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Seeking Help

It has become quite clear to me that I need to seek out a counselor. My emotions need some release and validation from a disinterested third party. 456 more words

Aspiring Novelist

AOL Days IM Nights

Technology is dated the moment it comes out. By the time it’s been mass produced, packaged and shipped it’s been outdated by newer and better technology. 744 more words

Aspiring Novelist

Jaded Surfeit Ramblings

So I finally missed a Friday. I wish I could say that it was because I was doing something so exciting and time consuming that it slipped my mind, however I was in fact watching the new episode of Will & Grace three times in a row (bringing the grand total to four.) The thought that I had to write even crossed my mind at nine o’clock but I shrugged it off. 978 more words

Aspiring Novelist

The jinx waiting period has passed

I genuinely forgot that I needed to write. And I am very glad that some random part of my brain reminded me that it needed to be done because so far I have missed a Friday. 413 more words

Aspiring Novelist


I would consider myself a social smoker, mainly because I only smoke a cigarette when I’m the company of others that partake in the good old fashioned tabaccy. 286 more words

Aspiring Novelist

Chaos and joy in the spotlight

Oh theatre. It is a dark and cruel mistress. All this week has been a giant whirlwind of scrambling chaos to get a show ready for performance. 557 more words

Aspiring Novelist

How Ray Fell

It was morning when Ray departed Hope on a diplomatic tour of the kingdoms.  Unlike most trips, his best friend would not be one of the party. 1,025 more words