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You Know, When You "Know"

I have reached a new level for myself that I haven’t quite come to while not taking my anti-depressants. I went to write about my wonderful experience of having my appendix removed and only two sentences deep I ceased caring to write about it any further. 746 more words

Aspiring Novelist

Maddening Midnight Ramblings

And there it is, the dark path of my thoughts. I was wondering when I would get here. It took a little longer than I had expected, but I guess the length of the journey doesn’t really matter now that I’ve arrived. 305 more words

Aspiring Novelist

A space to call home

Ah, my first look around and everything seems cozy. I think this may be the perfect “writing” space for me.

Steps closer to the window… 9 more words

He "Said." But What If He Scowled?

The word “said” seems like such an innocuous word. But when you’re writing a book, those “said” uses really start to stick out.  Now Novel talks about dialogue tags and mentions that other words for “said” can indicate… 203 more words

The Void

She had known for some time that she was not alone in the darkness. She felt their presence stirring across the chasm of emptiness in front of her, behind her. 308 more words


Flash Fiction Challenge #3

Well, I am saddened to say that I didn’t make it into the final round of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction competition, however I am surprised that made it as far as I did. 1,458 more words

Aspiring Novelist

Unforeseen Feelings

Today I encountered an emotion I didn’t quite expect. After I registered for the next semester it occurred to me (after reviewing my “requirement grid”) that I only have one class left and I will be eligible to graduate with my AA. 293 more words

Aspiring Novelist