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These are fuckin' rad

And here we go with the 70’s and their whole “ruination by Jell-o” bullshit. The head Bun-Man will be sunk like the┬áCosta Concordia in a cherry-flavored sea of goo with his gumdrop antennae poking out of his sticky pond of demise like R2-D2 on Dagobah. 8 more words

Vintage Food

People hate New York for a reason

Step 1. Boil tongue

Step 2. Peel tongue and remove bones and gristle

Step 3. Spoon frothy jelled crap over tongue

Step 4. Insert head into oven and slam oven door repeatedly while flogging self with toaster cord as punishment for conjuring this gelatinous mess into existence

Vintage Food

"Come, spawn, let's take a gander at the family photos."

Are these just absolutely delicious or did someone in the props department accidentally order a gross of assorted fish pans and try to save face?

Vintage Food

If I had to nominate an official food of the '70's it would be one of the fifty thousand salmon mousse molds

Yeah, sure, just mash up the bones and chuck ‘em in there. Nobody will notice what with all the other disgusting shit you flung in that poor fish exoskeleton. 23 more words

Vintage Food

"Kids! Come and grab yourself a slice of booger-loaf before the mayonnaise curdles!"

If I want to cool off I’ll just sip from the garden hose, thank you. Even hobos refuse twenty cent meals.

Vintage Food