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A D8 in Space: Hayabusa 2 spots Ryugu

The second Japanese asteroid sample return mission is underway, and it’s spotted its target, the Apollo-group asteroid 162173 Ryugu.  And what do you know?  Most asteroids so far have looked like potatoes, but this one makes me think of an eight-sided die: 136 more words


White House takes action on asteroid soap opera threats

White House takes action on asteroid soap opera threats the responsibility and preparing is spread throughout the US government the work is already being carried out by a multitude of federal, state, and international astronomy clubs including the United Nations


După trei revoluții, poți vedea un asteroid din sufrageria ta

De la lansarea ei în decembrie 2014, sonda Hayabusa 2 s-a rotit de trei ori în jurul Soarelui până a ajuns la destinație, asteroidul Ryugu. 484 more words

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The 1972 Great Daylight Fireball: Our Lucky Escape & Other Asteroids

A bit of obscure history today – on August 10th, 1972, a meteorite surged into our atmosphere and came within 35 miles of the Earth’s surface. 691 more words


Learning Points from Tech Times's Article Titled "Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90% of the Earth's Animals Appeared at the Same Time"

So what gives? Why is it that we are subscribing to the theory of evolution, rather than creation, then bam, discoveries such as these crop up? 118 more words

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Before humans there were many forms of life

Timeline: Pre-human evolution

The earth is about 4.54 billion years old and the first life dates to at least 3.5 billion years ago.

I found the following useful… 1,873 more words

The Cosmic Origins of Earth's Water

Why is Earth is a blue planet? Because it’s covered in water! Where did Earth’s water come from? Of course, water isn’t unique to our planet. 30 more words

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