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NASA Is Building A Planetary Defense System To Protect Earth From Killer Asteroids

Three near-Earth asteroid are worrying NASA engineers who are busy constructing a planetary defense system to stop killer asteroids.

NASA plans to land spaceships on asteroids and install robotic systems on the space rocks to turn them into basic spacecraft. 58 more words


Babak Terakhir Akhir Zaman: Meteor, Perang Dunia Tiga, Alien, Tsunami, Gempa Bumi, Kekeringan, Gunung Merapi, Badai, Banjir, Wabah

AKU sudah terus memperingatkan melalui para nabi dan pembawa pesan akhir zaman-KU, dunia ini akan berubah semuanya dengan cepat. Musuh sedang menyerang. Singa bukan hanya mengaum tetapi juga menyerang mereka yang berada di dalam jalannya. 583 more words

Pesan Dari Tuhan

Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – April 29, 2016

Today is going to shock you. First, I “woke up” with a feeling in my “gut” that an asteroid collision with Earth is an imminent happenstance. 168 more words

Daily Heresy

Matthew 27:45-56 (Part 3) - Jesus & The Father; Gracie & Harry Stamper

Matthew 27:45-56 (Part 3)

Jesus Dies on the Cross

In the movie, Armageddon, there is that darkest moment when Bruce Willis’ character, Harry Stamper, is left behind to detonate the nuclear weapon that they had planted deep in the asteroid. 1,414 more words

Study Of The Gospel Of Matthew

April 29 - 68 Leto

Asteroid 68 Leto was discovered by Robert Luther on April 29th 1861.  It’s a fairly big main belt asteroid (about 125km diameter) with an absolute magnitude of 6.78, and an apparent magnitude from down here of 9.56 when at its brightest. 340 more words


April 26 - Asteroid 83 Beatrix

1859  –  Birth of Italian astronomer Vincenzo Cerulli, one of the first people to suggest that Martian canals might be an optical illusion.  Cerulli discovered one asteroid, 704 Interamnia, named in honour of his home town.   324 more words


April 25 - Gérard de Vaucouleurs

Born today in 1918, Gérard de Vaucouleurs was a French astronomer who specialized in galaxies.   He is best known these days for his modification of Edwin Hubble‘s galaxy classification scheme.   218 more words