Getting a Job in the Academy

Back by popular demand, Professional Journeys in Higher Education is Monday, May 2.

Most grad students in research-based programs (especially the PhD students) have considered a career in the academia at one point in time.   124 more words


Contrasts and Juxtaposition

The previous post is in direct contrast to the image here, it provides by juxtaposition something of a commentary. I suspect that this animated gif more closely captures the reality for most. 151 more words


I am...

My name is Amanda Belin Barradas. I am a women of many talents, but blogging is not one. My mind is constantly in chaos, for better or for worse. 204 more words


Is Faith the Missing Piece?

I have always been a spiritual person. Some times more than others. When things were good I went to church for the music, to de-stress and hear a good word. 517 more words

Aspire - the end or the start of something?

18 months
6 ‘weekends’
17 days
3 hotels
1 disabled room (3 times)

If you say me down and asked me to write down what I have learnt from the sports coach UK Aspire program I would undoubtedly stare blankly at a sheet of paper before tentatively scribbling down something about soft skills. 390 more words


What's Your Hobby?

So I’ve been a bit lazy lately I have to admit. You ever just sit around and watch TV show after TV show and wonder where the time went? 145 more words