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As someone who’s dabbled in various art forms (music, drawing, writing) I’ve noticed patterns that transcend these mediums. While all three are artistic and personal expressions, the music and artistic communities seem more open than the writing community. 538 more words

My Happy Little Corner

Are You Saying it Isn't Fun?

I was reading an article the other day about things only writers can understand. I came across this quote and I took a step back. I had to really think about it, to see if I agreed with the quote. 222 more words

Am I turning into my character?

Who out there in writing land has felt as though they turned into their characters or one of their characters?

I realize that a lot of what we write, we take from our own personal experiences.   205 more words


Thoughts for Friday - 27th February 2015

I’ve been delighted with the response to last week’s post in which I complained (in detail) at how complex a task it is to book flight tickets. 800 more words

Aspiring Writer

Book Update

Dear World,

I just wanted to let all of you know that I haven’t given up on this writing thing. I have a book that is in the same format as this blog. 175 more words

Aspiring Novelist

Thorough Thursday: Character Development

Thorough Thursday
Character Development

I know this moment so well –
You’ve got a great idea for your story. You have an idea for the plot, and probably have an idea for your main character(s). 610 more words


Short Story, Long Year. Update #1

A few post ago I made a solemn vow that I would write at least one short story a month every month this year. Now I didn’t make this decision until February so as we approach the end of February, I should be finishing my first short story. 265 more words