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Furter adjustments

Here I have made some alterations two the second page spread and the final single page.

On this two page spread I have made the changes I noticed in the last post, moving the left pages elements up and ensuring the text was justified to a perfect circle. 299 more words


Layout changes in the articles.

Here I have lowered the images and text somewhat which seems to improve there legibility. Ive also added a rough centre mark to represent the page fold in the centre. 305 more words


The articles

So I have started making the designs with some page layouts and designs similar to those that that I experimented with in the lorum ipsum exercise earlier in this part of the course. 485 more words


Project 4 The Language of Light.

In this exercise I want to show how something most of us come into regular contact with can with some work be made to look extraordinary. 721 more words


Assignment 4

For my final landscape I wanted to consolidate some of the techniques I had discovered in this unit. I wanted to explore:

  • vivid colour as I had seen in Irma Cerese landscapes…
  • 412 more words

237.131 Week 5 Task 1-2 Empire? 24/8/16

To summarize quite a complex history as succinctly as possible, since 1839, Britain began their regime of rapidly colonising, capitalising from, and acquiring sovereignty of New Zealand. 315 more words

Task 1

MMT4 - Mono and Collatype Printing Project 1 Monoprinting

Exercise 1 – Mark-making

Using various tools, a paint shaper, cotton bud, glue applicator, credit card, marks were made into speedball textile paints on a laminated sheet of A4 and printed onto newsprint and japanese rice paper by hand.   701 more words