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What does asthma feel like?

So today has not been a good day for my asthma. And as I was sitting on my couch doing nothing, I decided to start looking up pictures or graphics that could help people understand my asthma just a little bit better. 990 more words


The downside of country life Part 2

I’ve been monumentally ill this week.  Not looking for pity, but something in my environment triggered an asthma attack of note and I was forced to call the local ambulance for relief and oxygen.  332 more words

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Signs and Symptoms of Asthma

With 17.7 million (7.4%) Americans suffering from asthma, it’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the disease. Emergency room visits due to asthma-related incidents total 1.8 million, proving how truly horrendous it can be. 269 more words

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How to Prevent an Asthma Attack

A chronic disease, asthma is characterised by a person’s inability to breathe in and breathe out. A person with this problem has swollen and inflamed airways. 595 more words


Tired and broken

In a young girl’s shell

Nurtured with love

But still she’s not well.

Breathless and weary

Her shell feels weak

Words behind her lips… 137 more words

Being Asthmatic whilst pregnant

I’ve had asthma for nearly 15 years. When I was diagnosed they said I had mild asthma and severe panic attacks, two things that aren’t exactly great paired together. 491 more words


2 Killed, 2 Wounded In Block Party Shooting; Witness Dies After Asthma Attack

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chaos erupted at a block party in the Back of the Yards neighborhood overnight, when an argument escalated into deadly gunfire, and a witness died after suffering an asthma attack. 201 more words