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Scandalous and homicidal government cuts force woman to seek assisted suicide | Vox Political

A commenter came to This Site today, expressing a belief that the Department for Work and Pensions wants sick or disabled claimants to die – and that the government would have its way because… 14 more words


To the Girl Who Claims to Love My Brother

Let’s start here… I am heart broken.  I am traumatized by the last call from February 8th.  I struggle to eat, sleep, and go forth each day.   645 more words

Medical Assistance In Death For People With Mental Illness: What Do You Think?

Should someone with a mental illness be allowed to access physician-assisted suicide? It’s a complex topic that brings up a lot of medical, legal and moral questions.  1,416 more words

"Five 'Tricks of the Heart' About Assisted Suicide": Univ. Faculty for Life

A research presentation to the University Faculty for Life conference, 2016.  It weas selected for publication in their Proceedings, and you can read it here… 8 more words

Dying As Sign

Shaun Douglas July 15, 1992- February 13, 2017

Let me start by saying if you or someone you know has been contemplating suicide, please get help.  Your life is worth something!  You are more than your disease.   571 more words