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Rituals to Awareness

By Mahesh Bhalerao, Canada

Many of those who are connected to Mohanji know of His tremendous energy that can feel like sahasra sooryaya (a thousand suns), and be difficult to handle. 1,908 more words

Life Experience

Spiritual Reality

True Light

All over the Internet and on YouTube there are all these people saying that they are getting into the spiritual, whether they are seeing visions, hearing voices, Astral travelling, receiving prophetic messages, having dreams, teleporting, trans-relocating, spirit travelling, getting high in the spirit, you name it, the list appears to be endless! 3,223 more words


Freedom of the Spirit!

True Light

There is one place to this day that God can still be found and that is in the realm of the Spirit. The spiritual realm of the Spirit is really the realm of God’s presence because wherever you are on this earth or out of this earth should you go there, then we all need to be in the presence of God and not out of it or we are going to find ourselves spiritually dead. 1,526 more words


My Muse...

I felt you in the shower today,

The way the water hits your hair and runs down to your precious parts makes my skin crave your works of art… 50 more words


Astral Overlap and a Precognitive Dream

As many of you know, I have just returned from Contact in the Desert 2018. The conference was filled with amazing speakers, conversations, and naturally, synchronicities. 2,242 more words

Health & Spirituality

Freedom From The Body

My children, my Spirit Team and I were just discussing when I was out of my body and was seeing the owl. He appeared right in front my face; yet, the word “face” is not appropriate. 166 more words



I’m sitting prim and proper on the gum-stained
subway, where the fuzzy backings of the seats
of Hell’s hustle and bustle are worn down to… 628 more words