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Back in again...

So i’ve been holding out, avoiding hospital. Now i’m back in again however, i avoided intensive care this time.. ive got 7-12 days of my IV infusion to have to help… I’m probably going to miss my hospital appointment on monday… I’ve got a nice big room to myself however totally boring!! 13 more words


Literally Nothing

Not a single word put on paper, or screen, up until this point. My brain is well and truly frazzled. I was sorely tempted not to write a post. 84 more words


I am still here #02 20/07/17

Please skip over this post if you would find the details of my many conditions too much (or too boring) to read. In the light of my post on… 1,051 more words


What is a "chronic condition"?

According to Merriam Webster, “chronic” is something that is “continuing or occurring again and again for a long time.” If you look online, you can find various lists of specific conditions that are considered “chronic”, but they vary quite a bit in what they include. 408 more words


Combating Asthma: The Fight Continues

More Children and Adults Are Developing Asthma

Approximately 8 percent of the population or 25 million individuals in the United States have asthma. About 50 percent of the adults with asthma will have a serious breathing attack once a year while approximately 60 percent of children with asthma will experience a breathing attack. 367 more words