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Public event held in Cuba for the first time to demand release of US spy

A public event has been held for the first time in Havana to demand the release Ana Belen Montes, an American former intelligence analyst who is serving a 25-year prison term for spying on the United States for Cuba. 424 more words

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The American Fugitives of Havana

By Jon Lee Anderson, The New Yorker

When a cold war winds down, what happens to its spies and traitors? The British double agents Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, and Donald Maclean were able to see out their days in Moscow while it was still ruled by Communists, without fears that their hosts might betray them and send them back to an unforgiving Great Britain. 682 more words

US denies it plans to free top intelligence analyst who spied for Cuba

The White House has no plans to release an American former military analyst who spied for the government of Cuba, according to an official letter sent to a member of the United States Congress. 477 more words

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U.S. Rules Out Swap of Jailed Cuban Spy Ana Belen Montes

By NORA GÁMEZ TORRES, ngameztorres@elnuevoherald.com

The Obama administration “has no intention” of releasing or swapping jailed Cuban spy Ana Belen Montes, according to a letter sent by the U.S. 398 more words


When I was an undergrad at Brooklyn College, I was tasked to read the novel ASSATA in 4 days for my civil rights and black power course. 411 more words

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Rappin' 4-Tay Presents: LiL' Gang$ta

Rappin’ 4-Tay Presents: LiL’ Gang$ta is the debut studio album by American recording artist LiL’ Gang$ta. It was recorded between 2006-2013 and released on June 20, 2013 by Nuebiene Entertainment, on his twenty-seventh birthday.