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Assignment 1 Say hello

I have had a few ideas rolling around in my head the last two weeks. I should have been jotting them down in my sketch book. 1,802 more words

Assignment 5 - Rework

I have chosen to rework this assignment in order to demonstrate that I have taken onboard the feedback from my Tutor and that I have improved my original submission. 2,837 more words


Assignment 3 - Reflection

Context – reflection, research, critical thinking (learning logs, critical reviews and essays).

Over the course of a couple of months, I explored what I thought about the question I had chosen to address and tapped away at my keyboard, watching the essay grow and then shrinking it back down to size again. 607 more words


Assignment 3 - The Essay

Here is the essay required for assignment three as submitted to my tutor an hour or so ago: DIaC Assignment 3 – Simon Chirgwin

After letting it balloon into a massive and baggy, six thousand word monster, I have pruned it back to an acceptable two thousand seven hundred and fifty words. 106 more words


Assignment four

Find a place of significance to you to create a site-specific artwork. Responding to features of the site, add a drawn element or select a found drawn element which you will extend to express something you find interesting about the site. 567 more words

Assignment for Thursday, January 30

Read: Two short stories: Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” and Rick Moody’s “Boys.”

Post: Before class, share as a comment to this post one question you have about Kincaid’s story and one about Moody’s. 557 more words