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No Syrian Refugee Ever Called Me...

While Americans fret over Syrian refugees who aren’t even there yet, actual Christian terrorism is a thing.

How is it that a fetus is sacred but actual human beings aren’t?


Black Friday indeed

“Black Friday” got a whole new meaning in Bibleburg today.

It’s certainly too early to speculate about motive, and probably too late to do anything about the shite job the Founders did on that Second Amendment, … 193 more words


Dear Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

I’m a very happy user of Windows 7.

Every other day now, a message intrudes my work and play asking me to “upgrade” to Windows 10. 64 more words

That One Couple

Do you have that one couple (or person) in your extended family that brings down morale just by entering the room? Everyone can be having a fun, happy time, and then when they come in, everyone gets quiet and the happiness just goes away for a while. 561 more words


Getting bored of tinder

As well as bored of being single. So Tinder is the only dating app I’m using at the moment and I’m thinking of leaving it for a while. 522 more words


In which I guess I'm on a watch list now

So that was interesting.

Any of you who have read Searching for Malumba closely have no doubt noted the dedications page.  If you haven’t, feel free to click on that link right there and check out the “Look Inside” feature and you can go see it for yourself right now. 549 more words


"Cowardly Bigots"

John Scalzi on the utter cowardice (moral and literal!) of Americans:

“’But people are scared!’ Okay, and? Being scared may be the excuse for abandoning all sense and reason in the moment one is actively under attack; it’s not even close to a reasonable excuse for, thousands of miles away from an attack and with no immediate threat on the horizon, vilifying innocent co-religionists of the attackers and plotting to slam the door on refugees running from the very people who claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks.

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