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The Nine Worlds Series: Niflheim

In Norse lore, Niflheim is one of the first of the Nine Worlds to emerge into being. Mist-Home is filled with icy mountains and glaciers. The entire realm seemed perilously high but that may be because of where I landed upon entering the world. 894 more words


Manifesting an Astral Projection // Art as a manifesting tool 

So, I have been trying for quite a while now to achieve an OBE, otherwise known as an Out of Body Experience, or an Astral projection – in which case one will be able to engage in many forms of Astral travel – a very exciting spiritual phenomena. 945 more words

Fragments of Light: The Shaman

This must be the place. Tall and narrow and strange; a lighthouse far from sea.
(what is it there to guide?)
He will be waiting inside for me, on the second floor. 926 more words


Digging Himself in a Hole

So the Xirduga (aura dragons) Council was pissed because I haven’t worked with them in depth like I needed to. So I got dragged back and chewed out for not devoting time to them (cause it’s been a pain to do anything astral or contracts because of college and life). 263 more words

Spirit Work