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Anyway, it's totally true about Ned

Many people ask about my Uncle Ned. I haven’t seen him in years.

My Uncle Ned was in the Panamanian Air Force, on loan to the Sultan of Brunei. 791 more words

When you hear whining at work

It’s often hypocritical and/or minor whining bullshit – like someone will whine about doing things one way, the other talks down to me like I’m a child and then whines about the first person’s way of doing things… 482 more words


The Familial Nemesis' Wedding is This Week (I want to make sure that I don't want to copy that wedding)

I have wedding fever on my mind at the moment and when my nemesis’ wedding has past…it will be closer to my wedding :D :D :D… 547 more words


Leslie Gaines, aka Leslie Moreland Gaines, aka Leslie M. Gaines

Leslie Gaines is a criminal, a con man and an artistic failure. He has stolen — from me personally — business assets worth at least $66,000. 177 more words


Chaos Dragon (anime)

Hello my doves! You’ve got Glamour and let’s talk about an anime I just ran through in a hurry because there were only 12 episodes! Although you know I’ll give my best for it my darlings! 1,136 more words

Anime Review

On schadenfreude and self-improvement

So there’s this house I drive past basically every time I have any reason to drive north, and since I live on the south side of town “heading north” happens quite a bit.   359 more words


Eyebrows and Assholes

I have really great naturally-arched eyebrows. Like ideal. Like St. Louis wishes. Unfortunately, while blessed with shape, I was terribly smited when The Universe was distributing hairs. 346 more words