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Assignment 2: Point of Sale Display

Brief: To create images which will be used within a campaign for a supermarket, to package and promote a range of seasonal foods.

The supermarket is respected for the quality of food they supply. 1,649 more words

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - wide, open and empty

EvY 201 f/16 ISO 200

EvY 202 f/16 ISO 200

EvY 203 f/16 ISO 200

EvY 204 f/16 ISO 200

EvY 205 f/16 ISO 200… 471 more words


Assignment 2 - Reworking

As I had designed my final images in a style of Polaroid images, I decided to have them printed in this way.

Not having a Polaroid camera ready available, the photos would need to be printed on to normal photo paper but cropped to the right size. 68 more words

Asignment 2 -

Second Life Community Standards

With any online game, there are stipulations around what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. However, unlike your usual online multiplayer experiences, Second Life is much different in regards to it’s BIG SIX Community Standards. 398 more words

Assignment #2

Bloodlines - Primal Shadows Horde

This week I joined the Second Life Community “BloodLines – Primal Shadows Horde” Which is a collective Vampire/Human/Lycan Community.

Upon meeting the owner of the group I was turned into a “ 381 more words

Assignment #2

Assignment 2 Help

Hello, Im having a hard time breaking down my chosen social event into something that fits within Malinowski’s chart. I mostly understand the functionalist framework, but I guess I’m just getting hung up on what Column C is actually supposed to embody. 76 more words

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