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Illustrator Tutorial Images

The five images below are ones that I have created following the Illustrator tutorials.


Assignment: Numerical Linear Algebra 001

1. Problems.

Problem 1. Let  be a nonzero matrix. Prove that

Problem 2. Prove that all eigenvalues of any real symmetric matrix are real.

Problem 3.  92 more words

The Melody of Her Life

I’ve been tossing and turning about posting this story. If any of my siblings read this, I have taken creative licence with this and I’m sorry if it upsets you at all. 1,101 more words

A Bunch Of Words

TVRA PROJECT# 1: The Analysis of Police Tensions Among Minorities And Persons of Color.

For the first project of the class semester, we were given a project to curate sources based on a topic that we would be examining throughout the semester. 689 more words


Assets List

1. An image from the sequence showing the title of the show Criminal Minds. The title is used in the television show Criminal Minds during the title sequence before the program officially starts. 527 more words


Gestalt Exercise

When I approached this assignment I imagined glass skyscrapers made out of glass triangles and creating a cityscape. I had decided to try and do this in PowerPoint because I  really didn’t want to draw it by hand and didn’t have anything to mold into the triangles I wanted. 82 more words