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Overall health over-ride 

I want to start this blog post off by asking my readers to please bare with me. I usually prep and draft my posts but tonight I’m winging this and to top it all off – I’m doing so on my phone! 1,268 more words


Did You Know - 04/24/2017

1.  60 – 90 minutes of napping boost memory creativity and complexity problem solving.
20 Minutes mid afternoon improves performance, alertness and confidence.
10 minutes restores mental sharpness. 194 more words


Asthma v Diabetes

I am often asked what is worse asthma or diabetes?

Let’s be honest neither are great and obviously every person will suffer different symptoms and different severity, both conditions can be well controlled or badly controlled. 681 more words

In defense of science

Yesterday was Earth Day, and I spent the day at home nursing a cold rather than participating in the March for Science on Boston Common. As I skimmed friends’ photos and social media posts, I told myself I was there in spirit: scientists, after all, share many of my passions, and before I ended up as an English major, I’d briefly intended to major in biology. 715 more words

Life Lessons

God did not make our immune systems stupid to attack our own tissues

If the gray matter of the brain tissue is the target of Mycoplasma invasion, you’ll portray symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or memory and cognitive thinking disturbances depending on the area of the brain terrorized. 416 more words

Of all the things I'm bad at, breathing is at the top of the list!

Asthma. I have had it pretty well under control… until this week. I’ve been suffering the granddaddy of all asthma attacks all week and now also have oral thrush. 781 more words

Cochrane Review: Interventions to improve adherence to inhaled steroids for asthma

Despite its proven efficacy in improving symptoms and reducing exacerbations, many patients with asthma are not fully adherent to their steroid inhaler. Suboptimal adherence leads to poorer clinical outcomes and increased health service utilisation, and has been identified as a contributing factor to a third of asthma deaths in the UK. 83 more words

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