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Physician Assisted Suicide

What if you could chose how and when you are were to die?

Instead of knowing when you will die, what if you chose how to die? 

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Death is Never Convenient

(Though I veered far off course of the actual blogging assignment today, I needed to write this. Further, I needed to publish it, because I cannot sit back silently any longer, hiding behind my lack of eloquence, while black is turned white and upside down becomes right side up. 667 more words

Jesus Christ

Supreme Court clears way for physician-assisted death

The modern Hippocrates oath on the medical treatment of life-and-death issues cautions, ‘Tread with care’. This Winnipeg MP wants readers to come forward and state their views on the issue.

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The Morality of Euthanasia: Essay by James Rachels and Critique by Me

This was another philosophy assignment in which I had to analyze a moral problems essay. In short (because you’ll get the long version in a bit), I dissected the entire argument into more chewable pieces. 1,443 more words


Supreme Court: Canadians have right to assisted suicide

By Donna Sevilla and Janie Ginsberg

The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday suspended the ban on doctor assisted suicide, giving people the right to seek assistance to die. 772 more words

Humber News

Euthanasia II – The Price of Death

In the not too distant future, it seems, Ontario’s health care system will have to confront the issue of assisted suicide.

The question won’t be whether to allow it or not. 587 more words


Assisted-Suicide Ban Struck Down in Canada

In another sign of the burgeoning death-with-dignity movement, the Supreme Court of Canada today struck down that nation’s ban on assisted suicide, calling it a violation of the constitutional “right to life, liberty, and security of the person.” 901 more words