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Nick Hoffman Talks with Lance Walton.

Nick Hoffman talks with Lance Walton about being a loss prevention specialist.

Lance: How long have you been a loss prevention specialist?

Nick: I’ve been doing it for 6 years. 928 more words

Asset Protection Questions to Ponder

Did you see in the news recently that Yellow Cab in Chicago had to file for bankruptcy because of a $26 million judgment against one of its taxi drivers who caused an accident which paralyzed a person? 350 more words

Protect Your Assets

3/20/15 Memo from the President for all small and medium size business owners:

It is only common sense that we will see a rise of distracted driving lawsuits resulting from smart phone and mobile apps, which surely raises the risk exposure for the owners of small and medium-size business. 568 more words

Distracted Driving Cost Company $21M

On March 28, 2013, a truck driver, who was driving from California to Missouri, plowed into the back of a car sitting at a stop sign in Springfield, Missouri, killing both the driver and a passenger. 302 more words

The Invisible Epidemic

I have written often about the Baby Boomer generation and the particular challenges facing not only that generation but also the adult children who are being called upon to assist their aging parents. 749 more words

Asset Protection

The Most Common and Financially Disastrous Misconceptions About Elder Law Planning

Having experienced firsthand for almost thirty years the ravages and cruelty inflicted by Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS and MS upon individuals and their families, it can be particularly galling to learn that some have unnecessarily spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their long-term care as a result of misconceptions and/or misinformation they relied upon. 744 more words

Asset Protection Planning

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