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Build a Positive Culture with Assessment

I think one of the things that is often overlooked when it comes to establishing a positive and supportive culture in our classrooms is assessment. As teachers, we can sometimes feel as if we have no control over it. 1,095 more words


Progress and Intervals

I’ve been thinking a lot about progress again recently. Despite the best intentions of ‘assessment without levels’, progress is still firmly one of the things being looked at. 377 more words


Have we really had enough of experts?

Remember when the former Education Secretary, Michael Gove, declared that we had “had enough of experts”? A dispiriting sentiment for someone who had previously been such a keen advocate for the accumulation of knowledge and for learning from best practice. 899 more words


Fever in under 5s: assessment and initial management

New NICE guidance

This guideline was updated in August 2017. It covers the assessment and early management of fever with no obvious cause in children aged under 5. 31 more words


How Assessment App will Change Your Life

Self assessment is one of the major aspects which include important factor to change your self in positive manner. If you want to upgrade your self it’s time to take a initiative toward to make a upward changes in yourself. 126 more words

Evaluation App IPad

due Tue Aug 22: 10 sentences from "J&H"

hmwrk:  copy out ten sentences from “Henry Jekyll’s Full Statement of the Case” that, in sequence, lay out the bones of Dr. Jekyll’s struggle; bring these ten sentences on paper to class Tue Aug 22  (type or legibly handwrite the sentences) 16 more words


agenda Fri Aug 18: EQs for J&H; I used to think . . .

learning goal: one idea about an aspect of “J & H” that you had not seen or understood before today’s discussion

Turnitin enrollment* and template… 82 more words