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Oumuamua, a cigar-shaped asteroid, is traveling through the solar system right now.

Visit the galaxy before the galaxy visits you.

This fall, the galaxy came calling in the form of a small reddish cigar-shaped object named Oumuamua by astronomers based in Hawaii. 79 more words

'Oumuamua' the interstellar asteroid

Anything that involves space and the galaxy, I’m interested in, even though I don’t know all that much about it… But I just find it magical that we know so little, and so much, about a space that is bigger than infinity. 402 more words

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Red Dwarf Spaceship Spotting?

The big news this week is the first recordings and observations of an interstellar object.  Of the 750,000 asteroids and comets that have been cataloged up to now, every one of them originate from within our solar system. 198 more words


A giant cigar-shaped asteroid just hurtled into our solar system

Big news, people. Intergalactically big news. Literally.

A giant, cigar-shaped astroid — named Oumuamua — has been spotted sailing through our solar system, and it’s actually a legitimate deal. 127 more words

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It's the first observed outside visitor to our solar system; meet 'Oumuamua'

We’re getting our initial look at the first observed object coming from outside our solar system, according to a study published Monday in the journal Nature… 84 more words