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Absolute Zero

I’m trapped in


Just left of where the iris fades

And the liquorice wheel begins to


That’s where you’ll find me,


Spiralling, 284 more words


October 22 - Asteroid 209 Dido

Asteroid 209 Dido, discovered by C H F Peters on October 22nd 1879, is a large, C-type main belt asteroid with a very low albedo.   127 more words


October 21 - Asteroid 76 Freia

Today we say hello to 76 Freia, a large, dark, main belt asteroid, discovered on this day in 1862 by an extremely occasional visitor to these pages, the German astronomer Heinrich d’Arrest (this is his only asteroid discovery).   153 more words


Where is He?

On the day I landed
on Asteroid B-9
and wandered around
for a short eternity without
a sighting, I asked the Silence
if it had said seen the Little Prince… 20 more words
John Biscello

October 17 - Asteroid 207 Hedda

Medium-sized (approx 60km diameter) C-type, main belt asteroid 207 Hedda was discovered on October 17th 1879 by Johann Palisa, and was his 20th discovery.

It was named after the wife of the German astronomer Friedrich August Theodor Winnecke, whose name was Hedwig.   239 more words


October 16 - Asteroid 1500 Jyväskylä

1500 Jyväskylä  is a very small main belt asteroid, discovered by the Finnish astronomer Yrjö Väisälä on October 16th 1938.  Almost nothing else is known about this asteroid except its location and very approximate size (between 7 and 15 km in diameter).   107 more words


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