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Fan Mail: -Ryu

I, like many others, started at the lowest of ranks, silver IV. I slowly crawled my way through the toxicity and garbage players to what, at the time, I thought was a godly accomplishment. 313 more words

Ass Kissing

'One' EP review- Luxxe

Whoa, what the shit.

I will kiss these guys’ asses to the ground for sure.

I’m a minute into the EP and I’m actually really impressed. 435 more words


Testing the Art of the Deal with #NeverTrump

After spending the night speaking with Ted Cruz supporters after announcing his campaign suspension. It’s abundantly clear Trump has his work cut out for him if he wants to beat Hillary. 323 more words

For The Record

How To Get To the Top of the Ladder

Roger, my friend you out did yourself with this one. As funny as this is, it is also true.


This comes from 2 math teachers with a combined total of 70 years of experience. 176 more words


Chapter: January, Page 30 of 366

It’s funny what a person will do when they know that they’ve got something waiting for them. Not a good thing, a bad thing. Like an ass chewing. 42 more words