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Assignment three 'Window' (i)

Of the two available for this Assignment I chose option b. ‘Window’

From the Assignment brief:

Use this opportunity to find out about a community that you don’t know much about and tell their story. 328 more words



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1) The Primary Source Assignment includes a set of 3 primary documents relating to the time period being covered in Unit 3. 8,709 more words


Uncovering your local Duluth area

When I think of the place in which I live, Duluth, I see the pretty nature, large monuments, and Canal Park. What I would like to uncover, are the small local shops or places that don’t get a lot of hype. 380 more words


Assignment #2: Photographer Research-julia margaret cameron

  • Why they were relevant in photography? What were their contributions?
  • she took photos with soft focus and to treat the pictures as an art as well as science…
  • 194 more words

Interior Design- Lighting

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This is not really an essay, this is more of like a project that we have to compare and contrast about the lighting. 131 more words


Ethics and Values in America

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Video Endgame: Ethics and Values in America

After reviewing the above video: Endgame, identify in your posting one you stand on the issue of what you might do in the place of the driver and the place of the passenger. 48 more words