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Hand of God is coming

I heard in the spirit this afternoon as I lay down for a nap from Jesus that the Holy Spirit whispered to me, you can always tell that it’s the Holy Spirit speaking as He speaks in a still small voice within your core, in your chest is where He resides if you have His spirit within you.  432 more words

On Leadership

Jupiter protects us. The giant, red, gaseous planet’s gravitational pull distracts asteroids swirling around the median of our solar system, looking for a place to land. 101 more words

Just A Thought

A massive ancient asteroid probably formed Mars' surface

The origin and nature of Mars is mysterious. It has geologically distinct hemispheres, with smooth lowlands in the north and cratered, high-elevation terrain in the south. 748 more words

Everyday Science

Asteroid of the Half-Month: 21 Lutetia

Hooo boy… Lutetia’s a weird one. The body, like Uranus, is “tilted.” Either pole alternately faces the Sun for half its year. This isn’t too weird for a lander or settlement; if you’re near Lutetia’s equator, you would have solar power for the whole year by dialing solar panels into ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ angles. 1,190 more words


The Greatest Games Within Games

Sometimes we get bored of shooting robots, saving the world from evil time sorceresses and rolling around at the speed of sound. 1,330 more words