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Laws a mercy!

I don’t envy the folks who have to make sense of today’s politics for the rest of us.

Maybe I’m just suffering a bit of tummy upset after having sipped from this poisoned well for way too many years, but I’m really getting sick of watching our “leaders” flail and squeal like over-sugared kindergartners who aren’t getting their way… 224 more words

Deep Political Thought

Emotional Dictators

I think at one point or another, we have allowed ourselves to be dictated emotionally by a person. Whether it is a small act or an ongoing experience, I have let this happen to me. 586 more words

Terrible Pet Owners, Be Aware. You Suck!!!!

Here is a big rant about terrible per owners. Whether you’re a pet person or not you need to hear this one because it’s important. Anyone who cares about animals will appreciate this podcast because it’s a guy who really cares spewing disgust about a piece of human trash who doesn’t care for their pet. 33 more words

Op Ed

8 Things People With Hidden Depression Do


1. They might not “look depressed”

Due to media and cultural stereotypes, most of us have assumptions about how someone behaves and looks if they’re struggling with depression. 1,064 more words

Personal Development

Maybe You're Just An ABCD. (Asshole-Bastard-Cock-Douche)

Okay so both boys and girls and people in general baffle me but for the sake of argument let’s pretend I am only attracted to cocks. 583 more words