Aspire – Scheme For Promotion Of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, And Agro-Industry

Launched In:

March 2015

Headed By:

Steering Committee, Ministry of MSME

Industry Applicable:

Agriculture, pets & animals, social impact, healthcare & life sciences… 335 more words

Chase Your Dream

What’s your dream?

Dream BIG.

Aim high.

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.


Push yourself.

Make it happen.

Improve you.

Strive to be the best version of you. 11 more words


Generation Z, who are they and how to engage with them.

Welcome back! After a long break I am starting with somewhat a serious tone. On Generation Z. I have personally never been a huge fan of categorizing generations of people and tagging them with ‘one fits all’ labels, guidelines and descriptions. 1,185 more words


A Note On Finding Courage

Fear is something I have dealt with my whole life.  I’m not too sure where I learned it from but it has followed me around all of my years.   503 more words

365 Days Of Being Amazing

Despre cultură

…a fi cultivat nu înseamnă a şti, înseamnă a şti să cauţi […] a transforma căutarea într-un parcurs laborios, imprevizibil, plin de fertile derapaje colaterale. Cultura nu te îmbogăţeşte prin ceea ce îţi livrează în mod expres, ci prin aventura drumului, prin barocul tatonărilor.

79 more words
Andrei Plesu

The stories that you tell

This post is about mindfulness! Being present to the stories we tell about ourselves. An absolute personal take on narration.

I attended a workshop by a dear friend on stories and peeling the 5 layers of it. 505 more words