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Making my stencil.

Creating my stencil was a new experience i use two different methods, Photoshop –  the first method i used was to help create my layer was the Threshold tool to adjust the contrast in shade. 331 more words

Research & Reflection

Research Photos

Here are some of my research photos

At the park I only took pictures of things that really caught her eye.

The idea was to get a angle of what she sees when feeding, Sadly I did not get any successful photos. 78 more words

Research & Reflection

Thumbnails and Ideas

I  chose the word Discovery for my assignment  and since we welcomed a new baby into our family,  My discovery was the world from a babies perspective. 450 more words

Research & Reflection

David Bate :The Memory of Photography

Some initial brief notes

This was recommended by my tutor but I have found it a difficult and rather challenging read . After reading through it several times I have broken the essay down initially to what I feel are the key points. 1,586 more words


Assignment 4: Self-evaluation

22 November, 2015. Referring to p. 7 og the study guide I went through the process of self-evaluation again. Since in this assignment three quite separate drawings were required, I split the assessment sections into respective subsections where required. 839 more words


Visual Instrument

This is my finished interface for the Visual Instrument.

On 11/13/15 I gotten all of the hardware I needed and started to putting the instrument together. 134 more words


Nick Kid vs. Cartoon Cartoons

I decided to take a page out of Sarah Banet-Weiser’s book (not literally) and focus on one of Nickelodeon’s biggest competitors: Cartoon Network. I still tune into this channel even though I’m a 21-year-old college senior and, by societal definitions, an adult. 857 more words

Assignment 4