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Be fucking gentle.

I am moved, once again, by the Expanse series.

“We’re spending our whole lives together, so we need to be really gentle.” — Nami

This seems especially poignant with Friday looming.

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Mike Tomlin Calls Patriots Assholes In Antonio Brown's Facebook Live Video

It never seems to amaze me how stupid other teams are. I have actually come to expect this kind of idiocy from most teams in the league. 170 more words


I Pledge To NEVER Vote For A Party That Supports A Carbon Tax

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I Pledge To NEVER Vote For A Party That Supports A Carbon Tax.

The next provincial general election in British Columbia is scheduled for May 9, 2017… 45 more words


Toddlers are assholes.

Yeah I know, how could you ever say that about your children. Well here we go. I love my kids, I love them more than words could ever express but anybody can tell you that kids can be f***ing assholes sometimes (by sometimes I mean basically any moment that they’re not sleeping) When you have to pull toys out of a toilet ten times a day because your child decided that the toilet was the perfect new home for his hot wheel toys which have a toy garage to park them in, when you spend all day doing laundry, washing, drying, folding and… 582 more words

Carry On, Asshole

So, it’s mid-January, and right about now is when all those New Year’s resolutions you made two weeks ago start to fade into oblivion—along with what little money you had left in your bank account after Christmas. 1,071 more words

On things left unsaid

Drifting off to sleep last night, at an hour most reasonable humans wouldn’t even be thinking about being in bed yet, I made a terrible mistake and checked my work email for some reason.   824 more words


From Betrayed to Bitch

There is a psychological term called “perspecticide” It’s defined as “the abuse-related incapacity to know what you know.” If you grew up in a home filled with shame and abuse, criticism and judgment, your perspective is going to be something you have to work hard to shape and find. 978 more words