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CIA finally gets its man

A 60-year covert operation came to an end this weekend, as the CIA finally assassinated FIdel Castro, Prime Minister of Cuba since 1959, using The Inexorable March of Time, the extra-state agent long thought to have right-wing links. 90 more words


On the Health and Death of Donald Trump: Astrology, Prophecy, and Assassination ~ Nov. 19, 2016

Now, I don’t know how you feel about the recent Presidential election in the USA. Me? I don’t really care one way or the other, as I know events (The Event) will all play out as it will. 69 more words


Jack froze in horror. It was a bad dream, it couldn’t be happening, it wasn’t fair.

The evening had been going so well up to that point. 610 more words

Creative Writing

13 Minutes (2015) dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel

This film is carried by the sheer magnetism of Christian Friedel. He is utterly believable as Georg Elser- skilled craftsmen, good-natured and passionate partner, patriotic German and almost-successful assassin of Hitler save for thirteen minutes. 261 more words


JFK's Murder

Days after the John F. Kennedy assassination, top White House aides read an eyes-only report that Cuba was behind the shocking Dallas murder.  Castro had warned he’d retaliate if the Kennedy administration kept trying to kill him, and they continued.   266 more words


Watch: Secret Service Saves Trump's Life

Political opposition should never result in trying to kill another man. This is the American experiment, not the French Revolution.

I don’t pray for violence against either Trump or Clinton. 8 more words


The Killing Of Marty

A hopefully disturbing to the reader one off piece.

The Killing Of Marty

Operation Marty Minus 3….

It was seriously heavier than he had imagined as he tried to hold the SP01 handgun in one hand and get his arm into the position to aim it. 2,405 more words

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