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Assignment 2. Assessment Criteria.

In this piece I used material from a number of previous exercises to reach my final piece.

I enjoyed the monochrome still life of plants from Project 2. 670 more words

Assignment 2

Assignment two-Part two-Final piece

I started from the apple but unfortunately the teminator/dividing line in the shade on the top of the apple wasn’t correct so I had to used  white ink to correct it.   595 more words

Learning Log

Tutor Report 2

Report 2 reflects very well how I felt about the exercises in part 2: pencil drawings work well for me and I am able to work out an object’s form by using tone – but in order to develop I need to leave the comfort of what I know. 166 more words

Part 2 Response to tutor feedback

My tutor’s feedback report was again detailed, thoughtful and encouraging, with lots of leads for further thought and research. Doing the assignment work I was very much caught up in the excitement and enjoyment of exploring metal as a support, and will develop this, but will keep experimenting with other materials too. 2,390 more words

Assignment 2: Fixing Issues

Ok, so I have it so the button works a lot better now. At least sometimes. I think there may be an issue with what data is actually being sent between the programs, I have arduino sending a byte but processing receives an int, and I think something is being lost in translation. 205 more words


Assignment 2: Complete!

Haha whoops! In my attempt to get everything ready for submission, I totally blanked on posting the completed thing on my blog.

So, here is a video of the game working and me playing through it: 315 more words



Niki South      Student number 514516



Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

  • I hope that my visual awareness is shown effectively in the final images.
  • 338 more words