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From ANGELS ON EARTH, May/June 1996, Guideposts, 39 Seminary Hill Rd., Carmel, NY 10512:

My husband, James, and I had been on the road for several hours when he started having an asthma… 204 more words


It never gets easier!

Just under 2 weeks ago I had another pretty serious asthma attack which ended up with me being admitted to hospital for over a week. Over the years I have had loads of asthma attacks and all of varying degrees, different situations and surroundings yet this past one is one I am finding the most difficult to process and one I am feeling the most insecure and scared by. 864 more words

The Last Supper

Tonight I devoured two pieces of Donato’s Take-n-Bake Pizza, a Cadbury Creame Egg, and a Coca Cola. Delicious, yummy, glorious standard American food.

It will be a long time before I will eat these delicacies again. 188 more words


Mental Health Mondays 02-23-2015

Anxiety Illustrated

This set of drawings are “an easy way to understand” just what anxiety feels like. It is a debilitating form of Mental Illness. 179 more words

My Thoughts

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Renato Garcia, 55, wears Green Lantern costume to his own funeral

Daily Mail: An eccentric Puerto Rican man known for his Green Lantern costume ended up wearing it even when he was dead, after being embalmed and dressed in the outfit to welcome guests to his own funeral. 98 more words


Asthma is for real, my friends!

Nearly a year ago, I let you all know that I was diagnosed with asthma. Since then, I have kept my asthma under control. Yes, I have hadĀ flare ups here and there, but with my trusty inhaler, I would knock those flare ups out of the park and my breathing would return to normal. 1,296 more words



Pernah nggak, lagi ngobrol sama orang, tiba-tiba kamu nyadar kok dia napasnya kaya ngos2an, or bahkan ada bunyi ‘ngiik’nya?
Saya pernah, tapi bukan sebagai pendengar, tapi sebagai sumber bunyi. 227 more words

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