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so you have a bad morning. your hair doesn’t do right. your mascara clumps. you spill coffee on your blouse having to slam on the brakes when speedy sam cuts you off on the interstate and you come to a halt in standstill traffic just before your exit. 685 more words


Workplace Emotions

I feel like I am going on a more positive note when I don’t overly go into work.

I have a lot to blog about in the future…but I am trying to enjoy more human time with SO and people I actually enjoy spending time with. 326 more words


Pokémon Go Journal 4: Parliament of Owls 

Day 13 – Not much to my adventure today. I mainly am just trying to get some potions still.

Day 14 – Much more of the same from the last few days. 212 more words

Look, I get that there are assholes out there… I just refuse to let them rule me. I think Christianity is mostly good. I think religion is mostly good.

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Book Quotes

Red moon rising

I’ve been striving mightily not to watch as the GOP continues eating itself alive — it will get around to its big orange asshole tomorrow — but Lord, is it ever a tough ol’ slog. 143 more words


The Power of "Totally Fucked"

Power, by Adrienne Rich

Living in the earth-deposits of our history

Today a backhoe divulged out of a crumbling flank of earth
one bottle amber perfect a hundred-year-old… 690 more words


Honky, please

OK, white people have been appropriating black culture since, like, forever, but this seems a little over the top.

If Michelle Obama were Big Mama Thornton, Melania Trump would be thinking twice about trying to snatch a sister’s purse. 13 more words

Deep Political Thought