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Week 1

1 Information/content decisions for classes and or ids.  Discussion on how this impacts long term site maintenance.

My strategy is to build classes i can easily derive from, i am a big fan of Object Oriented Programming and have a good idea on these, This will make development very fast as i wont have to hand code things for every block of text. 253 more words

Assignment 2

Beyond the 4th Wall

There are many ways to tell a narrative as there are many ways to show a narrative, telling a visual narrative can require finesse. Without the crutch of guiding written text you need to manipulate the viewer into a spectrum of interpretation, this might not be the case for every instance but generally you have a narrative you wish to tell and the goal is for the viewer to hear that. 371 more words

Assignment 2

The ULTIMATE bang for your buck workstation

Whether you’re a professional who works on AutoCAD, 3D MAX, Avid Xpress Studio HD or any other programme that requires extreme graphics and processor power a great workstation PC is a must for you. 629 more words


Assignment 2

For this assignment, the task was to make a drawing of a subject with tools constructed from the subject dipped in ink or paint.

I initially chose a bunch of keys that had been lying around the house for ages. 1,122 more words

Assignment 2

Working on works for Assignment Two

Assembled this made from non woven material and an old towel as padding. Thinking of using this as an embossed work with a piece organza over the top and sew down around the shapes. 511 more words


Assignment 2 Vice Versa - Notes

Vice versa

This was more difficult than I first thought and took some time to pin down exactly what I wanted to cover.  In my mind, I had the work of David Hockney and Nadav Kander who both did portraits using sections of people’s bodies: Hockney did polaroid montages, Kander did a grid type structure. 750 more words

Assignment 2