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Due for Tuesday Feb. 9

Each group will present their ideas to the class:  Post on each of your blogs / or start a new blog for this project, your statement and a moodboard. 21 more words

Assignment 2

Poetry and meaning (assig 2 prep)

Poetry with its cadence, rhythms, rhymes and its independence from a sentence structure seems to follow the rythms of our mind. That is why I decided to base the Assignment on a poem. 321 more words

Part 2

Exploring screen printing, Assignment 2, Application of design ideas

1 February 2016

The final activity in this assignment is to produce a piece of cloth, either from my practical printing or directly from my sketchbook. 1,921 more words

Assignment 2

Prototypes Of Wallets

This was my first prototype wallet it has a built in Apple card that work with the apple card app on your phone. This will be a substitute for all bank and credit cards so users won’t have to carry them around no more. 256 more words

Assignment 2

Exploring screen printing, Stage 3 - Screen printing

23 January 2016

When I looked at the course notes I did not really understand the distinction between this stage and the previous one. I can only assume that it is intended to be a more in depth look at screen printing techniques, including some consideration of design aspects. 2,104 more words

Assignment 2

Kim's Zam Zammah (Assig 2 prep)

(source – Maynard Owen Williams – The National Geographic Magazine, Nov 1921, pp 448 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zamzama#/media/File:Zam_Zammeh_1921.JPG)

The first work that came to my mind while thinking about ‘place’ was Kim. 728 more words

Part 2