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Assignment Four A Yarn Collection

Assignment Four requires me to address the presentation of my work from Projects 1 and 2 as a collection.  Whilst it is an opportunity to be creative and imaginative I also have to make sure it can travel successfully from Australia to the UK.   209 more words

Assign 4 Part 4 Review against Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skill (40%)

I think I have used a range of experimental materials in my approach to the yarn formation and that my colour approach has been good.   216 more words

Part 4 Yarn and Linear Exploration Written Reflection

Undertaking Part 4 started off with me really questioning how I was going to design all the yarns and ended with me excited about the yarns I had created and the potential of these yarns. 392 more words

Obervations on Culture

Culture can be a moment, an ideology, or some pattern that in my opinion, is followed by people either to achieve a goal or due to societal pressures, from a small set of people to the whole world.

686 more words

MM Part Four - Feedback Review

Assignment Four Feedback

For this assignment I focused most on the technique of printing and the quality of the prints made. This has been highlighted in the feedback I have received. 622 more words

Research & Reflection

Part Four Yarn and linear exploration Review Point: Demonstration of Creativity

Demonstration of creativity.  This criterion is defined in terms of ‘imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice’.

I feel that I am improving in the demonstration of my creativity. 288 more words

Exercise 4.5 Collage-inspired Yarn

This exercise is aimed at finding ways to translate making techniques and approaches using collage work into yarn concepts with a focus on flat yarns. 258 more words