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Large Meteor crash off Queensland coast, Australia

Central Queensland spotted the meteor which resulted in a huge flash of light and the loud boom in the night sky.

Experts are divided over if it’s a meteor, meteorite, an asteroid, or a UFO that lit up Gladstone’s sky… 369 more words


September 27 - 134 Sophrosyne / DAWN

Asteroid 134 Sophrosyne was discovered on September 27th 1873 by Robert Luther. Its a dark, C-type, main belt asteroid, with an estimated diameter, derived from… 347 more words


OSIRIS-REx mission explained

Anthony Lydgate, editor of Elements, newyorker.com’s science-and-tech blog provides details of the September 8 launch and goals of the OSIRIS-REx mission, to collect and return about 60 g of material from the asteroid Bennu. 27 more words


Asteroid 2016 SJ just gave Earth a 'Close Shave' yet another one is going to pass by Earth

Bus-sized Asteroid 2016 SJ passed just 0.4 lunar distance away (92,575 miles or 148,985 km) one third of the distance between Earth and the Moon on September 22, 2016. 119 more words


Earths water, and comet tails

Theres a lot of disagreement about how earth got its water, especially as the planets closer and further from the sun dont seem to have much water. 308 more words

September 25 - Asteroid 203 Pompeja

Asteroid 203 Pompeja was discovered on September 25th 1879 by our old workaholic friend Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peters.  There isn’t much to say about it except it’s about 116 km across, and completes one orbit of the Sun every four and a half Earth years.   89 more words