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Alfie Evans & What Sacrificial Love Teaches us

I had been an online friend with Robbie Kramer for many years through social media. I have seen many of her updates on her son and realized in the 10 or so years of seeing her posts of Keith, one thing was clear. 319 more words


No Country for Euthanasia

When is morally justified to take your own life? Should the state allow those with terminal or otherwise debilitating handicaps to “die with dignity?” Or is life a precious gift in and of itself, to be guarded and protected at all cost, no matter if it’s less than ideal? 645 more words

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Je n’ai rien posté depuis quelques jours, car je fais face à des problèmes majeurs qui aggravent ma dépression. Et qui peuvent potentiellement détruire ma vie un peu plus. 685 more words

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assisted living

assisted living

(1980’s | doctorese? businese?)

But one of the host of expressions born in the last fifty years to cover the plights of the senior citizenry, but one of the most common. 639 more words


The Opioid Crisis and Suicide

Statistics show that more than 115 Americans a day die after overdosing on opioids. Opioids  are a class of drugs that include both illegal drugs like heroin and legal prescription pain relievers such as codeine and morphine. 731 more words

Assisted Suicide

Good Life, Good Death ~Book Review~

Good Life, Good Death

By: Derek Humphry

Cleanliness (See “About” for scale): Slightly Tainted (1+ curse words. Other content to consider: assisted suicide, divorce, war, drugs, drinking, murder, cancer, non-descriptive sex, religion, and death.) 314 more words