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The Precedent: Extremism?

The precedent was set yesterday.  How should that affect the below people I pulled from Wikipedia?  Should they be banned as well?  Should they be rejected from the leagues?  937 more words


'Mr. and Mrs. Evil': Hong Kong Couple Jailed for Torturing Maid

HONG KONG – A couple dubbed by protesters as “Mr and Mrs Evil” were jailed yesterday for what a judge described as “cruel” and “inhumane” treatment of their Indonesian maid over two years. 443 more words

Crime & Corruption

numerology for Mario Conti

July 20, 2012                5:13PM

A TEENAGE boy has pleaded guilty to assaulting a cameraman outside a Sydney court where the man accused of killing Thomas Kelly was appearing. 247 more words

Primary Challenge (first And Last Initials)

The Stare

Today, my lecturer narrated a sadomasochism case involving assault occasioning (causing)  actual bodily harm. I will describe the details as shocking. He watched our faces for reactions and he caught mine which portrayed utter shock. 96 more words


Steven Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson, AKA Paul Harris. Founder of the English Defence League.

EDL leader and founder  has been convicted today 24-7-11 of leading a brawl involving 100 football fans. Stephen Lennon who also goes by the name Tommy Robinson was arrested on the 24/8/10 by officers who told him he was being taken into custody for suspected actual bodily harm from an outstanding allegation, which was later discontinued. 376 more words


Mother Beats Alleged Rapist.

The Rapist who was alleged been beaten by the victim’s mother in St Catherine Jamaica should thank his lucky stars and if possible keep clear of women from now on as he may not be so lucky next time. 157 more words

Cops Dealing With Scum - but the problem is deeper

Sgt.Mark Andrews has cost us (tax payers) at least £25K – that or buffoons in the Wiltshire cops and CPS have.  My reserved view is that I haven’t seen and heard all the evidence and am disgusted our justice system has not worked out it should do this as a matter of course – not for me, but for the concerned citizen in democratic… 1,886 more words