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Jan. 25, 2016 My First Attempt on Astral Travel

Karen and Vesta gave me this idea that I can actually visit her regularly thru astral travel. This way, we can actually go “on a date” as often as we want. 552 more words


Jan. 24, 2016 Tips on How to Go Astral Travel

After Karen and Vesta sent me this idea on doing astral travel to visit them, Karen has been asking me when I’m coming over. I find it so funny how her spirit guide, Vesta has been quite helpful in sustaining our relationship because she sees how love strengthens Karen’s spirit and raises her vibrations. 317 more words


Crossing the Yellow Brick Road

I woke from sleep.

I found myself standing in the hallway,And thought that I must have been sleepwalking. My eyes seemed to have no difficulty adjusting to the light. 519 more words

Astral Projection Spontaneous

Jan. 19, 2016 Invitation to Visit the Spirit World

Hi my Dearest Darling,

I wish you saw me play Beethoven today. I played it perfectly today. Yes, it is the Moonlight Sonata. I had a larger audience with our spirit group leading the applause. 325 more words


OBE: Good Vibrations

Since I was told I would soon be experiencing another upgrade soon, I asked if I could astral project. I got the go-ahead and so requested again prior to sleep. 1,122 more words


How To: Astral Travel | Shay and Ambi

I wrote a post on MY blog about astral travelling and a couple people wanted more posts on the subject so I thought I might as well write a How To on it here, on Ambi’s blog. 566 more words


OBE: Fireflies

I had many other OBEs this morning but most of them are long forgotten now. I recall the last one very vividly, though.

OBE: Fireflies… 379 more words

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