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Simple tips for an awesome slide show presentation

Here are some few tips on how to make a good slide show presentation:

  • Less is More : Make the sentences as short as possible. This will allow a better understanding to the audiences.
  • 131 more words

History research

In researching the feeling of being deaf I have also dipped into some of the history of deaf culture. Most of what I came across focused on the deaf culture in America however I came across a book entitled ‘ A Tower of strength’ by Patrick Beaver which is actually a history about The Royal School for Deaf Children Margate, the same school my Mother and Aunt attended. 396 more words


Academic Writing and Bibliography

  • What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing refers to a style of expression that researchers use to define the intellectual boundaries of their disciplines and their specific areas of expertise. 415 more words


Vice Versa

I’ve chosen my friend Rachel as the subject for this assignment. We’ve been friends for well over twenty years now and will be sorry when she leaves here. 646 more words


Assignment 1. Media Criticism of a TV Commercial

  1.  Assignment 1.  Introduction To Media Studies Media Crit Assignment

Introduction To Media Studies

Fall 2017 — Precarpathian National University — Dr. David Gracon

Assignment: Media Criticism Paper: TV Commercial Analysis (2-FULL Typed pages):  402 more words


Being deaf

I have been researching how it ‘feels’ to be deaf, I have used two techniques to try to achieve this.

Firstly I have sat indoors with noise cancelling headphones on and watched the television with subtitles: 370 more words


For Assignment #5 you and your group will be reading a book, completing a book review (note, not book report), and present it to the class at the last session of this recitation, which will be on 12/8. 1,063 more words