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Week 5

Cycle 2. Blog Post 1:

1. Clear image and/or text that describes your studio’s initial ideas for the game player experience goals

Initial PX Goals: 427 more words


Making a Google Sites Portfolio Assessment More Accessible Via Screencast

Technology in education is certainly a two-edged sword. On the one hand, modern technology gives students fantastic opportunities to learn in ways that were previously difficult, expensive, or impossible for teachers to design. 427 more words


Ready for Some Science

Our project started to take shape very early in the semester. We decided quite quickly that we were up to the challenge of creating an online course designed for primary students. 645 more words


Prototype & Contributions - Lane Rostron


My game prototype can be found below:

NOTE: It is only playable with an XBox Controller.

  • Left analog stick:        Move player model
  • Right analog stick:     Player model direction / Aiming…
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Reflection Post

As a new Unity user and someone with only a semester or two of programming knowledge making my game was not an easy task. I found that my abilities were below what I was aiming to achieve when I was planning the game. 404 more words



IGB100 Reflection  Discussion topics:

1. Professional Development and Practice Guiding points:

The development of first game in this unit is quite challenging for me because I was stuck with an illness and the fact that I’m also not familiar with the software unity. 410 more words