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Assignment 4

This assignment brief asked for 2 large figure studies (A1) and a self-portrait or portrait (any size). I admit that I had to use A2 for my figure drawings. 620 more words

Part 4

Part 4 project 3 Exercise 2 Essential elements


Draw a sequence of 6 different poses lasting 10 mins each.

In this exercise I immediately thought oh no 10 mins the drawing are going to look awful, but I was some what pleasantly surprised for what I could achieve in less that 10 minutes. 506 more words

Part 4 Project 3 Form Exercise 1 Basic shapes


Arrange your model in a chair block in the basic shapes, draw the model from different angles considering foreshortening and any lines of movement. 250 more words

Assignment 4 : Magazine illustration

For this assignment I decided to produce an illustration around the topic of ‘Discovery’. After some deliberation, I decided to go with the discovery of anesthetics or pain relief. 1,386 more words

Part 4

Part 4 (Photography) - Assignment four (Self-assessment)

Assessment criteria

Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding

I think I’ve improved in this particular point, as my interest in learning more about the historical and cultural context of different artists and their work has grown. 396 more words


Part 4 (Photography) - Assignment four (Commentary)

Commentary on my experience of Part Four (Photography)

I had no idea what to expect for this part of the course. Photography seems to me to be something very practical, so I was curious to see how I would get to read and write about it. 519 more words


Part 4 (Photography) - Assignment four

In this essay I am going to be looking at Chris Marker’s short film La Jetée (1962) and exploring the relationship between its creative aspects, the message it conveys and its use of photography. 1,259 more words