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Reflection - Assignment 2


Flogging a dead horse…

I feel an overwhelming sense of disappointment when I look at my final piece and the work leading up to it if I am totally honest. 175 more words


Assignment 2

Assignment 2

Strength and power

 ‘Project 5 – exercise 4 Using source material’ (above) was the source of my inspiration for my final piece I felt that I wanted to take things further and develop my ideas more. 637 more words

Part 2

Ass 2 Proj 1 1.3-1.6 Archive samples

I decided to make a short video showing my sketchbook for this part of Assignment 2:

I feel that I have explored my three archive samples in detail and, in the process, produced some images which are quite satisfying and others which feel unresolved but through which I have learned about both the source material and the mark making processes. 1,584 more words

Research & Reflection

Assignment 2 - still life

I decided to develop a still life from earlier – the flowers – that I was not completely happy with. I wanted to make the background more interesting and include some perspective in a view out of the window. 485 more words

Painting 1 Module 2

Assignment 2

With some cherries still on the tree, I filled a paper bag with them and wanted to tell a story with my still life. I put the bag of cherries together with some jars of cherry jam and sugar in a bag and in a bowl. 680 more words


A2.1 Assignment 2 - the final paintings

My response to this assignment brief was to produce a series of four paintings based on the theme of the uncleared breakfast table. The paintings at their present stage are below. 520 more words

Assignment 2

The brief was to set up and paint a still life with surrounding context demonstrating colour, tone, composition and the development of your technique in your chosen medium. 964 more words

Painting 1