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Some of my peers, colleagues if you like, give the impression that they don’t feel anything as they perform their rites – least of all empathy – because the assumption is that to stay sane in this line of work one must somehow detach oneself from emotions. 724 more words

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Infested! - Part 6

In spite of my ongoing real-life business eating in my hobby time like a tyranid hive fleet with a particularly tasty planet I’ve still managed to get both my Fembruary models finished before the end of the month (cue a little self-congratulatory back-patting). 246 more words


The Villainess

Viewed – 18 February 2018  online-rental

I was first exposed to the wonders of Korean cinema quite like many were I presume with Park Chan-wook’s… 291 more words


The Author (Episode 6)

Detective Thomas Asuquo and Detective Jeremiah Obi had the best partnership in the Enugu State Criminal Investigative Department.
Tom and Jerry as they were popularly called in the State CID, were two men that were very much opposites of each other in almost every way. 770 more words


John Wick (2014) - Review

John Wick is a grieving widower who also happens to be a deadly, albeit retired, assassin. When gangsters kill his dog, a final present from his dead wife, he un-retires himself to ensure that they understand the grievous nature of their error.  639 more words


Read Your Talents

I’ll be honest, I think I’m pretty good at playing Heroes. I would even go so far as to say that I’m above-average. But apparently, I can’t be all that great because I realized just yesterday that I had screwed up on something basic and very key. 440 more words

Heroes Of The Storm

Red Sparrow (2018) Movie Trailer & Reviews

Jennifer Lawrence Is a Deadly Spy in New ‘Red Sparrow’ Trailer

Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming spy thriller isn’t going to be for the faint-hearted.

At the unveiling of addition footage of Red Sparrow, which sees the actress put it on a former ballerina-turned-Russian-seductress/spy, the director highlighted the adult flora and fauna of the material. 248 more words