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Panel Write Up: Optimizing Pricing and Distribution Plans

Panel Write Up: Optimizing Pricing and Distribution Plans
Team ClearHome (Heather Lewis, Jeff Kinney, Mary Ke, Sarah Abramowitz, Sungjoon Kim, Michael Pamphlet)

This past Monday, our class was fortunate to hear from three very accomplished and visionary entrepreneurial thought leaders; Leigh McMillan, VP of Marketing at Avvo, Steve Banfield, Digital Executive at Rightside, and Brant Williams, Founder of Tenacious Offense and Guided Products. 887 more words


Week 27--Mar 2

Another week is here! I hope that you’re all feeling better this week. My household was hit by that virus, too, and my goodness, it was rough! 492 more words


Silent Film Festival

I took my 13 year old brother to the film festival last night. We watched Harold Lloyd’s Grandma’s Boy, along with Buster Keaton’s College. I read the dialogue to my brother, because he is dyslexic. 86 more words


Vagina Monologue

Coming to this event, I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. I thought it would be an actual play, but no, it was more than just a play. 118 more words


Three Stages of Production

Anyone involved in the world of film production or knows the general gist of it is no stranger to the Three Stages of Production. However, some may underestimate the toiling work that occurs during each stage – as making a film is not as easy as it looks. 859 more words


Errol Morris is still going strong

Need you ask, “Who is Errol Morris?” You know him–you spent 85 minutes last Wednesday watching his documentary “Gates of Heaven.” Ah, now you remember… 93 more words


Reading: Audiobooks

Hello Everyone:

I would like to invite you to expose yourselves to English this semester and one way we can do this is by reading. 90 more words

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