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Is Euthanasia A Christian Option?

***Disclaimer: After viewing both sides to the argument, I do not have a set in stone decision, but I needed to choose a side.***

Euthanasia is a highly controversial topic today, and many Christians are against the idea, but there are some ideas to consider before jumping to conclusions. 811 more words

Memorial service for local public figure who opposed doctor-assisted suicide

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.  – The debate over doctor-assisted suicide returned to Colorado this weekend.

On Saturday, thousands gathered at a memorial service to honor a local woman who became a national figure. 287 more words


Always Care, Never Kill: How Physician-Assisted Suicide Endangers the Weak, Corrupts Medicine, Compromises the Family, and Violates Human Dignity and Equality

From the Heritage Foundation, by Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D., Mar 2015


Allowing physician-assisted suicide would be a grave mistake for four reasons. First, it would endanger the weak and vulnerable. 1,611 more words


the good, the bad & the freaky linkdump

Thank you for choosing to fly BipolAir; today we will be swallowing the red pill and the blue pill and tailspinning into the proverbial rabbit hole affectionately known as “the internet”. 879 more words


WATCH: Family Releases Final Brittany Maynard Video As Calif. Debates Right To Die Law

SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — In a video recorded 19 days before Brittany Maynard took life-ending drugs, she tells California lawmakers that no one should have to leave home to legally kill themselves under the care of a doctor. 606 more words


Assisted Suicide - WIF Look at Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Dr. Jack Kevorkian:

Murderer or Angel of Mercy?

A Long Life?

On March 26, 1999, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, alias “Dr. Death,” was convicted of second-degree murder in Michigan for giving a terminally ill man a lethal injection at the man’s request.  275 more words


California Right-To-Die Bill Passes First Hurdle With Support From Brittany Maynard's Family

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It was a story that stirred emotions across the world as Brittany Maynard moved from California to Oregon to legally end her life before her terminal brain cancer did it. 290 more words