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Iona College Book Store

Students lead the Iona College Bookstore into one of their best sale records over the course of these past several years, according to the head supervisor. 475 more words


Interview Paper & Video for SOWK 1030 - Cultural Diversity

This post and the accompanying video are part of an assignment for my Cultural Diversity class. I got a solid B and I learned a ton! 903 more words

Social Work

Reflection, Due Monday 12/17

Each of you have grown exponentially this semester! You are engaged, thoughtful image makers and it has been an absolute pleasure working with you.

Thank you for spending a little time answering questions about your final project as well as the course overall. 309 more words

Course Information

Final deadline for late assignments is Dec. 17

All classes have been notified of late/missing assignments.

Students with late assignments must finish and hand them in by Monday December 17th.

The list of late and missing assignments is on the whiteboard in class. 24 more words


Revision of Essay 2 — deadline & instructions

The optional revision of Essay 2 will be due by 4:45pm Wednesday, December 19th. You may revise your essay if you submitted the PRINT OUT… 110 more words


Christmas Cake Fun Time / Journal Entry 10.

Monday 10th December 2018.

Didn’t think you see me again so soon? Neither did I. And if you’re wondering no, I haven’t been up to much during the last few days. 932 more words


Reflection Blog

Throughout the semester, I was able to identify a theme that represented me,  my goals and ideas and my dreams. We started out by first developing our “career” discoveries where we got to explore similar websites of blog pages that helped give us a start on where we wanted to head with the rest fo the semester, Personally for me, I reflected only aspirations and experience as a student wanting to become a sports agent in the near future.   283 more words