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Betsy don't play that!

That’s the American spirit, Ms. Ross! Fuck the loom, just kick back in your rocker and suck down a cigarette in sheer disgust at the amount of time you wasted on that befouled hemorrhoid ring your accursed husband demanded for dessert. 101 more words

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Orange You Glad People Have Slightly Better Sense These Days?

This work of culinary art looks like it’s been taken over by one of those horrifying parasitic organisms you only see in National Geographic magazine, like there’s an evolved species of Mandarin orange that lays its fruit babies inside your skin and three days later you’re covered in tangy pustules and uncontrollably shitting citrus slices.

Vintage Food

I have a sinking feeling about this...

Poor Pacman. These situations never turn out well. Send us a message from heaven because I’m dying to know what ‘lamb’s brawn’ is and how it can magically turn cat food into something acceptable for human consumption. 39 more words

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Stop looking at me, swan!!!

There’s a few ways to interpret the swan’s expression coupled with the drippy beak.

1.This disgusts me and your smorgasbord deserves to be spit upon. 40 more words

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Congratulations, sire.

I crown thee Grand High Poobah of Horse Hoof Heap.

Vintage Food

Wobbly Jell-o the exact shade of my sunburns. Appetizing.

Oh, you think that “Gazpacho Gelatin Salad” is going to get better in a mayonnaise-gobbed pie crust? Do you really? Are you going for originality points because you didn’t use the fish mold? 23 more words

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