Birth Story - Mia.

So I’ve heard that writing out your birth story (or stories since I have more than one child) can actually be very therapeutic – and considering the birth of my first child didn’t exactly go to plan, we will see if that’s true. 1,325 more words


Vaping Supplies the Benefits Regarding Smoking without the Problems

There are a variety of views why smoking has long been as common as it has been throughout the years, particularly as soon as there was indisputable evidence to say it damages an individual’s wellness. 299 more words


Vaping Affords the Benefits of Cigarette Smoking Devoid of the Disadvantages

Presently there are many theories why smoking cigarettes has always been as fashionable as it has been over time, specifically when there was incontestable proof that says it injures an individual’s well being. 291 more words


Vaping Provides the Positives Involving Cigarette Smoking Minus the Concerns

Right now there are many views as to why smoking cigarettes has long been as popular as it has been through the years, specifically after there seemed to be unquestionable data it damages people’s wellbeing. 281 more words


Face Everything And Rise

Becoming successful is a journey, a journey through the thick and thin down a path less traveled. Reflect on how your life has turned out so far. 419 more words


Inspire to Aspire

Good Afternoon my lovely people;

I have been gone, I know, I been working on myself and getting my things together before I hit the Beach this August! 392 more words