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Meet the Classes of Ascent: Infinite Realm

In a previous post, we’ve discussed Bluehole Studio’s new MMORPG game in development, Ascent: Infinite Realm. Set in a fantasy, steampunk-inspired world, A: IR is designed to give players an immersive experience of aerial combat, formidable faction battles, and magical characters. 549 more words


The Assassins' Guild

I walked into the assassins’ guild. I needed to find a hit. I was hungry again. The inside of the wooden lodge was cold except for the few stools near the heater. 501 more words

Free Story

Blooded Oblivion 2.0?

Ok so I was finding writing prompts and this one gives me the perfect opportunity to do some additional writing within universe for Blooded Oblivion. I think it’s going to become a long-term project of mine to form a full-fledged novel from the Blooded Oblivion concept. 933 more words

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Agent 3142 reporting, 31 March 1989, target killed, mission accomplished.

I typed nonchalantly into the typewriter, as I did for the past decade, reporting to duty every week. 417 more words


Vipers Ep. 30

Isis was worried. She had not heard from Chike for the past two days. She had wanted to come to Nigeria with him but Chike had refused, saying that he had to first confirm that Nigeria was safe. 651 more words

Danish woman arrested after paying a fake assassin in Bitcoin to kill her partner

A woman has appeared in court after trying to pay a darknet assassin in bitcoin to kill her partner. Her attempt failed, not due to high transaction fees or a mempool backlog, but because the hitman was fake. 77 more words