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City of Gold

I had a lot happen last night so this post will focus only upon the OBEs I had.

Wrapped in a Blanket

I had been dreaming and had an encounter that was sexual in nature that woke me up. 1,108 more words


Dream Recall

Image: M.J. Garcia

“You learned to run from what you feel, and that’s why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness. To accept is to control.” 1,491 more words


Respect all forms of service as we are one.

Welcome divine beings,
We share this message with courage, joy and excitement. The energies within the Universe are linking us to a more fruitful expression of what this life is. 427 more words

One on One Intuitive Classes

Have you ever wanted to tap into your intuitive self? All of us have the capability to be our own psychic; it’s just learning how to utilize the power within. 110 more words


We are back with more love and more light!

Greetings to you all,
After a year of personal growth and divine development, so have we chosen to channel a sacred truth in our message today. 589 more words

On The Way To Mars

     On Mars, humans will become the scary aliens, with the funny ears and hats, odd noses, silly butts, buggy eyes, unhinged flapping jaws. They, not you and me, sort of, not yet, unless you just can’t wait and are getting a head start inside of your private head, will be unable to speak the language, inhale the dust, exhale the gas, increase the mass, control the flow, regulate the speed, dribble, penetrate, procreate in tubes. 1,212 more words


My Top Ten Tracks for Binaural Wave Entrainment

I have shared a lot of knowledge on the science behind the Law of Vibration and how to practice Binaural Wave Entrainment. Here is a list of my top ten tracks to heal and sleep to. 104 more words