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To relieve you asthma symptoms and reduce asthma attacks, our inhalers, microspacers, valved holding chambers, and endless list of medical supplies will reduce flare ups and provide asthma relief, fast. 7 more words

Guinness made of alcohol. Very little else

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GUINNESS STOREHOUSE ‏@homeofguinness Aug 27

Over 150 people worked day and night to steer and manage the Storehouse’s first fermentation in 1906 #heritageweek


Molson 5% Canadian alcohol/ethanol. All down the toilet

Molson Canadian IRE ‏@Canadian_IRE 42m42 minutes ago

We’re barring these Canadians for crimes against music, but who should go first: Nickleback or Avril Lavigne?


Miller time. Hangover & headache

Miller Genuine Draft ‏@MGD_SA 27m27 minutes ago

We hope you’re ready to free the thirst with MGD. Make it count. Capture your fresh #ItsMillerTime moments.