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Flash Movie Review: The Gunman

Everyone has their own way of offering penance to right a wrong. There are some people who will say they are sorry so many times that it begins to sound like a standard salutation. 433 more words


King, Stephen. 11/22/63.

NY: Scribner, 2011.

Like practically everyone else who reads a lot, I’ve read a number of Stephen King novels. None of them were bad but some appealed to me a good deal more than others. 1,199 more words

Character Study

The Western connection in the assassination of Serbia’s Prime Minister Djindjic on March 14, 2003

Posted on the Saker, March 20, 2015

by Nikola Vrzic

Several days ago, on March 12th, Serbia marked another – twelfth – anniversary of the assassination of Serbia’s prime minister… 1,543 more words

The Assassination of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Webster Tarpley Radio, Mar 2015

Historian Webster Tarpley on the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Time: 27:38


Lincoln’s Assassination and the Making of History—Before Your Eyes

If you’re old enough to remember President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, you know the feeling: the world standing still while history is being made before your eyes. 808 more words


Who is Killing Opposition Members? | New Eastern Outlook

Death becomes Russian.

Putin Did It!

First it was a Russian journalist…..then a former KGB operative in London……now it was a Russian opposition leader in Moscow……there appears to be a movement to eliminate all opposition…..the most vocal that is…….as predictable the news of Russian opposition dying has kinda slipped from the headlines and we Americans have moved on to the mind numbing antics of Duck Dynasty……. 34 more words

International Situations