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Paper #3 : Comparing Two Iraqi Invasions

In roughly 1250 words, address the following.  Due April 9 in class.

Compare the US reactions to the Iraqi invasions of Iran (in 1980) and Kuwait (in 1990).

68 more words


This is my co-written Snow White and the Huntsman piece for my scriptwriting class where we had to get the Huntsman to agree to kill Snow White without using sex or threats from the queen. 555 more words


Assignment 1 done, 2 more to go ...

My artefact is finished, however, I am still persevering to add narration to my Prezi. Not because I like listening to my own voice – far from it! 109 more words


3.27.15 - HW

Math 2b/3a: Exponential Functions worksheet attached here:150327 writing exponential Functions

Math 4: Chapter 5 extended: worksheet here: 150326 Extensions incl Herons Formula


There will be plenty of cat pics.

I just so happen to have a lovely cat named Ollivander (yes, that’s a Harry Potter reference). He’s a beautiful cat model. Just look at that purrrrty face.


Analysis - Assessment Task 2, Mini-Tasks

To break up the endless stream of blog posts about my SketchUp project, I thought I’d pause for a moment to talk about my second project. 338 more words