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Assignment Four

Assignment Four

Review all your landscape paintings and preparatory sketches and assess which have been the most engaging exercises. Which landscapes have the most appeal for you? 3,302 more words

Coursework Logs

Getting on with Part 4 - Light

I have almost completed the photographs for Assignment 4 ahead of doing many of the exercises in this section. Many of the projects require specific times of day or certain weather conditions and I’m finding it difficult to accomplish them at the times I have available to study. 49 more words

UNIT 1. Assignment 4 – Support Functions in Hospitality Businesses

Businesses rarely work in isolation and often make the use of specialised departments which may be run alongside a business.  Based on chosen businesses, you will  investigate support functions used to support the operation of different hospitality businesses and make recommendations for improvement evidence your evidence  should show knowledge of how marketing, HR, customer services and financial control support the core activities of accommodation and food and beverage services. 331 more words

Unit 1

Assignment 4 - Choice of Image and Initial Thoughts

When I visited Photography Oxford towards the end of last year, one particular body of work had a personal resonance with me. It was an exhibition by Maisie Maud Broadhead, and the series I was particularly taken by is called “Broadhead’s Women”. 671 more words

Assignment 4

Some work from my Sketch Book.

Now my printer is working, I have started to scan everything in from my sketch book. I have not scanned them all in yet as I do not want to bombard my blog with a load of sketch images. 282 more words

Design Studio 1

Mark 28: SMC Design Website - Assignment 4

Take a look at the current Design Technology Department website: www.smcdesigntech.org

  1. What do you think the current problems and issues are with this site?

    The current problem with the website is that it is very static, it takes a long time to load the website.

  2. 262 more words
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Assignment 4 Research


The Trix mascot is a white anthropomorphic rabbit that is always seen trying to trick kids into getting the cereal, but ultimately fails followed the slogan “Trix are for kids”. 225 more words