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Assignment 4: Progress and outcome

I returned to the woods to make some quick sketches and back home worked out potential compositions using these and my reference photos. 658 more words

Assignment 4

The language of light, project 3 artificial light, 4.3 (Photography 1, ID 513323)

I think as humans it is only natural to revere natural light. It offers clarity and hope where artificial light merely illuminates that which we deem necessary in the absence of natural light. 817 more words

Research & Reflection

Assignment 4: Ideas and influences


“Review all your landscape paintings and preparatory sketches and assess which have been the most engaging exercises.  Which landscapes have the most appeal for you? 634 more words

Assignment 4

Assignment four

I like this landscape painting I made for this assignment best, if I compare with the one I made before. I like this best because I like the motif. 330 more words

Part Four Looking Out

Assign 4 pose test feedback

I uploaded your feedback for your pose test thumbnail sheet and movie.

For those who forgot to submit your pose test sheet please do so for partial credit. 109 more words

Assignment 4

Research for Assignment 4: Storyboarding for a Cereal Advert

I found that within my research that many majorly recognized cereals (most of which are nestle and Kellogg’s) use animation within the adverts. Some good examples of this can be found within Kellogg’s cereal adverts such as their coco pops and Rice Krispy’s brands of cereals. 197 more words

Mini Briefs

Class 24 Feb. 2015

Hello Students, we are going to meet FA 239 – spend the first hour of class reviewing what you have so far on assignment #4. 15 more words

Assignment #4