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In the dream (because I am still dreaming odd, impossible dreams) I am running down a naked road at night, taxiing down it like a plane in the muted glow of the the dim streetlights; and my foot hits the ground in one decisive smack, propelling me into the air, and I’m suddenly back in the lucid indigo sleep of my childhood full of these secret flights. 354 more words


The Storming Archives Book Trailer

Delwyn is in the center – clockwise from the top:

Prem-Luss (Planet-headed – two characters in one!), Purrsula (the cat-headed warrior), Drade (computer program entity), Fleat (feathered Stormer with a deadly Third-Eye) and Varun (half-man, half-seahorse and Guardian of the Dreamworld.) 17 more words


Dream, OBE and Realizations

As always, just when I think I’ve gone back to “normal”, something happens to shake things up.

It began with me feeling a strange energy shift yesterday which made me feel a bit melancholy. 1,544 more words


Mother's Day OBE

It isn’t a grand OBE but since they are so few and far between, I will take what I can get.

I found myself sitting on a sofa in my house. 600 more words

Astral Travel/OBE

Dr. Eben Alexander, Best-Selling Author of Proof of Heaven, Shares Insights from His Near-Death Experience


In 2008, Dr Eben Alexander had a near-death experience that would forever change his outlook on life.  In 2008, he spent seven days in a coma due to severe bacterial meningitis.  151 more words

Sleep, dreams...time travel?

Just before bed last night, I posted a piece about getting a good night’s sleep. You can see that post here.

While I did fall asleep easily last night, I found myself caught up in a time-warp dream experience that has left me completely off-kilter this morning. 150 more words