It’s Time to Bust It Up

Posted by Preston James, Ph.D
Veterans Today
February 3, 2015

The Controlled Major Mass Media is the Organized Crime Cabal’s official public mouthpiece which they use to Mind-kontrol and Psyop the American People. 2,048 more words


We just had a wave election ... Explained

 Hillsdale College and its president Larry P. Arnn provide information on what a wave election amounts to, and why conservatives (yes and even progressives) should care:
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Barack Obama – The Devil’s Spawn... By John Hankey | BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "CLINGERS of AMERICA!"

Barack Obama – The Devil’s SpawnBy John Hankey


I already wrote to you on this matter. I don’t know how well you may know… 337 more words

Lee Harvey Oswald: Unsung Hero Who Alerted JFK To ‘Assassination Plot’ In Chicago

Posted on November 22, 2014
by Cosmic Convergence
Thanks to J.

Lee Harvey Oswald: Unsung Hero Who Alerted JFK To ‘Assassination Plot’ In Chicago

Framed By The CIA Because He Infiltrated Their Assassination Conspiracy… 6,389 more words


Servando Gonzalez -- Conspiraphobia Runs Rampant in Both Branches of the Repucratic Party.....................

By Servando Gonzalez

November 21,

Conspiraphobia: An irrational fear of plausible conspiracy theories.Some people who fear exposure of their wrongdoings have created discussion-stopping words to threaten and silence their critics: Zionists coined the word “ 335 more words

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Happy 11:11 ~ Take Positive ACTION! from Sallie O. Elkordy

November 13th is merely two days away and this is my fifth notice to you that there is a DRILL scheduled for this date and the 14th as well. 170 more words