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When being consistent eventually pays off

I felt someone gently tugging at my arm, at that moment I was in deep sleep mode so it felt like a dream. The tugging however continued oblivious to my state of sleep and increasing with frustration each time there was no response from my end. 657 more words

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Fall seven times, stand up eight...

You know you’ve failed many times since you’ve started attempting on things. You’ve failed when you attempted to first start walking, you’ve failed to meet your expectations to get those good grades at school, you’ve failed to get your dream job. 589 more words

Which phase are you facing? .........#discoveringwhoIam..........

I recently discovered a new show on Netflix, A Little Help with Carol Burnett, where a group of kids are made to listen then advise the adults who are featured on the show with their dilemma. 972 more words

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The case of the mommy brains and a peek behind the scenes

So one morning this pretty lady was spotted at the ATM machine on the Westlands stretch probably there to withdraw money or deposit some funds or whatever her purpose may be. 1,045 more words

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Conquer with positivity

So, are you also one of those out there who’s constantly yelling at life for some reasons like not getting the good score you worked hard for, failing to get admission in the college you wished to, not getting the job you really wanted, or you don’t have that one person in your life you wanted to be forever with? 513 more words

The silent cries for little angels

People keep asking me when I would post the full story of the experience that eventually inspired the birth of this blog, OMT’s DIGEST. My response? 1,090 more words

Aspire To Inspire

Be you, Be beautiful

“You are beautiful!”, yes I am very much using this word for you. What makes me say so? But what makes you think that I should not be calling you that? 350 more words