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There’s a tiny piece of you carved into my hand;
elusive and so fragile. I had
always wanted to call you my own,
twenty years too late. 118 more words

Aspiring Writer

Progress Update - Half-Way There! (including a brief excerpt)

Half-way there through editing the first draft, that is. Not including all the changes which need to be applied. Still, it’s going pretty well and I’m hoping to have made the first changes before the end of this year :) So far so good! 387 more words

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"Teach Your Bloggers Well"

We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches readers how to do something you know and/or love to do. 132 more words


Meet&Greet - Cale

It’s the third week of my little character introductions already!! Today we’re going back in time a little. When you meet the boy from this little snippet in the book he’ll be 25 – here, today, he’s roughly 10-years old and his sister is two years younger. 901 more words

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Weekly Quote #22

“When I meet these people, whose confidence has been knocked or who haven’t had the chance to try their hand yet, it’s often apparent that, whatever reasons they give for not having written yet, they still really want to do it. 280 more words

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Discovering Aurora: Draft 2 Complete!

Can I get a hallelujah?! Draft 2 of Discovering Aurora has just been completed. Beta readers are receiving their word docs to review for me and beta editors are scouring my text with a fine toothed comb :) 38 more words

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Books and Me

I lay in bed propped up on one arm peaking into the book full of bedtime stories and fitting pictures my Dad holds in his hands. 784 more words

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