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If You Could Do It Again, Would You Do It Differently?

If I could do it again, would I do it differently? For that matter, if any of you had the luxury of starting over and learning from past mistakes, what changes would you make?  1,010 more words

Employment Decisions

Top Ten Assassination of All Time.

Throughout human history, political leaders of all kinds have been killed for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re killed because of the threat to authority they represent to those in power, while in other cases they are murdered due to a controversial stance they have taken. 891 more words

Artifact of the Assassination: The Lincoln Flag and the Gourlay Family

The subject of this month’s museum feature, the Lincoln Flag from Pike County Historical Society in Milford, Pennsylvania, gives us an opportunity to learn more about a family of actors onstage the evening of the Lincoln assassination and their role in the preservation of the flag. 815 more words


Trashing Arizona Again


The clowns who shot up attempted to shoot up wounded a cop and became DRT* had lived and worked in Arizona.

One reportedly owned a pizza shop.  130 more words


Unnamed informant in Seymour Hersh's report revealed: Senior citizen in London alleged to have revealed bin Laden's location to the U.S.

A U.K.-based former senior officer in the Pakistan army has been named as being a supergrass that sold the secret location of Osama bin Laden to the CIA. 817 more words


Birthdays For Dead People

I find it bizarre that we ‘celebrate’ the birthdays of assassinated or otherwise deceased notable figures of recent history, rather than the assassination/death date.

Yesterday (May 19) was… 256 more words

Aimless Rant