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Sorry Universe, it's a fact. We're all one.

(Still havent figured out how to make space between things. Like I don’t want to cram words from the first paragraph straight up the embedded video’s ass. 355 more words

Grifters Gonna Grift

In a previous life I taught at a private high school back in America.  One day I got an e-mail asking me to make a “voluntary” contribution to the school’s endowment fund.   155 more words


Things I wish I could say to my exes (more to be added)

You’re an asshole

You led me on just to get what you wanted and then left. Leaving me there vulnerable as ever. You proceed to tell everyone everything, making me feel like a piece of shit. 251 more words


The 25 Worst Cats In The World


1. The lousy roommate:


Characteristics: Cat-food breath, up all hours of the night, minimal regard for personal space.
What to do if you meet one: Gently explain that you are vastly more amenable to a morning face-licking after you have had a cup of coffee. 318 more words

Go Fuck Yourself

This is the kind of reaction* I tend to inspire. Makes me feel as if I’m doing something right.

*”FrenchKiss” followed me from Raw Story… 40 more words


6 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With An Asshole

Three years ago I met a boy who ignited something inside me so unexplainable I was convinced I was in love. I’m not the type of girl to make the first move because I’m full of immense pride but in this instance I did. 322 more words