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Tutor Feedback -Assignment 4

Tutor Report -Assignment 4

The conversation with Hayley was really useful. My main challenges are in focussing; editing/ showing discernment and developing work.

The feedback not to start anything new is exactly what I needed. 93 more words

Personal Development / Tutor Feedback

Research point: innovation in yarn

Using the links in the previous post as a starting point, I began to search for innovative and unusual yarn designs and concepts.

Woolmark: textile innovations… 818 more words


Assignment 4 ‘Image and Text’ (vi)

Assignment 4 ‘Image and Text’ (vi)

As previously discussed, in the final series of images I sought to reflect individual streets and their denizens. Alexey Titarenko’s ‘City of Shadows’ (Titarenko, 2001) allows the individual to be present yet strangely also absent (discussed in blog post ‘Assignment 4 ‘Image and Text’ (i)’). 164 more words


Literature Highlights by Joosep Alviste

I chose to read and discuss about these two articles: F2: Interaction Design – brief intro and F6: User Experience and Experience Design. Both of the articles give a great overview of different design techniques – interaction design and experience design. 1,176 more words

User Experience

BOW Assignment 4

Feedback from my previous review session mentioned the two phases of my work – the clinical and the physical; my work has continued in this way but I believe I have better managed to combine the activities. 1,117 more words


Literature Highlights by Mauro J. Pappaterra

For this individual assignment each member of the group had to analyze two papers from a list of documents related to the lectures that we had during the course. 1,682 more words

User Experience

A4 - initial ideas and research

My chosen brand for this assignment is Foul Play magazine, a new independent publishing initiative. The founders have a passion for the ‘true crime’ genre which is moving into the mainstream as a result of the popularity of the podcast Serial. 1,171 more words

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