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Notes: A4

Following a helpful email from my tutor, Micheal Belshaw, yesterday, in response to some questions I asked about critical writing I have a clearer idea about what/how I shall be writing for A4.  705 more words


Assignment 4: rethink

I posted a draft of my essay yesterday and fairly quickly got some challenging feedback (thanks Eileen) that made me step back and rethink the shape and content of the whole thing. 480 more words


Languages of light - One more time

I planned my next visit to Spa Road shops with a view to concentrating on the approaches and surroundings. My main idea was that I wanted to capture a persons journey at night and convey a sense of discomfort and foreboding. 545 more words


Reflection on Part 4

This is a section of the course I have enjoyed immensely despite difficulties caused by a whiplash injury which slowed my progress down frustratingly.  I found the exercises on the whole really enjoyable although I freely admit to not being concerned if I did not do many plaits in the future! 1,520 more words


Interviews about early hill experiences.

Part four of the Life Writing module deals with interviews and I need to write a 1500 word piece based on these. I have decided to interview my hill friends about their early hill experiences, in particular how they first got into hill walking. 131 more words


Assignment 4: critical review – draft

EDIT: this draft is no longer current as the essay is being reworked based on early feedback. New draft coming shortly!

This is the proposed essay for Assignment 4, awaiting peer review from kind-hearted fellow students. 1,989 more words


Assignment 4: progress update

I’m not entirely sure how much of my actual work-in-progress to put up here as I don’t think it’s a draft worth sharing yet, it’s still very rough. 355 more words