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W01 DS1 Assignment 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall' Analysis

Written and sung by Bob Dylan. Released 1963. An acoustic rock song that’s sung quite casually and in a relaxed manner, a big contrast to the song’s visceral and intense imagery. 373 more words


Clever Title Preempted Due to Illness

Elijah Meeks’ PowerPoint slide sums up digital humanities as a concept pretty well for me: “Taking tools built by warmongers, oil companies, spy agencies and investment bankers and using them to study literature, philosophy, history, culture and the classics.” Not to mention using them to do research for transformative fan works, write “meta” on major media properties, and arm ourselves with random trivia needed to win pointless arguments on social media networks and thus declare ourselves as more learned, when in actuality some of us just have better Google-fu than others. 454 more words


We are the problem!

Is this thing on?

Multimedia can be a lot of fun but it can also be done poorly. Snapchat makes it easy to post with ease. 617 more words


Conceptual Challenge

I created a conceptual photograph based on random three-word assignment. The words I had were these: Grass, Preserve, and Limitless. I chose to use the second sketch, depicting a pacifier being given to a grass. 83 more words

Unessay Ideas

I have two general ideas for an Unessay which are vastly different from one another.

Idea #1: Defining DH Through Necessity and Sufficiency

The first is an attempt to define, in terms of… 671 more words



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