Be a Wildflower

“Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.”


Picture rights belongs to me!

Quote taken from Pinterest! 17 more words

Complex, enthralling and just a little bit stressful - that's how I summarise my first semester of law school.

By Rebecca Spilipoulos

Complex, enthralling and just a little bit stressful. Those few words pretty much sum up how my first semester as a law student at La Trobe university panned out. 536 more words


Fall at a glance

Today is officially the first day of fall.

Unlike the seasons, the change from the summer to fall at Laurier provides a stark contrast. The quiet Laurier halls of the summer quickly become a flurry of activity once September hits.  435 more words

Grad Life @ Laurier

Bringing Natural Hair to the Stage

It is quite common that when it comes time to slay whether it be at the club or at prom, wearing your natural hair is not what comes to mind.   466 more words


22 Miles in 12 weeks aka Aspire channel swim

I quite like a personal challenge, something that motivates me, something to stick to.  Each time I’ve been to the pool for the kids lessons a particular poster has caught my eye. 581 more words


Aspire, Inspire, Trailblazing Women

​I love being in a room with powerful women and men, especially women. Powerful though not because of their title or status but because of their spirit. 500 more words


Sharing a story because kindness is contagious!

Do you make it a habit of complimenting someone each day? Hold a door for the person behind you walking into a place? What small acts of kindness come easily to you? 455 more words