Opinions Welcome : Should we dream?

We are living organisms and our biological objective of life is to grow and reproduce. Now if we add the social prospective to this basic concept of living organisms, we must ensure healthy life of our offspring (love, education, health, money…). 166 more words

Personal Experiences

Female swimmer doesn't let arthritis get the better of her

A recent article in the Manchester Evening News told the story of a 62-year-old woman, Chrissie Anderson, who is planning to swim the length of the English Channel – or at least the straits of Dover –  to raise £1000 for… 402 more words

Better You And The Money To Do It!

So… This is really cool.

You know those ads you see online about “making money surfing the web”?

I’ve always been pretty skeptical of them… But at the same time I admit the idea is super exciting. 34 more words

Do I dare to become a Mechanical Engineer?

Atang Monicah Koboti is my name. I am a Mechanical Engineering Student at the University of Botswana, currently in my final year of study. Why did I choose mechanical engineering? 1,214 more words


Money Making Online!

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Aspiring To Be Better!

Have you ever wanted to become a better you? Have dreams of financial freedom? Well of course you have but do you know how to achieve these dreams? 64 more words

Aspire...go for it!

Aspire Traineeship: An introduction

Hello! My name is Nicola Trowell and since the middle of July I have been working as the Salisbury Museum’s Aspire Trainee. 349 more words

Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum