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Reflective Commentary: Working on a Short Story

First of all, following the tutor’s advice, I reworked the ending of the piece. I was of the opinion that the original ending provided a dramatic perspective on life circumstances of one of the characters called Neil. 770 more words

Wild & Wood

Second draft of  the Creative Writing Assignment

When I step in through the door, I see the performance of his long fingers arranging pastry inside the bright illuminated display. 2,457 more words

Assignment 2 - People and Activity

OCA Brief: ‘The object of this assignment is to plan and execute a set of images of people in some form of meaningful activity. This could be work, sport, a stage performance (music, drama), or at a social event. 2,764 more words


Creative Arts Today-Part Two-Creative Writing.

Creative writing covers a broad spectrum of forms that includes poetry, the novel, short fiction, creative non-fiction (e.g. biography or autobiography, travel writing), scriptwriting, song writing and journalism. 122 more words

Assignment 2

Assignment 2

  1. In your own words, write a summary of the article and provide critical analysis/discussion on the topic(s) of the article (150 –200 words).

Consistency is used in everyday products and everyday objects, I think anything you have seen that has been repeated multiply times or something that is metaphor for something else can all have a ‘strong’ consistency. 669 more words

Assignment 2