It hasn’t ever been easy being an athlete. Heck, I’ve been playing softball since I was eight years old. I’ve given up the entirety of my summers to practices during the week and tournaments on the weekend. 1,271 more words


Writing a Career Portfolio

For the past few weeks in one of my classes, I’ve been working on a career portfolio.

After doing some research, one of the most common questions that a potential employer has is, “do you have a portfolio?” 297 more words

Wedding Coordinating

Losing Myself in the Academics

Good Evening lovelies,

First and foremost, I would  like to apologize on the behalf of my absence. I’ve been drowned in academics hints the title of this post. 229 more words

Write About Us.

Too long has it been since I’ve sat myself down and just started writing for the heck of it. After going through a rough couple of years during high school I stopped writing all together and never picked it back up. 676 more words


Goals & Priorities 

Funny how your priorities and goals can change so quickly when something drastic happens in your life.

Before I found out I was pregnant, I was not planning on having kids for at least a couple years. 416 more words


Vote for your life ahead

Most of us voted someone today… for a duration of 4 years

Also remember to vote for your dreams, goals and aspirations for the next 4 years too… 83 more words


Vape Sense: Tools to Keep you off Cigarettes for Good

One of the loudest complaints I hear about gas station store bought E-cigs, is that it just does not do the trick for a heavy smoker to officially and finally put that nasty ol cigarette down for good. 662 more words