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Assholes in Higher Ed: A Brief Examination into the Masturbating Know-it-All

Higher education is a tricky machine, and a machine that doesn’t always run particularly smoothly. This can happen for a number of reasons: some jerk in your MFA program has fulfilled his requirements but still takes up slots in courses he doesn’t need, thus ensuring that others cannot take the courses to adequately fulfill their own requirements; you’re getting piss poor funding; you have to be up at the asscrack of dawn to teach; the university insists you pay fees for things you’ll never use, like the gym, because for fuckssake, who the hell has time for that anymore? 1,545 more words

Higher Education

Something's wrong

I watched as my coworker easily got things done…

He is easily the top salesman in our company.

He even showed me his progress for gaming. 227 more words

The Unspoken

Be kind

I will be blunt. It has to take a lot more energy to be an asshole than to be nice. Maybe it’s a fitness thing and they think they are going to get a nice oval sticker on their rear window proclaiming their assholeness like a proud marathoner has their “26.2”. 26 more words

Mostly Figuratively

Walking down to the seawall this eve, I overheard a dude complain with great exasperation to his buddy that “she” left him with blue balls. 13 more words

you whore, you!

Nothing really prepares for that first time you get subjected to blatant, almost violent sexism, directed towards you. I hadn’t been kidding myself any about it as I began pondering the idea of transitioning and to some extent, the pondering of that had been a delaying factor about accepting myself as a woman. 449 more words

Feed-and-read zone

And on the seventh day … well, he didn’t exactly rest.

There was dog-walking, and cooking (my fabled Three Pepper Hash for breakfast). Both lawn and skull received a vigorous clipping. 159 more words



I told you I didn’t want to fall in love again

I was more than happy

To be locked up in that world

With him… 278 more words