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The Return Of The Tooth Fairy

Loyal readers may remember my encounter with the Hockey Fullback of dental hygienists last October. After years of excellent attention from the officiant at my periodontist’s office, I walked in on a brisk autumn day and encountered a bumptious asshole who jollied me as if I were a half-witted preschooler, misread my files, slathered unwanted anesthetics on my gums and reamed my teeth with large-gauge barbwire. 240 more words

Life Is Dumb

The Asshole Virus.

I’m continually questioning my reasons for my ongoing withdrawal from life outside the house. Rather than stopping at weariness and Menopause, I looked deeper for the root cause. 828 more words

Roosh Valizadeh: 'There Will Be No Homosexuals in Neomasculinity'

Sleazy pickup artist and rape advocate Roosh Valizadeh is continuing his international tour with stops in Montreal and Toronto next month. Currently there is a petition to prevent Roosh from entering the country… 557 more words



Milicent Penelope Owens broke up with me. She said that I wasn’t attentive to her needs, and according to her Gramma Owens “not a proper suitor.” I’m still trying to wrap my head around that statement. 726 more words

No, "ugly privilege" doesn't exist, kindly go fuck yourself.

By some miracle, Tumblr manages to grow a little more revolting, nauseating, and downright asinine every single day since the SJW’s swarmed in and started ruining it over the course of the past couple years. 1,025 more words

2 more days

Weasel appears to be more behaved, but I might just have headphones in… In other news, they are now competitively in a window.


Rant.... Rant.... Rant...

Currently Listening To: “They Don’t Need to Understand” -Andy Black

Yeah two posts in one day… but I am so pissed and shit and I just need to get it off my chest. 741 more words

Bad Things