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Sometimes I wonder if you’re still out there somewhere walking into the heads of other People’s bodies

Maybe that’s why when my brain explodes it’s as though my thoughts are upgrading to the highest floor of the psychiatric wards… 120 more words

The Perfect Setting for Writing

As a writer, setting is everything when writing. It’s so important to feel inspired and comfortable in the place where you write.

Part of me thinks that I’ve been kind of lacking this space in the recent years. 690 more words

Future Writer

100k Words Written And No Closer To A Finished Draft

Well, the title basically says it all.

Allow me to sum up in another way: I am my own worst enemy.

I’ve written over 100,000 words. 333 more words


Key tips for aspiring writers

If you are an aspiring writer or someone who at least wants to get started with writing but don’t know where to start, this is for you. 1,813 more words

"The Bells" — Edgar Allen Poe

We were asked to write a really short story based on Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Bells”.

The word limit was 300 words. You can imagine my horror. 385 more words

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How I Wrote a Novel - Part 1 - The Spark

How To Write I wrote a Novel

The Spark

Setting and Protagonist Came Together

In September of 2011 I was in a town called Jericoacoara on the north coast of Brazil, which, despite its remote location is very popular with tourists. 577 more words

Aspiring Writer

Writer's Block for Non-Writers

One of my teachers said in class last week that you cannot really have writer’s block if you’re not a writer. Now, before you get offended, keep in mind that she was getting really annoyed at the self-important attitude of one of the students (who kept talking about the huge amount of “potential” he saw in himself) and shut him down with that. 347 more words

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