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DMX hospitalised following possilble Asthma Attack

DMX has been hospitalized after collapsing from a suspected asthma attack. The 45 year old rapper suffered an asthma attack outside his room at the Ramada Yonkers in New York yesterday evening and was rushed to the hospital, where he is currently… 67 more words

Are Leftists Capable of Using Common Sense?

And yet another piece of news proving leftists are just plain, well, stupid. This kid gets suspended for helping a friend who could not breathe? The question is not why he did because common sense would dictate that SOMEONE would help the girl having an asthma attack, but instead is why in hell did not this idiotic teacher help the student to the nurses office herself instead of waiting for minutes to see if she was even going to receive a response? 37 more words

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Two Honor Roll Students Suspended for 30 Days Because one Saved the Other

In Texas two young girls were suspended for 30 days because one was having an asthma attack in gym class. The other girl who also has asthma quickly came to the girl’s aid by giving her – an inhaler. 228 more words

Yvonne Mason

Student Suspended for Carrying Student to Nurse Because She Was Having An Asthma Attack

In Killeen Texas a 15 year old student was suspended for leaving class without permission. Now on the surface one might ask “So What?” But when we dig deeper we find that this student refused to sit around and watch a fellow student die from an asthma attack. 851 more words

Yvonne Mason

If you are asthmatic in winter it's a #scarfie not #selfie!!

Cold air can trigger an asthma attack in some patients. During a cold snap wear a scarf, warm the air as you breath in and help prevent an attack. 8 more words

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Guest blog by Elaine Anderson...Asthma is serious! Please don't take my word for it!

I was quite delighted and rather humbled to be asked to be a guest blogger on johnathanlaird.com.
Johnathan asked me to participate as guest blogger. He even gave me inspiration by suggesting a topic for me. 345 more words


Survive an Asthma Attack without Inhaler

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