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this post was first published on my personal social media accounts on the 31st of July, 2016, five days after the sagamihara murders.

cw sagamihara, mass murder, ableism, “euthanasia”, assisted suicide, nazism… 1,914 more words

Ontario government moves to block info about which institutions provide assisted dying

Ontario plans to change privacy laws to shield health-care institutions that provide assisted dying from being identified, something patient advocates say will make it more difficult to determine whether barriers exist. 711 more words

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I have to hate the human race. I need to die because the human race are too evil.

This is a reply I got from the Prime Ministers office. My honest reaction to this is that I want to skull fuck them all. The proof of the cruelty or English politicians is in everyday I am forced to live and suffer. 501 more words

BioEdge: Behind US assisted suicide stats

A debate in the American state of Iowa over the legalisation of assisted suicide prompted the Des Moines Register to survey how well in works. 50 more words

Assisted Suicide

If I could kill myself today I would but I can't. Suicide is the only way to stop my suffering and this has been true for far too many years. There is no other salvation than suicide. 

Day after day. month after month. year after year. my unbearable suffering is endless.

I regret every single failed suicide attempt because had I succeeded I’d have been spared and saved from the infinite cruelty of the human race. 18 more words