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Electric bus(t)

Huh. “Problems plague push for electric buses.” Imagine my surprise. The phrase “One hand washes the other” was coined by some poor sap who discovered the hard way that giving a handjob with one mitt while grabbing a sheaf of greenbacks with the other can be a very messy business indeed. 57 more words


Cubicle Farm Life

About 9 years ago I worked for Satan. Satan is a large office supply retailer, and I worked in their Risk Management Department. It was one of those experiences where it sounds like a really great choice at first then you realize about 24 minutes in that it was a terrible terrible terrible choice. 2,103 more words


How to Handle a Colleague Who’s a Jerk When the Boss Isn’t Around


You know that colleague: the one who acts a certain way when your boss is in the room but sings a completely different tune when you’re alone. 1,400 more words


Strangers Being Assholes to Me

Sometimes I wonder if I have some kind of target on my back visible only to other people. That could explain why strangers so often seem to feel the need to humiliate me in public. 1,258 more words

negative n a n c y .

have you ever been around someone who is constantly in a negative bubble ?

they are so


yup.                                                                that bad.                                                           assholes.

that’s it though, that’s exactly it.. 499 more words

Refused to Work with the Mansplainer or Dictator

I have laid down the law on this matter. I am absolutely over it and was not going to be forced to work with those emotional vampires for a minute longer. 423 more words