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Day 11 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ Somber Sunday

Today has been an odd mix of exhaustion, blowing my nose, coughing and trying to not have a full blown asthma attack, tears, topped off with little bits of smiles. 278 more words

It's like breathing through a straw... with a hole in it

I’ve mentioned I have asthma. It’s lifelong and can be crippling… but since the advent of a preventative inhaler called Advair, it’s been like night and day. 498 more words

Plexus Trial: Weeks 3-4

if you missed my intro post (explaining why I decided to try this), you can find it here.

If you missed Weeks 1-2, you can find it… 704 more words


Ariel Garl -- My journey, battle and victory with weight: How my 3-year-old helped me find the new me.

I have struggled with my weight since I can remember. Looking back, my battles with food began around the age of 3, when my parents divorced. 1,489 more words

Major asthma breakthrough as scientists discover root cause of the condition - and say a new treatment is less than 5 years away

  • Newly identified protein in the airways thought to trigger all asthma attacks
  • Drug already exists which scientists believe could deactivate the protein
  • Human trials could begin in as little as two years, helping millions…
  • 742 more words