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Hill, Reginald. Midnight Fugue.

NY: HarperCollins, 2009.

Sadly, this is the last novel about Detective Superintendent Andrew Dalziel and DCI Peter Pascoe of Mid-Yorkshire CID before the author’s death, but it’s not a bad one to be going out with. 338 more words

Character Study

An Agent Emerges

It’s all been a bit flat out this week, between one thing and another, but I did manage to find a little time to kitbash another model for the Chapel. 237 more words


Summoning the Paladins

Vengeance Paladin and Justice Paladin are out on summon pool 12 April 1200H.

These water units are known to be overpowered (I will do a review on Justice Paladin later), and deemed to be game changers. 26 more words


Alghaven: Part One

Part One

Sidney is on the bus, on her way home after a long day at the bridal shop she works at, when an older lady sits down next to her. 1,265 more words

Story 3: Alghaven


A strange woman on the bus hands Sidney an amulet. Little does she know, that amulet is about to change her entire life – for better or worse? 7 more words

by G. Mike Danaher


Unnoticed by the bartender drinking more than the patrons under a spectral layer of cigarette smoke, the two men lean heavily on the far corner of the bar, their forearms on the shellacked wood, pints in their fists, murder on their lips.  1,295 more words