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Assignment 2: Post 4

4. Find one (1) headline that you came across recently and thought it was great. Explain why it resonated with you. (2 Marks) 

A headline I came across and thought was great is:  The 12 best short films you can watch online for free (VIDEOS) 69 more words

Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Post 3

3. As per the class discussion, provide me with three different headlines for the story (article in Question #1) and outline your reasoning(s) and explanation for each. 236 more words

Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Post 2

2. As per the headline in Question #1, was the headline representative of the article? Please explain your reasoning in detail. (3 Marks) 

The headline was a very good representative of the article. 55 more words

Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Post 1

1. As discussed in class, why do you feel Headlines are so important in web content? Please provide me with an example of a headline you clicked on recently (submit the exact headline) and outline in detail why you clicked it. 146 more words

Assignment 2

Assignment #2

  1. A headline is the first thing that the consumer sees when they entire a website. A good headline that intrigues the consumer will drive them to click it.
  2. 502 more words
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Why are headlines oh so important !

Today headlines have the ability to tell the reader your story before they even click or read your article. A powerful and well thought headline will intrigue any visitor to read that copy and one must understand that those 3 to 5 lines are the first lines a reader sees and when done not properly headlines do have the ability to break a websites rank with search engines and even credibility. 504 more words

Assignment # 2

Point of sale display...

For the second assignment I have been asked to create images that will be used within a campaign for a supermarket, to package and promote a range of seasonal foods. 641 more words

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