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Do you Have a Guardian for Incapacity? Factors to Consider when naming a guardian or guardians for incapacity

As we mentioned before, having guardians named for the event of incapacity is a very important task if you want to avoid a court process (a guardianship) and an stranger making decisions over yourself and your assets.   478 more words

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NY Court Rules that Community Spouse’s Refusal to Contribute to Care Creates Implied Contract to Repay Benefits

A New York trial court enters judgment against a woman who refused to contribute to her spouse’s nursing home expenses, finding that because she had adequate resources to do so, an implied contract was created between her and the state entitling the state to repayment of Medicaid benefits it paid on the spouse’s behalf.  211 more words
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I am Building a Vizionary Business

By Ariston P Awitan, M.D.

I AM BUILDING MY VIZIONARY BUSINESS  It’s product is Mining Time. Vizionary mines Capricoin, a second generation cryptocurrency. Founded in 2014. 92 more words

A Family Asset Protection Checklist (in pdf format)

The threat of uninsured risks includes, for example, old-age incapacity, predatory elderly remarriages, nursing home care, asset protection, divorce by our children, personal guarantees, bankruptcy. 36 more words

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Tax Tips During Divorce

Divorce is never a pleasant topic unless you’re a family law attorney. And paying extra taxes because you didn’t get good or timely advice adds insult to injury. 831 more words

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Protecting your assets in your marriage

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The other day someone told that it’s not how much you make but how much you keep, he was referring to taxes and at some point, I am sure we’ll go over finessing around them but the saying also applies to one’s marriage. 207 more words