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Vipers Ep. 15

Chike was holding the secure phone when the call came in. He had been waiting to receive the report of the operation. ‘It’s done. I’ll need a passport and cash. 620 more words

Chapter Seven

Saturday, December, 12th, 2015

Sasha put the memory of the little girl out of her mind. Her captive’s cries were growing loud and would soon garner the attention of the others around the motel. 2,003 more words


The Night Angel Trilogy- Book 1

So for all you ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ fans out there, or as it’s more commonly known ‘Game of Thrones’, I have got the series for you. 301 more words


Day 255

We come up in a dingy alley across the channel, sweating bullets with aching calves. Sig checks his comp and nods, leaning against the grimy wall while catching his breath. 258 more words


Nouri Al-Maliki le le collabo et sectaire

قناة الجزيرة تعمل على تبييض وجه نوري المالكي المجرم

Bachar : Russie – Nouri : Iran

Day 252

My mods keep me conscious despite the impact. Travis isn’t so lucky. I pull him from the car and start swimming down, looking for the hatch Sig noted. 504 more words


REVIEW: No Tears for the Dead (2014)


Korean actor Jang Dong-Gun truly makes his mark in the action genre with this tale of redemption and revenge in which he unleashes one of his best performances. 786 more words

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