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Trifflin' S O B's

The governor of Ohio wants me to become an intern. I’d love to see him run my classroom as an intern. Trifflin’ ass.

President Cheeto Skin Butthole Mouth appears to be more incompetent on a daily basis,but no one seems to be stopping him. 105 more words

Edging Ever Closer To Officially Batshit Crazy

You Voted for Drumpf and Now We All Must Pay the Price

Hey Kids,

Happy #BaconWednesday one and all!  I have to tell you that the following entry was not written by me, but rather by Ben Mallicote.   379 more words

A Valentine's Day Guide to Everyone so You Can Stop Being an Asshole.

A guide from me:

Valentine’s Day is like the most stressful day for your significant other and it’s also a stressful day for single people. First, let me address you on behalf of your significant other… here is a guide to help you get your head out of your ass on this Valentine’s Day (Single people, your guide is below): 662 more words

Bad Start For This Day

The bank that’s financing our Acura RL won’t give me info on the loan. They will only talk to my husband. He’s at work. They did talk to my Mom. 89 more words


First blow, then snow

Well, it ain’t much of a snow. But the blow more than made up for it. We had to corral wandering bits and pieces of lawn art yesterday, which beats… 158 more words



been writing. I’m not (even really) writing now–just distracting myself from some scanning that I’ve been putting off.

Things haven’t taken a turn one way or the other where it involves Omitted, and I’m angry at Omitted. 470 more words

#ShitMyBossSays: Feb. 6 - Feb. 10

And we’re back with the second instalment of #ShitMyBossSays. To the seven people who I fooled into reading last week’s post – THANK YOU!

My boss’s constant bull shit is the source of my entertainment and hopefully yours. 285 more words