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Protecting Your Residence - 4 Strategies You Need to Know

One major “hole” in many real-estate investment plans is a provision for protecting your own personal residence. If you’re lucky enough to live in states with homestead exemptions, this is less of a concern — however, if you don’t, the amount and type of protection you need should be a priority in your investment planning. 1,082 more words

Asset Protection

Article: Should You Save Enough to Live to 100?

by Liz Weston / NerdWallet

There’s a reason why investment companies want you to think you’ll live that long.

First, you were supposed to die at 85. 1,086 more words

Should You Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

One of the more difficult financial decisions facing those of us in middle age is 884 more words

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Colorado Conservation

Living and practicing law in a state like Colorado I am always interested in what is happening to the extensive agricultural and scenic lands in the state, not only from the legal perspective, but also from the POV of a resident of our lovely state. 172 more words

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Two reasons to invest in British art right now.

Published by Sofia Malysheva, VP Business Development at Kettner Law APC, CA

Art has always been an alternative form of investment that, if played well, can give great emotional and financial results. 376 more words

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Disadvantages of Living Trusts

In previous posts to this blog, I reviewed some advantages of living trusts. Like any other estate planning tool, living trusts have advantages and disadvantages. This article will briefly examine some of the disadvantages of living trusts. 511 more words

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