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Shit You Should Know if You Work in a Cube Farm

Not everyone appreciates the same music as you. That you most likely know. What you may not know is that they also might not like the sound of you chewing ice. 728 more words


I'M IN LOVE and it makes me sick

HOLY FUCK I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY!! i am in love! hahaha that sounds totally lame, but it’s true. this guy is totally amazing, we get one another. 192 more words


I’m still a Redskins fan and I still refer to them as the horribly racist title “Redskins” because a) I’m a terrible person and b) a raging masochist. 44 more words


Οι Τέσσερις Κατηγορίες Μαλάκα που θα περάσουν ΣΙΓΟΥΡΑ απo την ζωή της κάθε γυναίκας

Λοιπόν κορίτσια, νομίζω πως όλες εύκολα θα συμφωνήσουμε πως δεν υπάρχουν ντόμπροι και σωστοί άνδρες. Βασικά λάθος μου, όχι πως δεν υπάρχουν, απλά αυτό το μηδαμινό ποσοστό είναι πιασμένο απο άλλες.


A theory on assholes

The other day an asshole in a blue BMW couldn’t wait at the round about and zipped past us with his middle finger stuck out of his window. 298 more words

Random Life

Daddy Dearest

When I was twelve my dad left, except he didn’t actually leave. He bought a cot and moved in to the unfinished section of our basement. 334 more words

Gypsie Georgia

dont fuck with me when i drive!

so wanted to use my car/momvan to reach ramming speeds and fuck up this creep tonight!

dickshit decided he just had to ride my ass so close i could see the whites of his eyes in the rear view, then at the round about goes from behind me (left lane) to cut off guy next to me (right lane) and take the circle nearly hitting me so he can drive a straight line on a curved area… 131 more words