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21 Days Into 2017

It’s a Saturday night and yes I am working , I am always working …

Working on a new project, working on my art , working on my graphic design,  working on my wellness coaching. 1,147 more words


Asthma in Winter...

I have pretty much been asthmatic on and off for my hole life. Blue, purple, brown and orange inhalers name one and I’ve probably taken it at some point! 410 more words

My Life

Asthmatics hate the holidays...

Hello dear readers…

I used to love Halloween, years ago. Now, due to my growing fragrance and chemical sensitivities, all this time of year does is throw me into the pits of despair. 417 more words



You know you weren’t feeling well when you’re happy to be in the hospital… okay maybe not happy to be in the hospital, but happy to be receiving treatment. 156 more words

Divalicious Journey

Some 20 Things to Improve your Asthma (like, seriously)

  1. Per my previous post… get rid of all indoor pollution: air fresheners, deodorizers, liquid diffusers, scented candles, moth balls, etc. Anything and everything that can release fragrance (chemicals) into the air all day long is super bad for your lungs over time.
  2. 1,478 more words

Rainforest Acacia Honey

Untainted By Chemicals, Borneo Rainforest
Acacia Honey Is 100% Pure Natural Goodness… 100% Certified Organic

Country of Origin : Malaysia

100% pure honey gathered from the blossoms of Acacia Mangium trees planted in Borneo’s tropical rainforest. 76 more words


What does asthma feel like?

So today has not been a good day for my asthma. And as I was sitting on my couch doing nothing, I decided to start looking up pictures or graphics that could help people understand my asthma just a little bit better. 990 more words