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They travel on bended knees through broken trees and weave through dreams when Christmas looms.

All for you so one day you can see them too. 65 more words


Anecdote on Ideological Metamorphosis in Conjunction with Spiritual Struggle

2013 Words—by Axl Atman

An anecdote on my ideological and spiritual metamorphosis in the previous year, proposing that the two occurring simultaneously were not coincidental and potentially could have been interconnected by Divine Fate. 2,002 more words


Meditation & Astral Traveling


This is officially my first blog post.

I’m not going to spend time introducing myself I will just leave a little bit of info in the… 3,222 more words

Astral Travel

Snake Astral World

This experience was probably one of the best I’ve ever had while Astral projecting. This experience was so vivid and shocking to watch. I couldn’t tell the difference between reality and this astral world.   681 more words

My Other Selves

I woke up in the night and realised that I exist in multiple places. I can visit myself and learn from myself at will as each version of me holds something that I need to grow. 363 more words

New in the shop today: Vegtam Flying Potion Ritual Oil

Vegtam is one of the many names of the Norse god Odin; it means “Way Tamer,” or Wanderer. Norse lore talks about Odin’s ability to travel far and wide throughout the worlds, on his own errands or those of other people, while leaving his body behind in Asgard; this, of course, is what we know today as astral travel, and what the Norse referred to as faring forth. 173 more words

Spiritual Reality!

Simple Truth

All over the Internet and on YouTube there are all these people saying that they are getting into the spiritual, whether they are seeing visions, hearing voices, Astral travelling, receiving prophetic messages, having dreams, teleporting, trans-relocating, spirit travelling, getting high in the spirit, you name it, the list appears to endless! 3,222 more words