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Foreign language learning, and the Montessori classroom for young children: my experiences so far

Montessori education is very much in support of rich learning environments, exposure to differences in people, peace, diversity, and anti-bias.  This comes as no surprise given that Dr. 2,189 more words

Sleep: How we get 14 toddlers to sleep for nap easily, every day, with no bells and whistles

Sleep is one of those “areas” of toddlerism that can bring anxiety with it.  The other two areas we are careful about are toileting/ elimination, and food/eating as they relate to the autonomy and control of a young child. 1,306 more words

Things about the Montessori classroom/school that surprise me.

~How many children have the exact same stuff.  I have literally watched two little girls get into a very angry argument and accuse each other of wearing each other’s underwear, haha.   1,734 more words

Food in the Montessori Toddler Classroom, and things that help me accommodate food allergies.

One feature that is huge in an AMI Montessori toddler classroom is the presence of food preparation activities.  Well this year in particular, it really stood out how many children have some sort of food allergy, or parents who prefer that their child is gluten-free or dairy free even if there is no formal food allergy. 497 more words

Things only an A to I guide would understand...montessori shopping.

Oh the borderline shopping/Montessori materialism fixation all of us can potentially develop.  When I find the perfect thing your classroom has been needing, for cheap, unexpectedly, it’s like I just found a $20 on the ground.   427 more words

Things only an A to I guide would understand...

The Montessori moments involving toileting that are so perfectly, disgustingly the product of brilliant Montessori children, lol.

The other day a boy in my class, who previously to the very moment this situation unfolded had been utterly oblivious to anything happening below his waist, suddenly displayed complete and total awareness that he was pooping in his pull up. 162 more words