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Russian foreign minister slams Obama’s remarks about Nemtsov murder

Lavrov said Obama’s speechwriters had no time to deliver anything, while he was unable to offer decent wording.

MOSCOW — Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov believes that US President Barack Obama’s remarks about the killing of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov will remain a matter of his conscience. 111 more words


John F. Kennedy- September 11, 2005

This article was motivated by the open letter suscribed by many celebrities (published in The New York Review of Books) demanding the CIA to release some documents as previously ruled by the Freedom of Information Act. 175 more words


Gunshots near Kremlin, Putin, and Russia

As the body of the slain oppositional politician is being laid buried into the cold Moscow ground, the very important question lingers on: Who did it? 263 more words



In the same way that the access to film footage in Vietnam showed America the reality and atrocities of war, access to video on all sorts of devices is showing us the reality and atrocities of life on the streets, schools and playgrounds of America. 401 more words


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