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Things I wish people could know about Montessori: offering physical guidance to help young children

Offering physical guidance is something that no adult can escape if you are shaping the behavior of an infant or toddler.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in your Montessori program, or if you are a parent at your house or out and about in the community. 2,119 more words

Verbal guidance: A handout and advice for helping children to learn behavioral self-control

As a trained AMI guide, I will confess that managing child behavior is one of the most difficult parts of working with children for me. 2,198 more words

Montessori, toddlers, and soap. LOL, yes, soap.

This entire post is, believe it or not, about soap.

As any AMI montessori guide knows, hand washing is a huge part of a Montessori toddler program environment.   1,747 more words

Things only a Montessori A to I guide would understand

When all of the younger transitions in your classroom start having distinct language leaps.

Your life seriously becomes easier when these kiddos start learning to actually respond correctly to your instructions instead of responding incorrectly, randomly, impulsively, or our favorite,  not at all, LOL. 63 more words

From one Montessori guide to another: watercolor paint is staining my classroom! So I found this...

Ironically, the washable commercial watercolor paint my school ordered is staining the doo doo out of my classroom– even on the white, painted/ varnished shelves!! We have tried non-bleach cleaners and magic erasers to try and get it off, but I think we have no choice at this point but to resort to bleach while the children are gone for the weekend. 230 more words

The ideal shoes for a toddler, based on trying to show at least 50 toddlers how to put their own shoes on.

One of my awkward moments as a Montessori guide is trying to guide parents in the selection of clothing that is appropriate in supporting a toddler’s ability to dress independently. 1,540 more words

What could a baby possibly learn from Attending a Montessori program? How an AMI Montessori guide (teacher) supports a babies' development

I had a realization the other day that I have written a number of posts on the blog at this point while completely neglecting to explain to the world what an AMI Montessori guide for infants and toddlers actually does.   1,194 more words