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Dante's Equation

A universal wave that defines our reality…that is the key plot item to a book I just finished reading. The odd thing is, that although it’s a book of fiction, it brings together several concepts I have researched and studied for years. 831 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Dreams of The Wolf

During my time asleep I know I end up astral traveling. My dreams sometimes can tell me what I have been up too. Most times its a mixture of subconscious messages for my waking life and astral travel. 561 more words

As The Path Turns


I’m so close now

To that next jump

So close to falling

Deeper and deeper

Into the other aspects of myself

Where time and space mold together… 133 more words


OBE: Through the Screen

I had a very brief lucid-dream-to-OBE this morning.

Elevator Tube

I had been dreaming in vivid color of being taken down this elevator at intense speeds. 647 more words


Do broken hearts stop us? - Or bid us reach Higher?

“When my arms grew long and strong enough I started pulling myself up onto the roof to lie back under the stars, praying for their vast peace to drain off some of this hurt. 188 more words

Personal Growth

OBE: Going Home via the Spiritual Processing Hub

I became aware while in the in-between. My guide was trying to get me to listen to something he had to say and I had no interest. 1,433 more words