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Advocating for yourself is a very valuable life skill. Using assertiveness to express what your needs are and you are not shy in anticipating that your needs should likely be met.  150 more words

DBT: Assertive Communication Diagram

In my DBT class yesterday there was a great visual that help me understand what I’m aiming for when I communication assertively. Below is a recreation. 189 more words


Assertive Communication

  • Do you have trouble saying no, even when you really should?
  • Do you feel like people walk all over you?
  • Do you have trouble keeping your temper under control?
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Triangulation: Why the term can be dangerous

Have you ever heard of the term “triangulate” or “triangulation?” It’s a term that refers to the act of confusing a situation in such a way that 3 or more people are fighting against each other. 561 more words

General Psychology

The Importance of Being Assertive

Positive assertive communication is based on mutual respect, an attitude which defends your rights without hurting those of others. Being assertive shows that you’re willing to stand up for your interests and express your thoughts and feelings. 655 more words


Learning to say no takes practice

According to a recent Expedia survey, “happiness is a beach vacation” (it says a lot about our work-life balance). But we can’t all hop on a plane and ferry ourselves to the… 619 more words

Stress Management


I have been thinking about acceptance a lot this week. Acceptance of self, of the past, of things we cannot control or change. Acceptance is hard. 374 more words

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