An Uber driver named Nelson

Wednesday of last week was a pretty crazy day. I got to fly in a Cessna Citation X Elite, with the Chairman of Textron Aviation and the VP of Preowned Sales. 441 more words

Have a dream, write it down, and just do it

A long long time ago, I dreamed of being cool like my older sister, Tori. She played the piano and she learned quick. I wanted to be just like her (as with everything she did), so I copy-cated her and decided to learn the piano too. 631 more words

What are relationship problems?

I haven’t been worried about relationship problems for over a year. Therefore, I feel awkward when friends try to plague me with the details of their boy problems. 182 more words

Let Love Speak From Hearts

What would You do without that Love

which touches Your SOUL

Makes Echoes, Poetry, Love stories

of Happiness and Joy

You have fallen and Risen… 57 more words


Where is my mind at?

I wrote to this blog last year as a means to an end. no, we have not reached that end, but my god are we closer. 576 more words

My First Guest Blog Post!

Hi friends!  I am honored that Shawn over at Down Home Thoughts asked me to write my first ever guest post!  Here is the link to my post about aspiring to inspire others and the value of a compliment: 48 more words

Filling The Glass

Acer Aspire E1-570 Laptop Nx

Budget laptops rarely set the pulse racing, but the Acer Aspire E1 excites purely by virtue of its price. For a mere rate listed above, this 15.6in laptop touts a Core i3 CPU, 750GB hard disk and all the essential trimmings!Take a look, here!

Wants some specifications? Here!!