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Second Take-Home Assignment

You should note that the 2nd Take-Home Assignment has been posted under the “Assignments” tab. I’ll be creating and posting a rubric soon (one more detailed than the one included on the assignment) so you’ll know what I’ll be looking for when I grade these assignments.


Illustrator Tutorials

Bellow are my five tutorial assignments for the Adobe Illustrator unit. While working through these assignments I learned a lot about how to use Adobe Illustrator. Hope you enjoy.


Illustrator Tutorials

These are the exported files from the Adobe Illustrator tutorials. I did face some problems with the Varsity tutorial, but I think the results are pretty cool. 44 more words


Illustrator Tutorial Images

The five images below are ones that I have created following the Illustrator tutorials.


Assignment: Numerical Linear Algebra 001

1. Problems.

Problem 1. Let  be a nonzero matrix. Prove that

Problem 2. Prove that all eigenvalues of any real symmetric matrix are real.

Problem 3.  92 more words

The Melody of Her Life

I’ve been tossing and turning about posting this story. If any of my siblings read this, I have taken creative licence with this and I’m sorry if it upsets you at all. 1,101 more words

A Bunch Of Words