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Three Reasons to Incorporate Your Business

Saint Louis entrepreneurs, don’t fail to incorporate your business!

The word “corporation” may evoke imagery of huge boardrooms in skyscrapers to the initiated person, but the fact is that most corporations are small, local entities consisting of just a few people. 944 more words

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Asset-Protection Fail: the One-Size-Fits-All Approach

“It’s not how much they (the IRS, that is) win; it’s how much they collect that counts.”

I tell my clients this all the time, and it’s plain truth. 1,058 more words

Asset Protection

Caution! Flipping Real Estate in an LLC could DOUBLE your taxes!

It’s easy, in the course of investing in real estate, to forget that there’s a difference between property being bought and sold in the normal course of affairs and property that’s strictly being held for investment. 1,007 more words

Asset Protection

Helping Veterans with Long Term Care Costs

By: Jane-Marie Schaeffer, Esq.

On Veteran’s Day, we honor those who have served our country.  Our government offers many benefits to veterans to repay them for their service, one of which is assistance with paying for long-term care costs.  537 more words

The New Connecticut Uniform Power of Attorney Act: Part 3 - Authorities of the Agent

One of the many new features of the Connecticut Uniform Power of Attorney Act is the new authorities that the person creating the power of attorney (called the “principal”) may grant to someone else (called the “agent”). 493 more words

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of transferring of assets in expectation of death, which an individual or family arranges. The saving of the maximum amount of wealth is intended  for the beneficiaries and flexibility for the individual prior to death. 268 more words

Advanced Planning Matters

Real Estate Joint Venture Liabilities Likely to Get you Sued

Recently I sat down with an active real estate flipper, Freddy, who found success in the Atlanta market. Freddy is currently rehabbing four properties in his corporation. 766 more words

Asset Protection