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Petty Designer Store Lies

The designer store lied to me and I am moderately pissed off. One thing I absolutely hate in my daily life is fucking liars and people who treat others like shit. 837 more words


#ShitMyCoworkerSays: April 24 - 28

I think I’m really going to enjoy working at my new job because I can bank all of the dumb shit my coworkers say and lay it out for you on Office Ranter. 343 more words


The Rude Coworkers & Peacock Coffee Clique

I have been telling people, from day one, that the co-workers I work with are RUDE. I have blogged a few things about the cliquey workplace nature of my workplace… I hate cliques. 1,027 more words


Moments of Impact: Should we Be Stoic About Assholes?

Anyone who read Harry G. Frankfurt’s On Bullshit or On Truth couldn’t wait to read its seemingly logical counterpart, Assholes: A Theory by Aaron James. Both philosophers cover alarming American cultural trends, such as the insidious force of “bullshit,” a noted lack of appreciation for the truth, and the so-called freedoms that we abuse on a daily basis in a truly asshole-like fashion. 674 more words

Moments Of Impact

Fuck off my phone, asshole.

People simply amaze me with the balls they have.

I’m at my local pizzeria waiting for a small pie to go. I like pizza. A lot. 331 more words

Shea Moisture: They're Not Tone Deaf, They're Assholes, Pt 2

Shea Moisture put out an ad this week called Hair Hate and then sat back and enjoyed their own Pepsi moment.  Here’s the ad below: 505 more words

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everybody hurts (but some people are just assholes)

“There’s a lot of people out there hurting right now,” a friend of mine said a few months ago. Sigh. She’s probably right. Given if you’re a woman, a person of color, LGBT or disabled and an American it’s hard not to feel hurt by the current state of the country. 884 more words

Emotional Sobriety