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Bum Boosting Jeans inspired by Kim Kardashian - Do they work?

No …

I was checking the before and after pictures of these woman, and in my opinion, their bums look better in the non boosting jeans. 349 more words

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Buttloads of Pain: Ass Injections Gone Wrong (Full Documentary)

Like thousands of women across the globe and increasingly in the US, Oscarina was suffering from the side effects of a black-market butt injection. Because of its clandestine nature, it’s impossible to quantify exactly how many people in the US are illegally getting their butts pumped up like a pair of Reeboks. 40 more words


Clever Central Artist Spotlight: Nicky Minaj

May 7th, Phoenix AZ

The first inaugural  Artist Spotlight at the Clev, features none other than the surprising mega star Nicky Minaj.  Her short time on the music scene has created quite a buzz, between talk of her unique style both in fashion and musically.   471 more words


Kim Kardashian 'loves her butt'... but, not really

It’s got to be difficult being the fan of someone who has no apparent talent, butt (pun intended) for what it’s worth, Kim Kardashian is tired of the one thing that made her famous. 116 more words