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Money Moves Monday with KB. Graphics and Design Kellie Livingston

2018 is here and alive! With new innovations and personal branding taking social media and the business world by storm, millennial entrepreneurs are understanding the importance of creating a cohesive image to share across varies platforms. 1,614 more words



Pronouns: They/Them

Favorite Movie: Amelie

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Hi! My name is Ana, I use they/them pronouns. I am a multiracial (Black, White, and Mexican) and non-binary artist. 89 more words


It's Never Just Once

Perhaps you think waiting 20 years is too long to wait to speak up. I don’t and here’s why.

20 years is time to heal, grow past trauma, and regain personal power. 526 more words

Akin Ross Has Received Various Sales Achievement Awards and a Leadership Award

Akin Ross can be best described as a mentor leader who puts people as his utmost priority in. It is generally believed that mentor leadership can be taught and learned much conveniently, but in order to be absorbed, it needs to be practiced. 271 more words

Akin Ross

Vision was the inspiration that kept me going—Ex CBN Director

The ability to see the bigger picture is what distinguishes the successes of this world from failures, says Rtd. Assistant Director banking Operations, Central Bank of Nigeria, Lagos, Mr. 944 more words

Augustine Nwaobi

Women in Filmmaking - Katherine Johnson

I had the privilege of working together with Katherine Johnson on Summer of ’67. It didn’t take long to discover that she’s a power house. As assistant director she was constantly in motion, taking care of  everyone on set  -lead actors, background actors, and me. 863 more words