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Cover Reveal, Giveaway, and an Excerpt for Unexplained

There are many milestones in an author’s career, but none as exciting (and nerve wracking) as the debut novel.  I am currently in the throes of that particular experience, and I have to be honest- it’s thrilling and frightening at the same time! 729 more words

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How to Yoga Nidra in 10 Easy Steps

Yoga Nidra is a very cool practice that progressively visits the 5 Koshas – or, layers of the Self – beginning with the body, then energy and breath, followed by thoughts and emotions, into our wisdom, all the way to joyfulness. 306 more words

Dreaming in Dog Years

Can dogs astral project?  It happened to me.  My best friend entered my astral realm.  His name is Tupac; he’s named after the poet & rap artist known as Tupac Shakur.  965 more words


Dancing In The Universe

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I decided to try to Astral Travel this afternoon. I immediately noticed that my awareness is greatly improving. It was as if I could feel the vastness and beauty of the Universe. 519 more words


Demonic Rape: My Freedom from the Horrors of the Lower Astral Plane

Please be advised that this post contains very graphic descriptions about the lower astral realm and my experiences there. If you are sensitive, I encourage you not to read further than this warning. 6,066 more words

Astral 102: POV in the Astral

There’s usually something that most people forget to mention when they speak about viewing the Astral. In my opinion, this is quite an important thing because it can really disorient those that do try to Astral for the first time. 570 more words


The Literal Highest

My 2.5 year old son awoke at 3:45 this morning crying to nurse, and since we don’t nurse at night he got very emotional when I said no. 576 more words