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The structure of the human body(Project Structure)

on Aug. 18th, I went to the Parish Council to meet up with the other people and work with them. I have worked with some figures but I think I struggled in the last 3 weeks. 36 more words

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I have made some amendments to Assignment 4 based on Clive’s feedback.  Again I have tried to lighten all photos for printing. 192 more words


Assignment four: Languages of light

After the disappointing first two attempts at this assignment I decided on a complete change of tack.  I have been encouraged to be more adventurous and to take more risks when shooting so that is exactly what I have done this time; perhaps not so much of an artistic risk but a risk of pushing the brief a bit too far? 1,508 more words


Part four Sketchbooks Stage 2 Painter-inspired translation

'I think this world is magical. Colour, form, space, relationships  these elevate life. They energise. They elevate my whole consciousness...I think art heightens the potential of the actual' 469 more words

Exercise 4.2 Customising a sketchbook Stage 1 Research and preparation

Elizabeth Blackadder  

is a Scottish painter and printmaker who works with a range of media including oil paints, watercolour, drawing and printmaking.

During the 1950s she travelled through Europe painting landscapes and Byzantine architecture mainly with brush, pen and ink.  1,935 more words
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16/08/17 Feedback On Assignment 4

I am going to break this down into a number of sections.

  1. I put this assignment on both the forum critique sections and onto level 1 Facebook page.
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Assignment 4:

Due Week 8 and worth 300 points

Choose two (2) public corporations in an industry with which you are familiar – one (1) that has acquired another company and operates internationally and one (1) that does not have a history of mergers and acquisitions and operates solely within the U.S. 1,125 more words