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Strange lights on dwarf planet Ceres have scientists perplexed

Note: NASA’s Dawn is approaching this week. Get ready for them to announce it’s just ice. Yeah right! – Linda Sky

A dwarf planet is shining two bright lights at a NASA spacecraft right now, and our smartest scientists are unsure what they are. 423 more words

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Rather a fascinating - and exciting - shot of the bright lights recently seen beaming back at NASA's photographic bit of kit... exciting indeed :-) Thank you to the ever wonderful Linda Sky of the earthchangeaffirmation blog for sharing this article with us. Have a great weekend everyone :-)

Black hole breaks records, swallows up scientific theory

Scientists say they have discovered a black hole so big that it challenges the theory about how they grow.

Scientists said this black hole was formed about 900 million years after the Big Bang.


February 26 - Defining Minor Planets: A Major Headache

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France's Great Beauty

Prompt: Write about a childhood book that influenced your personality.

Spartan, arguably childish but powerful as a space-time manifold. Generation after generation, The Little Prince… 340 more words

Fireballs Light Up Sky Over Western US - Explained As Chinese Rocket

SALT LAKE CITY » People across a wide swath of the West, from Arizona to Canada, looked up at the sky late Monday to see a cluster of weird lights followed by an orange tail streaking across the night. 381 more words