Direct one’s hopes/actions to a goal. French “aspirer”=to breath < Latin “aspirare”=to breathe upon < “ad”=to + “spirare”=to breath



Sit here and contemplate,

I realize that you are my only escape.

I fall into the depths,

And wonder what i would become, without.

Trying to fathom is trying, to imagine. 101 more words

#SFGTop100 - 11. Akram Afif

11. Akram Afif (Last Year: 52)
Sporting Gijon (ESP) / Qatar / Attacking Midfield

Words by Martin Lowe

The 2022 World Cup is the subject to plenty of column inches and pages among pages of internet comments concerning it’s awarding, it’s timing and generally Qatar’s capabilities of staging such an event in a comparably small nation, with an ill-conceived notion that it lacks footballing history. 599 more words


God is inside you!!!

When my life was crumbling all over

I called you to help me in my prayers

I kept calling you again and again

But neither did you come nor did you lessen my pain… 118 more words

CONSTABLE'S WAGON by Volunteer Alan Crooks

A common question from visitors to the ‘Constable in Context’ exhibition concerns the wagon which is a prominent feature in ‘Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows’ 424 more words


The Rainbow

A cold and windy evening last Thursday did not deter good numbers from turning out to hear a talk by Professor John Thornes about the rainbow in John Constable’s wonderful Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows. 343 more words


Cigarettes Are increasingly Being Succeeded By Much Better for One's Health Vaping Solutions

E-cigs have HIT THE MARKET! If perhaps you like to smoke, you’d probably end up being deaf as well as blind not to have witnessed this, for the actual e-cigs and vaping items and also merchants are now found all over. 278 more words