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Therapy cat brings joy to group of seniors at assisted living facility

“A group of seniors at Heritage Assisted Living in West Knoxville have a special visitor every Friday morning.”

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Tips For Caregivers To The Elderly

Two years ago I became caregiver to my father who moved to an assisted living facility in my hometown. Despite his independent ways, here’s what I learned observing Dad and his fellow residents. 1,093 more words

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How Do You Know What Stage of Alzheimer’s Your Loved One Is In?

The realization that your loved one may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s is usually a gradual process of noticing small changes in that person’s memory or behavior. 975 more words

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Use This Handy Alzheimer’s Going-Out Checklist

Just because you have a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s doesn’t mean that you can’t still go on fun outings together. In fact, those with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s can have a lot of fun and experience much enjoyment when going out on carefully planned activities. 790 more words

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Long term care costs

My work to date has focused on home and community-based services, which are a subset of long term care services.  Long term care (LTC) refers to services that help the elderly and those with disabilities meet health or personal needs. 369 more words


Is Gene Therapy Our Next Best Hope for an Alzheimer’s Cure?

The cure for Alzheimer’s is one of the holy grails for the medical research community as well as for the estimated 5.4 million Americans who suffer from the disease and their family members. 741 more words

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Can You Contribute to Alzheimer’s Research By Playing a Computer Game?

Alzheimer’s is often called “the long goodbye,” and if someone you love has the disease, you may feel like you are watching them fade away right before your eyes, while you can do nothing to bring them back. 615 more words

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