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Η Μάρθα Τομπουλίδου συνδέει τη λαϊκή τέχνη με τα Αγια Πάθη στην Αστόρια

Από αριστερά: Μάρθα Τομπουλίδου, Χρήστος Γόδας, Θεοδώρα Παπαχριστοφίλου-Λούκας, Δημήτρης Μιχαήλ, Μακαρία Ψιλιτέλη-Καζάκου, Γλαύκος Κοντεμενιώτης. ΝΙΚΟΣ ΣΤΑΜΑΤΑΚΗΣ

Του Νίκου Σταματάκη

Με μιας εκπληκτικής ποιότητας εκδήλωση ξεκίνησε η Ομογένεια της Ν. 8 more words


Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day Across the City on Saturday

Small-business-loving bibliophiles rejoice: this Saturday, you can celebrate Independent Bookstore Day in New York and across the country. The initiative was started three years ago by the Northern Californian Independent Booksellers Association and continues to grow. 333 more words

Day Two: (Somewhere) At Sea

No, not the Timothy Spall TV show “Somewhere at Sea” that I bought the DVD of recently, (& very good it is too) but day two of our round Britain cruise. 690 more words

Day One: All Aboard (The Astoria)

Three days after my birthday last year I was reading my favourite local paper the Abergavenny Chronicle when I saw an advert from Newmarket Holidays that intrigued me. 1,178 more words

My Top Rated Playlist

I downloaded the whole Marianas Trench Album, Astoria.  It plays like a musical.  I really love it–Track 1 to 17.

These are the ones that made My Top Rated Playlist, which, if you are new to the series, is my running playlist.  31 more words

Running Music

Make it Snap-E!

The camaraderie with friends this past weekend was nice. We caught an amazing sunset Friday night. Enjoyed some great food and tasty beverages. Soaked our cares away in a hot tub. 688 more words