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Where does your mind go...?

Is an eternal question in my mind ever since I was in college and got my first job with an autistic kid.  It was a world new to me, it was fascinating, exhausting, confusing, heartbreaking, wonderful. 185 more words


Social Skills Means School Success

I am a Special Education Program Aide. I help primary school aged children with disabilities access education in a mainstream school. I am also mother to a beautiful child on the Autism Spectrum. 896 more words


Employable Me...

Are any of you neurodiverse and looking for a job in the United States? Do you have skills that are overlooked by the workforce? If so, I might have an opportunity for you. 105 more words

Was anyone here in denial of their diagnosis? Also rant about ASD being a "childhood disorder"

I was diagnosed with Aspergers at 12.

According to my mom, the doctor told her it is a childhood disorder and I'll outgrow it. She said I "wouldn't go to therapy" so to just not bother. 204 more words


Roads Ahead Scream Of Might

The road before me is empty

Without pavement, without man

Just vastness outlined

By a beaming horizon

Voices call on the moonless road

Voices call on me to come home… 151 more words


Body Talk

In the late 90s, I had a black cardigan that I wore when I went out at night. It was synthetic, ribbed, and had gold tinsel woven into it to make it sparkle. 2,489 more words


Autism and Personal Thoughts: Should You Let Go Of The Past or Embrace It? - Missing People & Accepting Change

People change. Relationships with friends, family and others change. It is an inevitable part of growing up. Autistics don’t handle change well, even good change takes a while to get used to. 1,454 more words