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Semester Topic Introduction

The topic that I am choosing to use throughout the semester is called “Enjoy The Little Things”. This topic sounds pretty vague at first but it is actually a very large part of my life. 294 more words


My Take on "Creating Readers"

I found that Donalyn Miller’s interview on “Creating Readers” was definitely someone to aspire to. At the same time, I feel like as professionals in the area of education, that teachers should already be utilizing these “best practices.”  At the beginning of my teaching career, I felt like I had a classroom just like hers.  402 more words


Introducing my topic: Coffee

“I just gotta have my Starbucks” is a phrase that you might hear every now and then. Coffee has become a daily ritual for many people in the US, but some of us, like me, have taken it even further and made it into a science. 473 more words