Pride in Memory Comes Before the Fall

Imagine an important, emotional memory – your favorite birthday, the day your best friend moved away, your graduation. These events are so significant, many believe they would never misremember them. 482 more words

2nd UPDATE (IMPORTANT!!! INFO from Alfred) !!!!! Belgian MP Literally Says “F*ck You” To NWO In Stunning Parliamentary Speech MUST SEE VIDEO

2nd UPDATE:  

Jean Hi! The aftermath of this speech is such that Laurent Louis and his party Debous les Belges DLB were so targeted by the Rothschild-Zionist-pedophile-Belgian monarchy-NSA that he was put on illegal trial in violation of his Parliamentary immunity in a sealed court in the middle of Brussels and in star chamber sentenced to 20 years (suspended sentence) and 50,000 EURO fine. 199 more words


Alfred Webre: VIDEO - Ole Dammegard: US/Israel/Bilderberger crisis actor group stages false flags at Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen. Italy next?

Ole talks about a series of false flag events . . . ~J


VANCOUVER, BC – In a interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author Ole Dammegard exposes the detailed motion-picture set-like blue prints of the False Flag operations at the October 22, 2014 Ottawa “Shooting an the National War Memorial”; at the January 7, 2015 “Charlie Hebdo-Charlie Seven-SevenGate”; and at the February 14, 2015 Copenhagen “Shootout at the Gunpowder Café on Valentine’s Day”. 360 more words


It’s Time to Bust It Up

Posted by Preston James, Ph.D
Veterans Today
February 3, 2015

The Controlled Major Mass Media is the Organized Crime Cabal’s official public mouthpiece which they use to Mind-kontrol and Psyop the American People. 2,048 more words


We just had a wave election ... Explained

 Hillsdale College and its president Larry P. Arnn provide information on what a wave election amounts to, and why conservatives (yes and even progressives) should care:
352 more words