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Dueling Pitchers By Celeste Jackson

Dueling Pitchers
By Celeste Jackson

I went to the White Sox game on Monday, July 6th because, although I am not exactly a Sox fan, I love watching baseball. 1,316 more words


Matric Dance Shoot

This past week, I was invited to attend a matric dance, taking photos of a few matrics and their dates before setting off to the venue. 160 more words


Final Notes

Thank you all for a great summer class!  There are a few final announcements.  First, I hope to have your final exams graded within the week (I might try to catch up on some sleep first).   94 more words


Personality --> Designs

Chapter 3 “Personality” of the book Designing for Emotion was another helpful adventure. The whole purpose was walking through the use of personality in designs and how it makes it more relatable and effective toward your audience. 157 more words


Saint Louis Tech Start-ups - ALIVE Magazine Editorial

A few environmental portraits and visits to a few start-ups that are using technology to solve real problems.  Whereas it is certainly exciting as well as a noble pursuit to develop a better more accurate and connected selfie sharing service, these companies focus on lighter subjects like education and healthcare, NBD. 233 more words


The Unexpected Visit

He had, for as long as any could recall, been a fanatic for schedule. Day after day, week after week and month after month; every incident that occurred, every chore he sat through and every single detail he was a part of — they would all be complicit in a plan. 925 more words

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