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The Fretting of the Shrew

Ah the stigma of mental health in the workplace is alive and well!  I received a call by the HR officer this morning.  She wanted to book my “Return to Work” meeting with my facilitator, my supervisor, the HR manager and herself for Friday.  299 more words

Quelling Mama Bear

Wrote an assertive email last night.  Spent 45 minutes revising 5 sentences so I wouldn’t sound aggressive and too forthcoming.  Although I wrote the first draft in anger and frustration, the final product was straight and to the point.  452 more words

Frustrated and depressed writes ...

Dear Nancy

I work in an office where there are a number of people who’s behaviour is very negative.

Everything is a problem,  and it is always someone else’s fault,  and they go on and on about it. 340 more words


A Lesson in Respect

I often tell myself, “It’s none of your business what other people think.”  It’s a difficult mantra to follow, particularly when I am placed in situations where I know I’m being judged by others.  533 more words

"You Can't Get to Courage Without Walking Through Vulnerability" (Brene Brown)

There are three steps I have been practicing when needing to speak assertively with someone:

  1.  I state the problem.
  2. I state how I feel.
  3. I state what I need or make a request from the person with whom I speaking.
  4. 681 more words

Shrewd Advice

Being a parent of a child with learning disorders requires a certain level of assertiveness in order to be able to properly advocate for your child’s educational rights.  74 more words