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Good News for Now

After sending written testimony to the Hawaiian health committee considering a physician-assisted law, I received the following email from a nurse:

“Hallelujah! The measure is deferred and will not become law in this session….

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Medical Ethics

A matter of life and death: British comedian hopes show will spark more than laughs

British comedian, disability rights campaigner and actor, Liz Carr, is performing at the comedy festival in her new show Assisted Suicide: The Musical. Photo: Josh Robenstone. 5,471 more words


Noel Conway should not have the right to die

As with all notable assisted suicide cases that crop up in the news, the story of Noel Conway is an extraordinarily move one. Mr Conway seeks the right to die, and two judges reviewed his plea at the High Court on Tuesday. 1,088 more words

1961 Suicide Act

The Future of Assisted Suicide And Euthenasia


I’ve been listening to the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court-nominee Neil Gorsuch with great interest and had to look up the cover of his book, the catchingly-titled The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthenasia. 103 more words


License to Kill

I’m taking a philosophy class this semester, and I’m loving how much it encourages us to stretch our minds.  I think it’s important for us to be educated enough to know… 373 more words


Give me dignity, give me death....

Euthanasia. Assisted Suicide. Death with Dignity.

All terms used to describe the act of a terminally ill patient electing to end their suffering and pass away peacefully and without pain. 803 more words


Assisted Suicide and Boiling Goats

I recently read an article by CNN that said approximately 13 medically-assisted deaths are happening in Ontario every week. The same article said that Canada is one of the few countries, along with Switzerland and Germany, that have a legal provision for assisted suicide or physician-assisted dying. 781 more words

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