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Assignment 2 : Tutor Report from Neil Musson

Overall Comments

Laura, if you keep up this level of exploration and boldness in your experimenting you will do very well on this course. You said “I realised there is no wrong way of doing this which felt like such a freedom to just enjoy the learning process exploring all the ideas that spring to mind” and you have taken this sentiment to heart in producing some powerful pieces of work. 1,183 more words


Assignment 2 Painting with light

This project took some practice and working out in order to execute. With a bit of investigation whilst I could see that in principle painting with light technically is not that difficult to achieve, trying to get the type of image desired and the right tone of light working at night was something of a challenge. 466 more words


Eco printing using weld

It was time to use my fresh weld to dye some fibres lovely fresh yellows, I also decided to try some Eco printing using the weld vat too. 30 more words

Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Reflections

These are some of the issues I found along the way.

Analyse the brief

I don’t think this was the most complicated brief, I think it was fairly open ended with a lot of room for invention (which is good) but I wasn’t sure if I was just missing something. 372 more words


Assignment 2: Critique and finish


Coloured blocks: I wanted to capture the brightness of spring whilst still being bold and eye-catching. I wanted to create something unexpected. I chose the bright colours and simple shapes to be eye-catching. 1,192 more words


Assignment 2: Thumbnails and mock-ups

I initially intended to find a style I liked for spring and then use that style to create a version for the other seasons. In the end I submitted multiple versions of the spring cards because I liked a couple of the designs and I thought it showed a bit more range. 762 more words


Assignment 2: developing ideas, visual research and mood boards

I started by creating a mind map of ideas for what type of event I could create a card for using the words ‘sentiments’ and ‘events’ as beginning points. 572 more words