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Unit 35 - Video Installation Artist Research:

Video installation: This is an art form that combines the use of video technology with artistic movements. Video artists rely on video and audio to portray the issues and images they see within the world. 64 more words

Assignment 4

A4: Project 11 - Making a Test Collage Block

For this exercise, I was asked to collect materials and items which I could stick to a piece of A3 card and take prints from. I split my card up into 16 rectangles with a ruler and spread a layer of PVA glue overtop of it, making sure I could still see the pencil lines. 942 more words

Assignment 4.

Dialog Assign

Pick one of the dialog clips I provided in the assign4 folder.  Then thumbnail the key poses that will evoke a distinct personality within the dialog.  190 more words


Assignment 4 reading

Read pgs 297 thru 326.

What’s the difference and similarities between a wave action and a whip action? And which one bests describes a laugh? 92 more words

Animator's Survival Kit

Assignment 4 - Self evaluation

Reading this article which point to this page I put myself the question if I did a good portrait series in assignment 4.

From some points of view I did , from some I didn’t, I cannot be objective enough mainly because between me and the model there is an empathy and I saw her emotions across the assignment as real, because I know them from everyday life, since we are work colleagues. 299 more words

Assignment 4

Assignment 4: Rewritten following feedback

Following feedback, I have taken the suggestions Wendy made and rewritten sections, as well as taken out references which might underpin the argument – but due to space needed to be condensed into much simpler and shorter ideas. 18 more words

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Assignment 4 - Lighting


This assignment is far more technical than the others, I did exit my comfort zone with it because I didn’t do studio lighting before, but since I am very much interested in portraiture I wanted to try this. 666 more words

Assignment 4