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6 Tips for Claiming Tax Back in Australia

In Australia, we have a right to claim some of our tax backs; however, many still miss out on more money by failing to claim everything they should. 601 more words

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Ooops! Did you choose the wrong executor?

You finally got around to making your Will. You deserve a sigh of relief. But did you choose the right executor? Or have you burdened an unqualified or unwilling relative and put your Will at risk to be contested?

535 more words

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Discover the 5 Common Tax Return Mistakes

Every year, every Australian citizen would lodge their tax return; many people choose to leave this tax matter or small business tax to their tax professional while others would like to do it by themselves. 815 more words

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4 Ways to Avoid Traps When Doing Your Own Taxes

Every year, Australian citizen will lodge their tax return; some people prefer to have it handled by a tax professional as they think that tax matters are confusing at best, while others prefer to do it alone. 452 more words

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List of Tax Deductions for Nurses

Not only small business owners who can have deductions, but the same thing applies to professional workers, such as nurses. They also have list of tax deductions. 610 more words

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Understanding the Differences between Tax Agents and Accountants

In Australia, people used to hire a tax agent to lodge their personal tax return. However, when you are running a business, the involvement of an accountant becomes crucial to help you ensure that you make the right decision, especially when it comes to… 284 more words

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6 Top Tax Deductions Tips for Your Salon

When running a salon, there are so many expenses that you have to think about. First, you may need to think about rent-cost, equipment cost, employees’ wages, and many more. 464 more words

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