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Do People Have The Right To Die?

Do people have the right to die? In my opinion, yes they do. The main argument against it is that if someone says they want to die, they’re clearly not in a healthy mindset to make a decision like that. 226 more words

Updated Guidance on Assisted-suicide and "The Hospital"

Following on from last weeks post about the possibility of another assisted suicide court case in England the RCN recently published revised guidance on the need for compassion when dealing with such requests. 133 more words


Assisted suicide is one of those protections which you'll be glad you don't need but glad to have when you need it. 

Assisted suicide is the ultimate protection against unbearable suffering and the human race’s unrelenting evil. It is the last defence except now when the human race is so evil that there are no other protections against unbearable suffering… Or is this true just for me?

The Slippery Slope-Tactics in the Assisted Suicide Movement

I first saw this tactic  in the mid-1980s when Missouri was considering a “living will” law to allow a person to refuse “death prolonging procedures” if a person became terminally ill and unable to speak for himself or herself.  721 more words

Medical Ethics

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Even as the euthanasia "slippery slope" is denied, advocates are greasing the track.

Fairfield Man Arrested For Assisting Mom’s Suicide

VACAVILLE (CBS SF) — A 43-year-old Fairfield man has been arrested for assisting his 69-year-old mother with her suicide, authorities said Friday.

Investigators said police were called to the Peabody Self Storage facility on Dec. 202 more words