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If I die my suffering ends. I want to die because I want my suffering to end.

This is the quintessential thinking behind most suicides. The pain I can not tolerate will end when I die. The pain I am powerless to end will end if I die. 642 more words

People Are Calling Out Me Before You for Its Portrayal of Disability

Warning: Spoilers for both the book and movie version of Me Before You ahead.

Some members of the disabled community and their advocates are protesting how upcoming romantic film… 392 more words

Cute 4-Dimensional Analysis of Suicide

What does self-change say about suicide?

That is, what does the fact that you are not, now, the same person that you are 20 years ago or from now, say about suicide? 209 more words

Denley: Choice, not convenience, should guide tricky moral questions

Medicine, politics and morality make a complex mix, and sometimes doing the right thing can just seem wrong.

The Sandy Hill Community Health Centre’s plans for a safe drug injection site and medically assisted death are both challenging issues. 650 more words


Sluggerhand (2015), part 3

“Only you can change God’s unfortunate ways…”

Chapter seven: My Old Friend

One episode of the comic series that is considered a classic is Frank’s climactic showdown with one of his many arch-rivals, Karl Clinton. 1,001 more words


CME Political Platform 1: Euthanasia

This is the first in a series of posts that explains my political beliefs in greater detail, and I thought I’d start with a topic that can’t ever be called easy: assisted suicide. 216 more words


Editorial: Assisted dying bill in a chokehold

This mess was not entirely of the Liberal government’s making: The emotionally charged file on physician-assisted dying had already been mouldering under the last government, even though the Supreme Court had set an initial deadline of February 2016 to get a new law in place. 421 more words

Supreme Court Of Canada