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I have never been shy about my political leanings, and I have been actively posting and participating in political discourse on social media for the past several years. 580 more words


Twitter Essay - Short Form - #parenting #fatherhood

Thus far, the Twitter Essay – Short Form, has been the most difficult assignment for me.  Crafting an argument into 240 characters is extremely difficult, especially because all of the nuances within an argument almost certainly cannot be addressed. 745 more words


Black Twitter an Example of Participatory Culture and the Remix.

I was not aware of culturally specific sections of Twitter. I thought hashtags were the only way to on some level signify distinctions of groups. So, Black Twitter was a new idea completely for me to explore in the text. 487 more words


Twitter Essay- Short Form

I’m familiar with Twitter.

I don’t like Twitter that much, but let’s just say I’m pretty familiar with a 280 character limit.

It wasn’t too hard for me to negotiate a way to communicate something sensible with the very limiting 280 characters. 527 more words


Black Twitter

First of all, I had no idea that “black twitter” even existed. Sarah Florini shares about “black twitter” saying “While users from a variety of backgrounds joke and play games on Twitter, many Black users engage in these activities in ways that closely mirror longstanding traditions in Black American communities.” The YouTube video did a good job of touching on what Florini shares as well, saying that the language and things talked about on “black twitter” greatly mirror the conversations that blacks are having at schools, in barbershops and in the black community in general outside of social media. 130 more words


Why ColorBlindness And Not Just Acceptance?

The concept of Black Twitter is extremely interesting for me. Being a person who does not use twitter in my personal or professional life, I know little about the site and even less about this idea that the black community can be found here. 385 more words