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Weston Mill Dam Removal Project in Full Swing

Fish will once again be able to swim unencumbered in New Jersey’s Millstone River as removal of the Weston Mill Dam begins.

The project is part of the… 458 more words

Staff Participate in NOAA Science Camp in Seattle

The U.S. Coast Guard announces a ship collision in Puget Sound off Shilshole Bay. What happens now?

Trying to answer that question started the journey of participants in this year’s… 396 more words

Assessment And Restoration Division

Counting People on the Beach is Not as Simple as it Sounds

Imagine the perfect day at the beach, lying in the sand, fishing from the pier, maybe taking a boat out on the water. Then an oil spill occurs, and the beach is no longer a fun place to be. 249 more words

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What we do to Help Endangered Species

For over 40 years, the 1973 Endangered Species Act has helped protect native plants and animals and that habitats where they live, and many government agencies play a role in that important work. 454 more words

Oil Spills

From Toxic Dump to Wetland in Florida

How do you return a  dumpsite to a natural area with productive wetlands? With the hard work of scientists, and federal and state officials.

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Closing Down Damage Assessment After Deepwater Horizon

The environmental toll from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster was enormous, demanding a massive deployment of people and materials to measure the adverse effects. 790 more words

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Assessing the Impacts from Deepwater Horizon

The 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster spread spilled oil deep into the ocean’s depths and along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, compromising the complex ecosystem and local economies. 579 more words

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