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From one Montessori guide to another: watercolor paint is staining my classroom! So I found this...

Ironically, the washable commercial watercolor paint my school ordered is staining the doo doo out of my classroom– even on the white, painted/ varnished shelves!! We have tried non-bleach cleaners and magic erasers to try and get it off, but I think we have no choice at this point but to resort to bleach while the children are gone for the weekend. 230 more words

The ideal shoes for a toddler, based on trying to show at least 50 toddlers how to put their own shoes on.

One of my awkward moments as a Montessori guide is trying to guide parents in the selection of clothing that is appropriate in supporting a toddler’s ability to dress independently. 1,540 more words

What could a baby possibly learn from Attending a Montessori program? How an AMI Montessori guide (teacher) supports a babies' development

I had a realization the other day that I have written a number of posts on the blog at this point while completely neglecting to explain to the world what an AMI Montessori guide for infants and toddlers actually does.   1,194 more words

Things only an A to I Montessori guide would understand: coming back from any holidays/ breaks

… and how I feel like we’re starting from square one all over again in a lot of ways.  Children crying at the door, children coming back to school with horrible (or totally strange) behaviors, children peeing their pants left and right, all the transitions from one part of the day to the next look terrible and everything takes longer than normal, children who normally nap don’t nap. 137 more words

Toddlers who bite, Part 3: How it ended /// my experience with what is personally the worst biter I have ever had in my classroom

As previously described in posts one and two, last school year I endured what is for me personally, the worst toddler biting experience I have ever had in a classroom.   3,728 more words

Foreign language learning, and the Montessori classroom for young children: my experiences so far

Montessori education is very much in support of rich learning environments, exposure to differences in people, peace, diversity, and anti-bias.  This comes as no surprise given that Dr. 2,189 more words

Sleep: How we get 14 toddlers to sleep for nap easily, every day, with no bells and whistles

Sleep is one of those “areas” of toddlerism that can bring anxiety with it.  The other two areas we are careful about are toileting/ elimination, and food/eating as they relate to the autonomy and control of a young child. 1,306 more words