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Medicaid Benefits - House Transfer: Deed Does Not Conflict

Reservation of Power of Appointment in Deed Does Not Conflict With Conveyance of Property to Children

A Massachusetts appeals court rules that as part of Medicaid planning, a woman could reserve a power of appointment in a deed conveying property to her children while reserving a life estate for herself.  276 more words

Why Are Divorces Expensive?

There is an well-worn reply among lawyers to the line:  “Why are divorces so expensive?” The reply is “Because they’re worth it.” Of course, this reply, no doubt, has multiple layers of meaning for every person. 304 more words

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Inter-Vivos QTIP Trusts; Almost Perfect

For many years I have been, and remain, a fan of the inter-vivos QTIP trust.  There is no perfect estate planning, but this QTIP is… 464 more words

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The Five Most Common Mistakes an Elder Law Attorney Sees

Jim Schuster is a Certified Elder Law Attorney and a colleague of the CMDA Elder Law team.  He is a welcome guest contributor to our elder law blog. 821 more words

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Estate Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur then you should know how to focus on your business in order to grow it. But one thing that is very important and you should not neglect it, that is estate planning. 315 more words

Connecticut Estate Taxes Part 1

For Connecticut residents who die on or after January 1, 2005, Connecticut imposes a state estate tax. This is in addition to the federal estate tax. 514 more words

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Small Business Owners: Are Your Assets Protected?

Small Business Owners:

Ever feel like this picture?

You probably know all the “best practices” for operating your business.

Things like:

1. The best ways to get customers. 497 more words