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The Catalyst...

Many times I’ve found myself sitting with pen in hand ready to confess the lost time in between the years of our departed whirlwind. Then reality always sets in that we really don’t know each other anymore and again, I rest my case. 452 more words


OBEs - Lost Count

I got a wonderful morning surprise of 1.5 hours OOB. :)

Before I go into what happened I wanted to add that I find it no coincidence that the number of lucid dreams and OBEs I’ve had has increased since I took a break from my exercise routine. 1,703 more words


2 OBE's and Informative Links

Two OBEs to share and some considerations, also.

OBE: Crocodiles in the Water

Woke at 5:30am and rolled back over feeling a bit sad that I had not had any lucid dreams or OBEs in quite some time. 1,245 more words


A Visit to Jupiter

I dreamed I that I have a vacation home on the moon Io, a whimsical, flowery sort of place I built with my mind. A friend of mine was staying with me there. 494 more words

Astral Travel - Lucia Sullivan


Astral Travel “Drifting off to dream,
In the twilight zone.
Far from body, house and home.
Astral traveling at midnight.
Full moons circle, 87 more words
Lucia Sullivan

Little Grays

I was dreaming and I remember there was at least 20 little gray aliens looking at me. They were tiny enough that one walked up to me and I put my hand out for it to stand on it. 204 more words

Meditating outside

Before I go to bed, I usually sit down outside and just enjoy nature. Whenever I’m sitting outside and staring off into nothing I tend to raise my frequency a lot. 396 more words