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Multimedia Presentation on Brian Eno

In this Prezi presentation I’ve gathered information about Brian Eno. Brian Eno is a producer, composer, and singer who helped define and reinvent the sound of some of the most popular bands of the 1980s and 1990s. 85 more words


Assignment 2: challenges

I started properly on the assignment a few days ago and I confess I’m struggling somewhat. I should have started earlier. I was about to list my excuses but realised there’s no point! 565 more words

Research & Reflection

Project 1 Joining

This section requires straight edges to be joined flush to each other.

Surely solutions don’t come any simpler than this. I used some lightweight card and zig-zagged the edges together. 93 more words

Assignment 2

Last Post

Having almost completed the second part of Creative Arts Today, I have realised that this course is not for me and have decided to withdraw. 337 more words


Postive and negative space

I was struck by how essential the relationship between positive and negative space is in a composition. It is easy to overlook the ‘negative’ space because focus is only on the positive areas but the importance of the ‘other’ spaces was brought home to me when I discovered a definition in Wikipedia of the Japanese word ‘Ma’. 524 more words

Research & Reflection

Assignment 2: Research Point

Assignment 2 Research

Pippa Andrews

You can really see in  Pippa Andrews work the influence of organic and architectural forms influencing the  textile structures. She works in a wide range of materials to create three-dimensional pieces that explore space, light and form. 640 more words