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February 10 - Asteroid 624 Hektor

Asteroid 624 Hektor was discovered on February 10th 1907 by August Kopff, a German astronomer working out of the Humboldt University of Berlin, who eventually discovered 68 asteroids. 291 more words


In the Space Between the Things

Earth’s next chapter begins here, in the space between the things, behind a visor shielded with a thin layer of chemically-treated protection designed by well-paid engineers. 341 more words

Science Fiction

Asteroid To Pass Earth On March 5th; NASA Confirms No Impact Threat

On March 5th, a 100 foot long asteroid will make its closest approach to Earth passing at a distance of between 14 million km (9 million miles) and 17,000 km (11,000 miles). 448 more words

Big Asteroid Could Pass Near Earth Next Month: NASA

NASA is monitoring a 100-foot (30-meter) wide asteroid that could make a close pass by Earth next month but has no chance of hitting it, the U.S. 251 more words


February 09 - Apollo 14 Splashdown

We have a collection of shorts today, starting on February 9th 1882 with the possibly C-type, 55km wide, main belt asteroid 222 Lucia, discovered by Johann Palisa.   255 more words


Was it a meteorite? Tests will determine what killed Indian man

New Delhi (CNN)–Indian scientists will examine remains from an object that fell from the sky Saturday, causing a large explosion which killed a man, to determine if it is a meteorite, police say. 295 more words


February 08 - 183 Istria and 283 Emma

Asteroid 283 Emma was spotted by Auguste Charlois on this very day in 1889. It’s a large main-belt asteroid about 150 to 160km wide (opinions vary). 158 more words