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Guy Fieri Criticized for Cooking 2,500 Meals for Wildfire Victims?

So celebrity chef Guy Fieri was nice enough to bring a smoker to one of the evacuation centers in California and cook for 2,500 victims of the wildfires that are absolutely ravaging California. 414 more words

In Case of Earthquake Break Wind

It’s probably too soon for another real estate agent-related story, but I don’t think anyone is really reading this, so who the fuck cares?

I sort of mentioned in a previous post that real estate agents, like every being in the universe, range from Super Nice to Complete Fucking Assholes, with the median real estate agent personality being Kind of Shitty. 353 more words

God is Punishing ...

After every recent natural disaster (or man-made one for that matter) some religious asshole gets up and claims that the disaster occurred because God is punishing the area because of … <fill in the blank here>. 242 more words


You are what you eat! ‘Assholes’ - movie review

Some films are just plain filthy. Certain features walk a fine line between raunchy and flat out gross. The dark comedy/fantasy flick from Peter Vack ASSHOLES just happens to be one of those films. 287 more words

Horror Movie Reviews

My dog sucks.

Boo is an asshole when it comes to food.

The only thing she’ll readily eat are table scraps and, even then, she’s particular. No turkey. No chicken nuggets. 266 more words

Action vs. Reaction

IF you take up an hour and a half of my time on a busy-as-fuck Sunday to purchase twenty-five different vases, all of which are heavy, some of which lack price tags (and therefore I need to figure out what they are) and all of which are on clearance and may or may not be ringing up correctly; 360 more words