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OSIRIS-REx Captures a Picture of Jupiter from L4

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx may be designed to study asteroids close up but recently it’s captured a view of something farther away and much, much larger: the giant planet… 108 more words


Interview with "the greatest band that's ever existed": Truckfighters

New bands looking to make it in the music industry could learn a lesson or two from iconic stoner rock band Truckfighters. After all, this is a band that’s been described as “the greatest band that’s ever existed” by Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, who should know a good band when it comes along. 946 more words


Passengers 2.9/5


  • Rating – PG -13

  • Genre – Science Fiction, Romance

  • Director – Morten Tyldum

  • Screenplay – Jon Spaihts

  • Cast – Chris Pratt / Jennifer Lawrence / Michael Sheen / Laurence Fishburn / Andy Garcia…

  • 405 more words

The Asteroid Belt Around My Waist By Brandon Scott

For Veronica, I know you have a story in you.

“Whoa misty, watch out for the asteroid.”

The old mechanical creature bucked up underneath The Sergeant, and he grabbed onto the silver handles as it rocked him around from the sudden stop. 745 more words


Chelyabinsk: a Blast From the Not-Too-Distant Past (or, How's That Space Program Coming Along?)

Four years ago today an explosion shattered the morning sky over the Chelyabinsk region in southwestern Russia, the result of a 60-foot-wide fragment of an asteroid entering Earth’s atmosphere at over 40,000 mph and brilliantly blowing itself to smithereens at 97,000 feet up. 336 more words


Nasa warn that Asteroid bigger than Empire State Building could one day smash into earth

An Asteroid bigger than the Empire State Building in New York could one day smash into earth, scientists have warned.

Asteroid 2015 BN509 whizzed by earth at 44,000 mph last week at just 14 times the distance between the earth and the moon. 88 more words

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Blog #3: Asteroid Mining

We commonly think of asteroids simply as left over debris from when the planets were formed, but researchers believe that we will be able to harness resources from them within the next 10 years. 214 more words