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How ’bout I tell you, ketchup makes me smile?
It’s sad,
how these little things always remind me of you.
And all I can do is let them all go. 200 more words


Owls are Assholes

Owls are assholes. Everyone knows it. You might not think you know it, but deep down you know. 

It is at the forefront of my mind at all times because an owl was a huge asshole to me about ten years ago and I hold grudges. 455 more words


Those bitches

And yes, I am referring to the vast amount of jerks in the world who say shit like, “I like em short and skinny”. WHAT THE HELL? 235 more words

About Me

To You -

It has been a tough week. But it feels like months.

I have been through enough amount of break ups but this is the most epic one since there is no one to blame. 418 more words


Very Important Department Email

Melanie works very hard. She would like all of you to know that. We are so lucky to have such a useful resource on our team. 273 more words


PARK-IN-SINS- the inability to park correctly, a disease that makes it difficult to pull a car into a designated space between the lines.   The cure for this disease is driving lessons, practice or paying attention while parking. 406 more words


NOT fine. No I'm not. *Que shocked faces*

All along,
I never thought this would be easy.
But then I never knew it would take this long.
For me to even honestly say I’m fine. 222 more words