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Double-crested Cormorant

Double-crested Cormorant

Astoria, OR

April 2017

Little Bitty Getaway: Astoria

After each transfer we’ve planned a couple days out of town to exhale with the news, and obviously with shit hitting the fan double-time, this was especially vital. 509 more words


Bob Weir & Rat Dog: Astoria – August 22nd, 2003


Rat Dog is Bobby’s band. I loved Bobby.

Sugar Magnolia is all tied up for me with my first ever girlfriend at college.

It may have only lasted a couple of months one summer, but until I met my wife it was one of only two ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’  relationships I think I ever had. 714 more words


My Queens Extravaganza

As I stated last week, things have been going pretty well for me at work. I don’t leave past 8pm these days because, for various reasons that have added up, I’ve become integral to the department. 1,078 more words

The Young Knives: Astoria - October 30th 2006


They were brothers, and the bass player called himself The House of Lords.

Voices of Animals and Men was an amazing album.

I loved it so much that I didn’t just burn off a copy of the album, I’d used a printer at work to print out the cover art too. 83 more words


My Show at the KALA Theater

This was a super fun night with openers Leigh Ann Kranz and Celeste Gurevich.
“You’ve got quite an Amy Schumer vibe going on.”

“You owned that stage.” … 18 more words

Cosy Astoria sweatshirt

So the Astoria is possibly the second most popular sweatshirt pattern in the sewisphere, after the Linden. It’s definitely less sculptural than the Talvikki… 650 more words

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