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Dear Asthma

Please don’t die together with me, Die all by yourself.

What the hell is this feeling, indescribable, no one could understand unless they have this kine of flalala too.. 46 more words

Our new version of "normal"

I sit here typing while he sleeps beside me. We’re at home now, but the watching never truly stops. I’ve been watching him so carefully for 3 days now. 608 more words

Autism; Second Verse Same As The First

T-7 Days

It’s amazing how you prep and you plan and then everything goes to hell in a hand basket.  This past week was “suppose to” be my last week of hard training for this next week to be my taper week.  296 more words

Half Marathon

I'm not fast, I'm persistent

Knowing I needed to add some cross training to my regimen I added spin and barre to my running mix.  It’s kind of a pain to get to considering I have to drive back into DC.  336 more words



Having rested so well, we get up the next day to go to church. I really didn’t own a dress appropriate for the weather. The church doesn’t have an air conditioning unit, so I knew we would be sweating to the oldies. 290 more words


So hot...

Every day of my first week of school was practically a waste of time. Since this was my first encounter with this school, I had apparently missed the memo that no one, not even the professors, attend class the first week. 171 more words


12Ks of Christmas

A couple of weeks ago I was on the fence about trying to squeak one more race in this year.  It’s getting cold here in the mid-Atlantic and running in cold weather when you are an asthmatic is a huge NO NO.  1,056 more words