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Before the Human Centipede ...

Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.  From Jugend, 1905.

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How to fix your self-esteem problem

This can be done.

I got to thinking about it while reading yet another forum post by a Lost Soul wondering why he didn’t have any friends, why people stood him up and showed him little consideration. 2,246 more words

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He the Man

I probably could have married this man, but it’s all about him…

The show called life starring Don, Executive Producer Don, Directed by Don and novel adapted for the screen written by Don. 106 more words

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Ass Kissing in King Lear's Cabinet

From The Washington Post, by Alexandra Petri:

President Trump responded to the news that the Public Theater was putting on a defiant production of “ 940 more words


No Need to Ask, by Robert Gore

People trade their self-respect for trifles.

He then bespattered the youth with abundance of that language which passes between country gentleman who embrace opposite sides of the question; with frequent applications to him to salute that part which is generally introduced into all controversies that arise among the lower orders of the English gentry at horse-races, cock-matches, and other public places.

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The Garden of Bullshit

Like a lot of people out on that 9-5 grind, I work in Corporate America. Woo-fuckin-hoo. I bet you can tell how much I love my job, right? 1,133 more words