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Apocalypse in the Wings—Hint: It’s Not Zombies

The turns of history predict we’re approaching a Crisis in the next 5-15 years. There are many candidates proposed. If you were to watch popular television, it’s wandering, cannibalistic re-vivified friends and family. 590 more words

UFEx Ep.6: Incredible Osiris-Rex Mission Launched to bring back Samples from Potentially Hazardous Near Earth Asteroid 'Bennu'!

Image: Images: NASA

Welcome to Episode 6 of Ultra Frontier Explorer with Dr Jon Overton.
In this episode there’s:
– Epic footage of NASA’s Osiris-Rex rocket launch on its journey from Earth to the potentially hazardous near Earth asteroid Bennu. 76 more words


SOFIA Observations of Ceres Show You Can't Judge an Asteroid by Its Cover(ing)

The dwarf planet Ceres, at 587 miles wide the largest object in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, has a different surface composition than previously thought—and it took NASA and DLR’s  268 more words


NASA To Explore Asteroid The Size Of Massachusetts

HOUSTON (CBS) – Some wicked exciting news in the field of space exploration: NASA is preparing to visit an asteroid that’s roughly the size of Massachusetts. 154 more words


January 16 - Blowin' In The (Cosmic) Wind

Today’s Factismal: The Stardust mission returned samples from a comet ten years ago today but the science continues!

There are a lot of things we don’t know in science. 507 more words