The New Normal and the Words I Say...

This post is adapted from a toastmasters speech I delivered in 2013, this was my “Ice Breaker” speech for anyone who has been a part of toastmasters: 1,327 more words

MS Society

YOU are capable of amazing things!

Ciao cyberspace! You may know this already, but I deeply aspire to inspire someone, and that is what I’m going to attempt at today. This post is dedicated to none other than… 186 more words

Dream Catcher

Salvador Dali, the great surrealist, used to grab ideas for paintings from the very fertile semi-sleep state we call the hypnagogic state. He’d lie on a sofa and hold a spoon in one hand, balancing it on the edge of a glass placed on the floor. 96 more words


Fix Your Label Maker

I am a very open minded person and I love people.  People from all walks of life are what keep my life interesting and enriched. I have no requirement for those people to be or live like me to want them in my life. 950 more words

Cyn's Bucket List: What I want to accomplish after I achieve my legal career

Everyone has their own personal bucket list of things they would like to do before they die. Most bucket lists can be pricey and at times, maybe impossible. 232 more words


Do It Afraid

Do It Afraid

Have you got a dream in your heart? Do you aspire to be more than you are or be doing more than you are? 378 more words

Sell, sell, sell...

Jane Breakell, one of the marketing & business coaches from Aspire Photography Training, gives us a few basic yet valuable lessons in the art of selling… 572 more words