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Hope you can see the pic above. I know everyone around is well educated and equipped with bulk of knowledge to jump onto a conclusion about what the above pic represents. 1,784 more words


August 27th - Attempted assasination of Henry IV 1593

Henry IV was an unpopular king in France, but this is mainly to do with religion. There were two fiercely opposed sides, the Catholics and the Huguenots. 91 more words


Turkey targets Dogan media 'terror propaganda'

Turkish prosecutors have begun an inquiry into a big media group, after photos were published of dead soldiers, state-run Anadolu news agency says.

The inquiry into the Dogan group, which owns Hurriyet newspaper and part owns CNN Turk TV, also involves an interview with an alleged Kurdish PKK militant. 285 more words

What is brain drain? How can it be stopped for national interests?

Brain drain is a canonical term referred o the emigration of talented young students to western countries especially those in North America and Western Europe. 159 more words

July 20th - Attempted assasination of Hitler 1944

On 20 July 1944, an attempt was made to assassinate Adolf Hitler, Führer of the Third Reich, perpetrated by Claus von Stauffenberg and other conspirators, inside his Wolf’s Lair field headquarters near Rastenburg, East Prussia. 181 more words


Blue Army of Thousands March in Texas in Support of Police

#BlackLivesMatter is a terrorist organization.  They are advocating the random killing of whites and police officers.  The people in this movement, or who agree with it, are latching on to a lie that blacks are being indiscriminately murdered by police officers, especially white police officers, at some disproportionately high rate.  760 more words


Jeremy Clarkson: would hiring ex-Top Gear team have been good business for Apple?

Jeremy Clarkson lost his Top Gear job after punching producer Oisin Tymon in the face in a row over hot food earlier this year. Both the BBC and the programme’s trio of former presenters are, separately, thought to be working on a successor to Top Gear – which sent Clarkson, Hammond and May all over the world, often leaving chaos and controversy in their wake. 468 more words