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Ass Kissing in King Lear's Cabinet

From The Washington Post, by Alexandra Petri:

President Trump responded to the news that the Public Theater was putting on a defiant production of “ 940 more words


No Need to Ask, by Robert Gore

People trade their self-respect for trifles.

He then bespattered the youth with abundance of that language which passes between country gentleman who embrace opposite sides of the question; with frequent applications to him to salute that part which is generally introduced into all controversies that arise among the lower orders of the English gentry at horse-races, cock-matches, and other public places.

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The Garden of Bullshit

Like a lot of people out on that 9-5 grind, I work in Corporate America. Woo-fuckin-hoo. I bet you can tell how much I love my job, right? 1,133 more words


I Have No Reason To Compete With You

It’s comical watching the politics, maneuvering, underhanded tactics, ass kissing and self-preservation stunts that people pull in the workplace just to keep their position or to make their way up the corporate ladder. 383 more words