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Faeries of our World

Familiar with the saying “In Plain Sight”…when something is so obviously clear that it can sometimes be overlooked, or that something is “Right under your nose”. 210 more words


OBE: Meeting Myself

For the first time in years I could not fall asleep last night. The download I received caused a trickle-down effect that had me overcome with both mental and physical energy. 1,334 more words


OBE: Controlled Exit

After an evening full of vivid, near lucid dreams, I was finally able to project. Surprisingly, I ended up with a fairly controlled exit!

OBE: Controlled Exit… 671 more words

Astral Travel/OBE

Then there was that time I left my body...

I have head every varied opinion there could possibly be on the subject of Astral travel and/ or projection.
I have done a little research on the matter in more recent years and forever I will be a cynic and never will I lend too much gullibility to the word of a drug addled hippy or ten. 2,171 more words

New book.

I bought a new book called “Mastering Astral Projection” by Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer.  Started on day one and started learning relaxation and breathing.   After doing today’s exercises, I feel semi-confident in spreading feeling from toes to knees.  6 more words


Astral Traveling Baby!!!

My son is 16 months old and last week I came to realize he have started to astral project/ travel early! I know I did it as a child, it’s what got me into so much trouble as a child when other begin to realize and see I wasn’t like most children. 384 more words

Jazz re:freshed Photography Art Book + Live Album

We’re super excited about this new photography art book coming from UK’s Jazz re:freshed collective.  “Jazz re:freshed 2003-2014” documents over ten years of the Jazz re:freshed live music nights in West London.  230 more words

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