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Find out more about Rowan's Student Activities Organization and how they come up with ideas, in an interview with Alexakos Constantine : The Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities

Ever wondered how The Office of Student Activities come up with ideas to engage and entertain students? Find out what Alexakos Constatine and the OSA staff go through to come up with ideas for the school, the amount of work put in and what great advice Alexakos offers to college students out there. 1,352 more words


Mullock On (What?)

It is universally acknowledged among those in collegiate theatre that you don’t ever really get a break. The minute you finish one show, you move onto auditions and working on the next. 708 more words


Bucket List: Become a Film Maker

Do you want to be a part of an epic film race?

Of course I do. It’s not everyday you get to network with some of the best local talent in the industry, help write a script with a James-Franco-look-alike, and be an Assistant Director on set for a 100 hour film race.

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Home Front

Lead the music

Organising musicians is said to be like herding cats. Leading musicians is presumably then an effort to repeat the Pied Piper of Hamelin’s trick, but on creatures much less gullible and much more independent-minded than either rats or small children. 773 more words