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Bahubali FanFic Part 6: An Tragic Killing?

Sorry, all the “good” Bahubali topics are over, we are down to just the fanfic that is really more of an indulgence for myself than anything else.   2,096 more words

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Hindi Film 101: Gandhi-Nehru Family Part 5, Rajiv, Sonia, and Rahul

Happy Thursday!  Time to come back to the Gandhi-Nehru family!  Doesn’t get any easier to talk about stuff after 1984 really, does it?  Partly because 1984 cast such a long shadow. 2,691 more words

Hindi Film 101

Facebook Page is plotting President Trumps Assasination

There is a page on Facebook is using code to it’s members to plan the Assasination of President Donald Trump. I feel the Secret Service should investigate this group and I hope the posting of this Article and me outing this code will help prevent this Tragedy from ever happening to the greatest President since Reagan. 80 more words

#OTD in 1927 – Kevin O’Higgins, the Free State Minister for Justice, is assassinated while on his way to Mass at the Church of the Assumption by three anti-Treaty members.

Kevin O’Higgins the Irish Minister for Justice is gunned down by Anti-Treaty activists on his way to Sunday Mass. O’Higgin’s own father had been gunned down by the IRA in 1923. 457 more words

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Hindi Film 101: Nehru-Gandhi Family Part 4, 1984

Oh boy, getting close to modern times!  And the stuff that doesn’t have, like, any “perspective of history” on it at all.  Which is also why it is really important to know about it to watch film, because it is the stuff that is kind of being worked through actively still through film plots. 2,378 more words

Hindi Film 101

A Russian Court Convicts Five Men In The Murder Of One Of Putin's Most Vocal Critics

“Follow the trail of dead Russians.” That was Cyber and Homeland Security expert Clinton Watts’ advice regarding the Senate’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the U.S. 474 more words

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Corey Stoll Offers His View From The Stage Persepective Of The 'Julius Caesar' Protests

Corey Stoll, who played Brutus in the Central Park production of Julius Caesar, has opened up about what it’s been like starring in such a hot topic show and carrying on through the occasional protest. 532 more words