Inspirational Characters and People

Our S2 Pupils are currently completing Inspiring Purpose and looking at inspiring people and characters. They need to chose a character that inspires them and a inspirational person. 51 more words

Core RME

An Update on the Lego

Wow! It was a truly amazing day at the museum last week.

We had over 705 visitors, picking up 65,280 bits of LEGO and putting them onto 1,020 LEGO tiles. 59 more words


Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

The invented person, borrowed from the real—abstracted, isolated—is the person we finally know, or feel we know.  I make myself up from everything I am, or could be. 38 more words


Be your own world.

You know those moments where you’re in a class for several hours and your attention span just seems to give up for a quick second? One evening, about half way into a three-hour course of Sociology, the words just struck at me and quickly brought me back in. 167 more words


Painting by.....

…numbers? No – these are LEGO bricks! In this, the museum’s second collaboration with the family-owned Danish company LEGO, John Constable’s fabulous painting, Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (1831) is coming to life today as a brick by brick construction. 67 more words


10 Things the 2017 Grammy's Can Teach our Kids :)

By S. Standish, February 13th 2017

We love music at our house and enjoy watching nights celebrating this art. As a parent, teacher and entrepreneur there were a lot of key points made during the Grammy’s that would be great positive starting points to discuss with kids. 798 more words