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My Truth

A lot of the difficulty I’ve recently been encountering in terms of my writing is explaining my truth. I’ve become increasingly fearful of what someone might say if they were to read my writing, that I’ve abandoned this one piece more than once. 340 more words


Night time ramblings

Life is weird. Especially for me. I wish I had all the answers but I don’t. Instead I have to pick what I think may or may not be the best for me. 484 more words

Aspiring Novelist

Annual Fiction Prize: Lucy Cavendish College

Are you an unpublished female novelist, over the age of 21, and resident in the UK or Ireland? Here is a wonderful opportunity from Lucy Cavendish College… 145 more words

I hate that my mind and body (and life) realized so much on on two little pills. Laying on top of each other, behind that orange plastic, they don’t look like anything much. 97 more words

Aspiring Novelist

Throwing in the pen

Just a week ago I admitted to myself that I’m not a writer, nor do I want to be one. It took me. Long time to realize that fact. 182 more words

Aspiring Novelist

May the Buddha be with you

For reasons I cannot explain I am searching for a faith. Being raised Christian I cannot and will not return to it, due to those that use it in the name of cruelty. 372 more words

Aspiring Novelist

So it begins...

I’ve made the decision to stop all social media. Yes, I am aware of the irony that I am sharing this on a site composed for social sharing and some might say media. 546 more words

Aspiring Novelist