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Self - Evaluation

As a whole I have really enjoyed this part of the course as it has made me look at illustration in different way. It has shown me how to deconstruct an illustration and then re-construct it and how different positioning can affect the mood of the finished piece. 512 more words

Digital Reflection: Cogito Ergo Sum

At this very moment, writing is deeply ingrained into my character. After roughly six years of writing for fun, I’m finally approaching the point where I can leverage it to contribute to my income. 766 more words


Reflection on Assignment 4

I felt that this was an impossible task, so many projects to take stock from and still charged up after reading Dyer to go forward into structuring an argument on ‘Visualising the ‘others’ with regards Assignment four. 377 more words


Days with no fudge cookies: 4

Starting off chapter eight with audio

I can lower it and raise it by sliding the light gray bar or I can use the “[ ]” keys to also raise it or lower. 194 more words


News, Technology and What's To Come

I’ve always been fascinated by how media and technology experts attempt to predict advancements that will happen years or decades down the road. I can barely keep up with technological advancements and changes that have already occurred, so the fact that some people can visualize future inventions and situations is especially impressive to me. 287 more words