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How's Business?

How’s your business?  Are you meeting your goals for new associations/communities?  Are you and your team members out marketing your firm’s services to potential associations and communities?  397 more words


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We’ve moved our blog over to a new site! You can now follow us at KSNLawBlog.com for continued updates.

Association Board Members

FHA Update

Whether pursuing initial FHA certification status or merely applying for re-certification, condominium associations should be mindful of updated guidelines/clarifications issued by FHA since the original guidelines became effective in February, 2010.  281 more words

Association Board Members

Entry of Private Process Servers into Gated Community Associations

Gated communities are occasionally faced with concern over allowing community access to private process servers so they can effectuate service of a lawsuit.  Illinois associations should be aware there exists a criminal statutes in Illinois, 720 ILCS 5/31-3, which makes it a criminal misdemeanor for any person to knowingly resist or obstruct the authorized service of any criminal or civil process or order of Court.  226 more words

Association Board Members

Energy Act Would Require Energy Efficient Furnaces that May Necessitate Building Modifications

In 2007, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) was passed to increase U.S. energy security, develop renewable fuel production, and improve vehicle fuel economy.    233 more words

Association Board Members

2012: Community Association Legislation Recap

The Condominium Property Act, Community Association Manager Licensing and Disciplinary Act and the Common Interest Community Association Act all were amended in 2012.  On July 6, 2012, Public Act 097-0751 was enacted to amend Sections 14.3 and 18.4 of the Illinois Condominium Property Act by adding high speed internet cable as an additional service for which a majority of more than 50% of the unit owners, at a membership meeting called for such purpose, can authorize the granting of an easement for the laying of such cable.  222 more words

Association Board Members

Association’s Collection Options if They Decide not to Enforce the Order for Possession and Lease the Unit

Once the Association obtains a Judgment and Order for Possession, what can it do other than rent the Unit in order to collect on the Judgment?  321 more words

Association Board Members