHD. If you find mistakes, pat yourself on the back.

One of the things I found interesting, from my former therapist, was her insistance that “I think what you are experiencing is medical, I don’t think it’s psychological.” 688 more words

Rubbernecker - a review

This is the second book that I have read by Belinda Bauer and I loved it. The plot is original and the characters well drawn. There may be some gruesome bits as well, but they are not gratuitous. 264 more words

Neurodiverse folks, stop saying Asperger's isn't a disability

Too many places I visit online are bringing up a troublesome sentiment: That having Asperger’s is only a way of thinking differently. I don’t like it when Autism Speaks claims to speak for me, and I don’t appreciate the Neurodiverse movement doing so, either. 407 more words


Me and my dog 

I have a dog, his name is Logan. He is a black lab.

He is so like me it is quite spooky, he is very nervous around other dogs ( like me with people) , he has tummy problems and he has let bad experiences turn him into a different dog( yep, that’s me) And no matter how many good dogs he meets, he still feels wary playing with them. 199 more words