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The Field Trip

Photo by graur razvan ionut. Published on 19 January 2011
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I have heard many people say that while we are sleeping we leave our body and go into and connect with the Spirit Realm. 517 more words


Time travel using Hypnotherapy

Could Hypnotherapy be used for time travel, I will explain how Hypnotherapy can be used for time travel.

Source: Time travel using Hypnotherapy


8 OBEs

Crazy busy night for me last night. The OBEs were this morning, but there was more beforehand. I will include that in another post.

I was super lucid for these OBEs. 1,778 more words

Astral Travel/OBE

It's Now Free on Amazon, too!

Amazon.com finally caught up with the other distributors, so now you can get Mastering Meditation free for your Kindle, too. Try some of the different meditations from the book, and see which of them works for you. 77 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Astral 102: Astral Identity (pt.3)


The one thing that truly separates the Astral from the Physical so differently is the concept of Gender. While the Physical does have cultures that have more than two genders, the mass population of the world is “officially” aware of the two main genders. 513 more words


Cyber Event: All About Astral Projecting

ALL are Welcomed and Honored <3 Highest Blessings and Much Love from My HeartStar to Each of You <3 ~SolsticeSky~ Co-Founder of Quantum StarSeeds Unite… One of the Proud Sisters of the Seven that have come together to create a Sacred Space to assist in Raising the Vibrations & Frequencies of Gaia & Humanity in the Now. 29 more words


Astral 102: Astral Identity (pt.2)


The Astral can affect us in many different ways. Knowing yourself is extremely important, both inside and out. Most speak of things being different on the Astral, from names to appearances to race. 491 more words