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Unit 4: Premiere - Rough Video Story Draft

For my video story and final project of the semester, I decided I wanted to do something light and fun yet still informative in some (albeit small) way. 577 more words


Match Made in the Cloud


Picasa, derived from the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, is an image organizer and viewer for digital photos.  It began in 2002 and merged, without notice to its users, as part of Google + in 2013.   514 more words


Video Story Rough Draft

Painting Tutorial: The Basics

<p><a href=” Story Draft 1</a> from <a href=” Mattson</a> on <a href=”;.</p>

For my video story and following my “About Me” theme, I knew I wanted to film a topic that I am passionate about. 965 more words


Apeiron- Shayla Bleidissel

Today I attended the oral and the poster presentations. The poster presentations were all spread around and so I couldn’t go to every single one of them. 111 more words


Apeiron Experience - Daniel Hotujac

I attended both an oral presentation called The Impact of Sentence Length on Recidivism, and the poster presentations. The oral presentation was basically about a hypothesis regarding the connection between prison time and committed crime frequency. 77 more words


Draft Video Story

Above is a draft of my video story. As an architecture major, I undergo a very unique process whenever I begin a new project. My goal in creating this video is to represent the experience of being an architecture student. 356 more words