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Are You Making Your Assessment and Service to Learners with CVI Fun?

First and foremost, our children with CVI are children. Children love predictable games, funny noises, and social interactions. Children like to play the same games over and over again. 426 more words


Clinical Assessment Using DSM-IV Classifications

Mr. and Mrs. Lawson brought their 4-year-old adopted daughter, Clara, to see Dr. Mason, a psychiatrist. Clara was polite in greeting Dr. Mason, but did not smile and kept her gaze down as she took a seat. 1,269 more words

Academic Papers

Why I am Writing a Blog about Teaching

We might not knowingly think of the specific terms purpose and audience when we sit down to write something, but the odds are high that we have thought about them. 1,421 more words


Going Gradeless?

  1. If you’ve ever wondered about having an alternative to grades in your classroom, listen to one teacher’s use of “My Favorite No” strategy in assessing students’ understanding.
  2. 110 more words

Thinking Outside the (Assessment) Box

Aside from the standard pencil and paper, there are multiple avenues for assessing our students’ understanding of the academic content and language. In fact, for ELLs, having the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding in performance-based assessments in which they are creating a product or exploring an issue is highly beneficial to their learning. 46 more words


Helping Students Self-Reflect

An interesting tool to help students self-reflect on their own work and mindset in specific classes.

Calculating your Social Studies ROI. Cause it's #RefreshFriday

It’s #RefreshFriday.

Yup. It’s that time of year when I want to say I’m too busy to write anything new but it probably has more to do with the fact that’s Friday. 1,206 more words