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Day #355 - The Compass of Love

I have ten more days of writing on this journey.  10 – I can’t even believe it!

Yes, I will continue writing…but I’m going to take a couple weeks off.   1,163 more words

Day 243 - 6 miles (1153.12 total) #runstreak #autism #aspergers

The first meltdown of the school year happened today.  Carson became upset during math because they were supposed to be taking notes.  Writing, focusing on the teacher, and concentration on something he might not have been interested in are challenges for him.   335 more words

No longer identifying my ex as an aspie

For years I said my ex boyfriend Jerry had Asperger’s because he told me he did and had it confirmed by doctors. But I had also thought over the years he made it up because of things he said about getting tested for it didn’t add up. 1,906 more words

Asperwhat 10?! - Feeling Blue And A Bit Yellow

I don’t know, I just feel Blue…and a tad Yellow today…no idea why, I just do…do I need a reason to feel like a certain colour or two? 597 more words


Waist Lines, Outlines and Time Lines...

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I put apple juice in my coffee this morning.

No. It’s not the new ‘thing’ anyone is doing (I hope). I simply grabbed the juice for Ben, forgot what I was doing and poured it into my coffee before realizing it wasn’t the cream. 571 more words


Metaphorical blindness

I may be the one who wishes to be blind physically, but sometimes it really seems like the rest of the world is blind to the most obvious logic.

Micheal Johnson


Educational Freebie

I just seen this FREE trial offer for Reading Eggs. I do not normally sign up for trial offers, because they require credit card information. However, Reading Eggs is offering a FREE 14- day trial offer and they do not require anything other than your name and email. 40 more words