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Culling the Parasite in the 80s

Scope trained on a Bloat fish,

clutching a moon for a shield,

An Irish sniper mutters ‘no more,

 will we endure you and your kind.’ 97 more words


15 Hits Blow

Such a long time since I opened this blog…
Since I didn’t have much free-time to write and because I’ve been busy with my other work lately… 963 more words

The Death Moment

My arms grew feeble and shabby as my heart pumped. In pleasure and complaisance to the devil, my alpha viscera pumped the hot fluid out of me, leaving me dishy-washy and weak. 1,269 more words


Mijn conclusie: Boris Nemtsov is een fake liquidatie, de beste man is vissen en fishy.

Nemtsov has not been assasinated in this fake attack in Moscow.

There are various facts about what happened on February 27, leading to the conclusion the whole assasination is a strange event. 935 more words


BBC: Tajik opposition leader Kuvatov shot dead in Turkey

Voor diegene die niet geloven dat een restauranteigenaar gewoon gif serveert.

Read the article : link.

A Tajik opposition leader has been shot dead by an unknown attacker in the Turkish city of Istanbul, Tajik opposition sources have told the BBC. 527 more words


Gray State: A story of the New World Order, Murder, and trance inducing youtube videos.

On January 17th, the bodies of writer/director David Crowley, his wife and their 5-year-old daughter were found by their neighbour. A handgun was found next to his body and subsequently the Apple Valley Police Dept. 848 more words

Critic's Murder Highlights Vladamir Putin's Push for Power

The rise and fall of power in Russia has seemingly always been marked by bloody assassinations, from the bloody murder of Tsar Paul I to Josef Stalin’s systematic extermination of millions of Soviet citizens. 536 more words

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