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Seven days: 27 March–2 April 2015

NASA plans to pluck a boulder off a larger asteroid and move it into orbit around the Moon for astronauts to visit.

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Nasa's OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Mission Passes Critical Milestone to Launch

Nasa’s ground-breaking science mission to retrieve a sample from an ancient space rock has moved closer to fruition.
The Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) mission has passed a critical milestone in its path towards launch and is officially authorised to transition into its next phase, the US space agency said in a statement. 325 more words


April 01 - 331 Etheridgea

1892  –  Asteroid 331 Etheridgea is a 75 km (47 miles) wide main belt asteroid of unknown spectral type, discovered  by Auguste Charlois on April 1st 1892. 176 more words

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March 31 - 40 Harmonia

Main-belt asteroid 40 Harmonia was discovered by Hermann Goldschmidt on March 31st, 1856.  It is an S-type main belt asteroid, about 107 km in diameter.  One of 14 asteroids discovered by Goldschmidt, Harmonia is named after the Greek goddess of (obviously) harmony.   507 more words

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Evidence of largest asteroid impact zone on Earth found in Australian outback

Two huge meteorite scars spanning 400km have been linked to one huge asteroid, creating an impact zone dwarfing that of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula


NASA si misiunea de capturare a unui asteroid / Stiinta Astronomie

Dacă ai fost atenţie la misiunile NASA din ultimul timp cu siguranţă ai observat că devin din ce în ce mai îndrăzneţe: au trimis un obiect pe o cometă 44 more words


March 29 - 4 Vesta

Asteroid 4 Vesta, the brightest asteroid visible from Earth, was first spotted on March 29th 1807 by Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers. It is named after the Roman goddess of the home and hearth, who always had a fire burning in her temples as a reminder.  103 more words