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Within The Limits Of Time 

Something that crossed my mind one morning and I started to run with it. Haven’t write in almost a year.

Time; I knew not of its importance.

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Sunday Funday Sept 25

Hello and happy Sunday everyone! That is, if anyone is still out there reading. I realize I have not been the most consistent blogger as of late—erm, four months—and I’d like to tell you guys that’s all going to change but I’m won’t. 931 more words

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See You Soon!

This week I’ve been preparing for a 20 day long camping adventure my husband and I are going on, it’s the furthest north I’ve been from San Francisco. 320 more words


The Importance of Breathing

​The shallow breathes one takes in

The tense shoulders that cage it

They all start somewhere

They all begin with a thought

A question

Doubt… 134 more words

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The Liebster Award

The very kind, generous and excellent Ana (yes, her name was meant to be in a slightly different colour – that’s your cue to go and check out her blog) has been kind, generous and excellent enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award. 1,431 more words


Fleeting Patience

​We have lost touch with patience

Society has been consumed by time and will surely die from it
People scurrying from place to place but for what purpose? 85 more words

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Taking in Air

​The unsteady swaying of the clumsy mass takes hold of my inner being

I am beyond the concept of being

I am thinking

Lost in the black hole we call our mind… 76 more words

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