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The Hunt

The snow is firm, however, the slightest pressure and it will crunch underfoot, if we let it.
Stalking our prey requires absolute silence so our movements are slow and calculated.  885 more words


A Shower of Babies

This past weekend my husband and I went to a gender reveal party for two expecting dads and it once again brought up the discussion of possibly expanding our family. 529 more words

Aspiring Novelist



None of them seemed to grasp the severity of the situation.

She was withering away and they were flitting past her like hummingbirds, planning cruises and complaining about Pinterest baking fails. 405 more words




There were various elements at play. The weather. Her work schedule. How she will feel about herself at that particular moment in time. She cannot simply commit to going. 380 more words


The Want of Journalism

For the past nine months I have been consumed by producing my school’s newspaper the Renegade Rip. As my teacher likes to share, is that it’s a tradition of almost 100 years and we were the next to carry the torch.  376 more words

Aspiring Novelist

Literary Stretches

Even though I have been writing a column for my school newspaper every other week I have noticed my writing seems to be rusty. Especially this last week. 344 more words

Aspiring Novelist