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That famous Nyonya noodles was ranked 26/50 World's best food


Penang Laksa.

Penang Assam Laksa.

It’s so famous that once you visit Penang you need to try it at least once.

And the best Penang Laksa is found in Ayer Itam area. 268 more words


Joo Hooi Cafe @ 愉園茶室,Penang Road

Penang Road is one of the eatery streets in Penang with several food stalls and coffee shops concentrated at. And you should never miss Joo Hooi cafe… 183 more words


Food @Penang International Airport

We had arrived at the airport early, and after browsing all the eateries at the departure hall, we decided to try out Pinang Kopitiam. We ordered a… 241 more words


Tong Seng Restoran 東城茶餐廳 @Penang Road, Penang

After the not-too-satisfying char kway tiao, we spotted another char kway tiao stall as we made our way back to the hotel, and this time, they fry it with duck egg!!! 96 more words


在Selangor也能吃到正宗槟城叻沙!Angcle Peoh's Penang Air Itam Laksa @ Kota Kemuning

想不到在巴生Kota Kemuning就可以吃到槟城亞依淡有名的叻沙(KL人称为亚叁叻沙)!

餐厅的名字比较奇特,叫做Angcle Peoh,其实就是Uncle Peoh的意思啦,槟城亞依淡巴刹有名的叻沙档口就是Uncle Peoh的母亲早年所创,现在那个档口由兄弟打理,自己则来到雪隆地区开店,把槟城美食发扬光大 62 more words

美食特辑 - 邀约食记

One Day in Penang

Like an old friend  that you’ve known for a long time but only superficially, just meeting once in a while to say hello and catch up on old times, but never knowing each other well. 1,796 more words

Beyond The Dot

Taman Emas Assam Laksa, Penang...I'm a huge fan after one visit.

Assam Laksa has been rated at #7 in the  “Top 10 world’s most delicious foods” by CNN.

A bowl of assam laksa from Penang has a complex balance of distinct tangy, sour, sweet and spicy piquant flavours. 89 more words

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