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Ever heard of space dust?  It’s not hard to imagine that there is a lot of it out there floating among the stars.  Often referred to as “meteoric dust”, it’s even smaller than the typical dust particles you think of on earth (which primarily consist of dead human skin).  152 more words


On This Day: August 13th

On the 13th of August 1898 Carl Gustav Witt did covered 433 Eros, it was the first near-Earth asteroid to be discovered. 433 Eros is an S-type near-Earth asteroid approximately 34.4×11.2×11.2 kilometres in size, the second-largest near-Earth asteroid after 1036 Ganymed. 17 more words



Atomic number 79 and symbol Au, gold is one of the most incredible elements in the universe. It was brought to Earth by asteroids and meteorites, as it must be forged from the heart of a supernova. 296 more words

Endings and beginnings: when the asteroid hit

Another wonderfully executed video. 90 minutes collapsed to less than 5, ending millions of years of evolution for some, kickstarting the next round for others.

World History

Lilith, Actually.

Throw away the idea that she’s a baby eating home wrecker demon, cause that’s just not the case here re: her vibe. She’s holds the key to your most fierce and *untamed* self, and I say this is in the most encouraging and supportive fashion. 135 more words