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Balance Sheet Of Life

What is a balance sheet? To put it simple, it is a financial document that shows a ‘snapshot’ of an entity’s financial condition at a certain time… 930 more words

Greatest Asset

The greatest asset you have on earth is that life you’ve touched positively for God.


Florida Taking the Lead on Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

From Daily Signal, by Andrew Kloster, Apr 2015

Florida is poised to become the new front in the civil asset forfeiture reform movement.

State Sen. 285 more words


paY AtteNtion!

When somebody says to me: ‘Would you pay attention now!’ I say: There is a reason, why I got distracted in the first place. And if your thing was so attractive, I wouldn’t have been distracted. 51 more words

Aphorismen - Sententiae - Sprachspiel

What Qualities Should I Look for in an Executor?

You have many different choices when it comes to asset transfer vehicles, but the last will is the most commonly used estate planning document. When you create a will, you state your wishes with regard to the distribution of your property. 132 more words

Sidewalks And Highways

The world does not owe you anything. Most of us, especially during the years of being an adolescent, expect things to go our way. We never really thought about how to make a substantial contribution to the world. 62 more words