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Interview on Talk Network Radio

I joined Bold Talk Business Radio talk show host Donna Anselmo for a live stream on  TalkNetworkRadio.com Tuesday, February 15. We discussed issues on the minds of people dealing with debt, especially questions relating to bankruptcy.  269 more words


Estate Planning. Give this PDF Memo to Your Clients

For many people the topic of estate planning is very low on the list of priorities. This is understandable. Estate planning is, by analogy, like flossing. 133 more words

Estate Planning

Protecting Assets Under Bankruptcy

When filing for bankruptcy on behalf of a client, an attorney must consider how to best protect the client’s assets. During bankruptcy proceedings, the court reviews the petitioner’s assets to determine the debtor’s ability to repay creditors. 175 more words


Duration of Trusts

House Bill 122 introduced in the Georgia General Assembly in week 2 of the Legislative Session proposes to expand the number of years a trust may hold assets.   87 more words

Assest Protection

Expect The Best, But Plan For The Worst. Estate Planning and Cognitive Impairment. (Part 1)

Most financially savvy individuals begin planning their estate when they’re in peak mental shape. The idea that this might change at some point in the distant future is an unpleasant one, and they would rather go about their estate planning as if they’ll be as sharp as a tack late into their golden years. 732 more words

Estate Planning

Multi-Generational Living Arrangements & Home Ownership Rights

Today’s modern families are ever-shifting in a multitude of directions, some of which were made possible by the evolution of our nation’s legal system. Still other present-day families form when an adult “child” returns to live at home after attending college, job loss, divorce, or simply by choice. 470 more words

Real Estate

“Flipping” Over Using an LLC for Real Estate Investments? Do It Strategically!

Let’s say you’re an investor who buys and sells properties…wholesales…deals in tax liens or deeds…or engages in other real estate related activities in which you don’t hold onto a property for more than one year. 1,183 more words

Asset Protection