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His love in her breaths.

Deep down the meadow, a car was making its way. Two interwoven souls were sitting within it in their sunny chairs. He dreams a little and she feels the dark a little more. 863 more words


Apparently, I’m a writer.

Last week my son’s school teacher invited me to speak to her class about being a writer. While she was making her request I was squirming in my seat, completely taken by surprise because I don’t think of myself as a writer. 547 more words

I've changed as a writer.

I started this blog when I was yet to finish the first draft of my book. The first draft that had been waiting, forgotten and imperfect, in my documents for years. 529 more words

Cloudy Days

Today is overcast. I love cloudy days. oddly enough, I feel energized during them. Not a huge fan of the hot sunny days.

It’s the cloudy days that remind me how much I love to write. 120 more words


The Sandy Wedding

Tears of joy sparkled in her mother’s eyes. It was almost time to open a new chapter of her life with the man she loved by her side. 318 more words


Laughter Is The Best Medicine

You sat in the clinical bed, pale as a sheet but still with a smile sprawled across your face. We used to laugh all the time when you weren’t imprisoned here, we still did I suppose. 319 more words


Don't Study English

To be clear, my degree is in English: Writing, so obviously I didn’t take my own advice. While I have enjoyed many of my classes, and it has already gotten me a job lined up as an English teacher with Teach For America, I do wonder if focusing on something else would have given me more material for my writing. 355 more words