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Are you an aspiring writer?

Do you dream of writing whilst you struggle to put pen to paper? When you type characters, words and phrases, do they swim around incomprehensibly on the screen? 417 more words


Be My Guest

So as a fun summer series I’m looking into publishing some guest posts on my blog!

I have about 3 people so far who have expressed interest and submitted their essays for publishing on this blog. 84 more words


First Line Test: Fiction Part 3

For this First Line Test Part 3, we’re covering some novels that were on the Fiction featured shelf at Barnes & Noble.

Just a recap on why we’re even looking a these first lines: to help you discover what first lines work, which ones don’t, possible ways to improve, etc. 639 more words


Sunday Funday: Remember me?

It’s me…Mollie. You know…the crazy cat lady with the red hair who is sometimes funny, loves cute animals and blogs about writing and other random things :D I hope you are all doing well and are surviving the heat which seems to be gripping not only the U.S. 1,077 more words

Writer's Life

The Writing Curse • Perfectionism

I haven’t written in a while. Here on my blog, in my notebook, on Word, on scraps of paper. Nothing. It’s like my motivation and belief in myself has just deserted me entirely. 505 more words


Word Porn: Author Unknown

Word Porn’s Facebook page is on a roll. I’ve been reposting and sharing their quotes because they find just the right ones that connect to my soul. 74 more words


Discovering the Path to a Writing Career

Depending on how long you’ve been reading Drunk Off Rhetoric you may know I started this blog to improve my writing and broaden the genres of books I read. 547 more words