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The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

I was fortunate to visit The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque NM. in the photo below. The center is opened 7-days a week with varying prices seniors, adults, students, military, and groups. 251 more words

A Pre-published Author


“What did you just say?” I stare down at my plate in shock. Now, it may have been the fact that it was late, or perhaps it was down to the few glasses of wine that I had drunk; but I was sure that my peas just spoke to me. 997 more words

Horror Short Stories

Ocean Perspective.

People from all walks of life come to me. Some run, some stumble, and some blissfully stroll the edge of me. I can tell you which ones are meant to be here, which ones have never left here, and which ones have never even wanted to come here. 173 more words


Mistakes I’ve Made (As a Writer) — Joanna's Story

I Know I’ve made pretty much everyone of these things. It’s a quick read and pretty easy to relate. If you guys haven’t looked at Joanna’s stuff or are not following her, I’d highly recommend it. 69 more words



Look, some numbers are self-explanatory.  LoL  My next follower will be my 100th and they will receive something special!  But, “Be anxious for nothing,” SHOUT TO “ 55 more words


In Pain

In sweet pain my mind stays steady
Rocking gently down a path of curious uncertainty

A bittersweet melody beckons my wandering soul

Cautiously I seek out what’s behind the window… 106 more words

Aspiring Writer

Ocean Senses.

The colors and hues swim in each eye.

The salt tingles each nostril.

The sands dust each hand.

The blissful pleasure ignites each tastebud.

The tradewinds calm each ear.

                                                 The waves soothe every soul.