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Swamp things

A brief roundup as we circle the drain:

• Fake news: A truth deficit when it comes to trade.

• Brass balls? Nope, those are gold. 54 more words

Deep Political Thought

A Trump (Not The One You Think) Is Reportedly Headed For Divorce

The walls of the White House should brace themselves for the shrieking sound of a Slovenian-accented voice screaming, “Take me with you!!!!!!” Because if this story is true, Vanessa Trump’s ankles will be grasped by the hands of Melania Trump as Melania begs Vanessa to take her with her as Donald Trump Jr.’s wife walks away from the Trump family FOREVER.  219 more words

RIP, my original head

Gonna go get a tooth torn out of my head tomorrow.  I’m not looking forward to any part of it, for obvious reasons, to the point where I’m actually kind of embarrassed at how much it’s weighing on me.   436 more words


Go F*K Yourself

I wrote this back on February 22 but never did any editing. I can’t say for sure what the original intent was, but I still think the ideas have merit, and I don’t have to run any of my shit by an approval committee. 821 more words

The Return of the Cone of Silence

And about time, too. I’m tired of listening to the technologically besotted as they totter hither and yon, chattering boisteriously with their invisible friends. Send them to Coventry. 7 more words


Airborne Luxury - Share the Pain!

A time has existed in our lives when international travel was considered a luxury, whereby only one’s finest clothes were worn and the food that was to be offered could only be rivaled by the most upmarket Parisian cuisine. 1,070 more words



I can’t believe I’m saying it, because it betrays at least a part of me, but here goes:

I want a teacher strike in Idaho. 742 more words