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Maaaaybe I might’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

According to Scrivener, I’ve written exactly 4,012 of the required 50,000 words that I need for NANOWRIMO. 96 more words

Aspiring Writer

Lucifer - Poem

This is the first proper poem I’ve attempted to write, as poetry isn’t usually something I choose to write in my spare time. After a trip to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG) we were asked to write a poem describing something we saw. 39 more words

Aspiring Writer

Cut-Up Poetry

During one of my Creative Writing seminars, we had to use the cut-up poetry technique using the poem ‘Tallow Lamp’ by Paul Celan.
We essentially cut every word out of a print of the poem and moved them around the table until we had something we were happy with. 118 more words


Introducing this blog!

Hellooooo!! My name is Daniel, an English and Creative Writing student struggling at writing lmao, great start to University.

I don’t really expect anybody to view this blog at all, I’m mainly using it for myself. 175 more words

Aspiring Writer

Fear is an Illusion...

Fear is an illusion, a fancy trick crafted by the mind in an attempt to protect you from a failure that could never exist if you eliminate those fears and go forward. 187 more words

Aspiring Writer

When The Moon Crumbled.

At first light, while the rosy dawn was tinged with gold, and the air was warm and honeyed, the moon crumbled. Shards and rubble the size of countries began breaking off of the natural satellite as it collapsed outwards in an ever-expanding shell of moon dust. 161 more words