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Let Students Request Feedback or Evaluation?

I’m thinking about how to make assessments even lower stakes, especially quizzes.  Currently, any quiz can be re-attempted at any point in the semester, with no penalty in marks.  393 more words

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Week 4 Post - Judith & Hilary

This is the final blog and it is the culmination of our thoughts, our brainstorming and our development of research ideas so we are going to write it together just as we are carrying out our research together. 1,149 more words


Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece

Item Name: Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society

Client: Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society
Link: www.archelon.gr/index_eng.php

Date work undertaken: July 2014 – August 2014 (5 weeks) 627 more words


Desperate Times Call for Critical Transformations...

After a series of (mostly) positive transitions in the past few months, my body was left feeling spent and terrible. Sugars were at an all-time high, my energy bottomed out, my carpal tunnel syndrome raging in both hands, joint aching, and my moods more variable than the Oregon spring weather. 757 more words


MYA Cosmetic Surgery

Item Name: MYA Cosmetic Surgery Blog Content

Client: MYA Cosmetic Surgery
Link: www.mya.co.uk/

Date work undertaken: September 2014 – October 2014

Type of work: 792 more words


Thoughts on lesson observations #2 | Fanning the glowing embers

When a school hits rock bottom, as mine had a year before I joined, there are two key tasks for the leadership and governors. The first is to rebuild the school: to nurture the phoenix as it slowly rises from the flames so that every child gets the world class education that they deserve. 555 more words

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