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Act 23: Right place, wrong time...seriously.

“Get on the fucking ground… NOW!”

“WHAT did I just fucking say” – he said as he came around the corner.

I smiled. I did. Not because I thought it was funny. 1,453 more words


In which I have reached previously unknown levels of fuckit

Yesterday at work: a $2,000 return on an insanely slow day. I have like eight sales but the biggest one is for less than a hundred and fifty dollars so it doesn’t amount to shit. 248 more words


What Assholes and Small Yapper-Type Dogs Have in Common

Fetlife assholes are like small yapper-type dogs. They make a hell of a lot of noise, which has exactly zero muscle or meaning. Like poodles, they’re all bark and no bite. 402 more words

A Hint Of Vanilla

A Formidable Coincidence of an Afternoon On Earth

A moment

Of absolute quiet

Of endless white noise

The humming of satan

Of a very pretty tune

With the angels jamming along… 51 more words


Let's see

Get home.  It’s already nearly nine.

Go in to hug boy, who I haven’t seen since 8:30 this morning.

In process of putting boy to sleep, transition from “I missed you” to “Goddammit it’s time to go to bed, do you want to lose privileges tomorrow?” in the span of perhaps fifteen minutes. 61 more words


Two-Thing Story

I sat with my kids and played “two-thing story” as I tucked them into bed. This was a game where my kid picked two nouns out of the air and I had to come up with a story that included the two things. 867 more words