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I'm Always Moving - It's Just Something That I Do

Actual video of me focusing on computer work tasks.

I got in trouble for moving around in school constantly. Now I am an adult and can do as I like.


I’m not disabled!

I *could* just leave this blog entry there. Three words on the title “I’m not disabled!” and call it a day. Although I guess that’s not really why you, gentle reader, are here is it? 829 more words

Is Your Home and Lack of Routine, Hurting Your Child with Aspergers?

Structure and routine are helpful for any child to feel safe and secure, but a child with Aspergers absolutely needs it! Children with Asperger’s (Aspie’s) are really special kids. 593 more words

Parenting Struggles

Learning to Act Human

In my research into my son’s autism, I came to realize a great many things about myself. For example, I have in many ways spent a great deal of my time “learning to become human” — or learning to “fit in” with normal human beings. 763 more words

Coming to terms with my Autism Diagnosis

I got some news last week that I’m struggling to come to terms with but at the same time could be life changing. At 4.24pm on 8/8/17, I was diagnosed with Autism. 548 more words


Codependency. Just Codependency.

Let’s assume that the guy I’m seeing does not have Asperger’s and that story was all a delusion I made up to make myself feel better for seeing him. 1,276 more words


Hi World

Hi world

I’m in the middle of painting a picture of a margay, which I thought was an ocelot at first, they look so similar. I have to let the paint dry on the first layer of its body so I thought I’d write quickly. 228 more words