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3rd March: Brain- Dead / Virus

The 3rd of March is my younger sister’s birthday, however when she was 31 she suffered a severe stroke that along with a medical intervention left her totally brain-dead, residing in a permanent comma in a nursing hospital in Sydney. 434 more words


Dream #12 - A forest in my bedroom

March 01, 2015

It felt like 11/11/11 all over again. By 11 pm, my face became red as tomato, I had gotten a headache and a slight fever. 523 more words


The Triple Goddess of the Rainbow's End

(photo credit: Heavenly Night Angel of Peace by Katherine Skaggs)

Hi all! As I sat down to right this blog post I could feel Mother Goddess surging like liquid fire through my veins and infusing my heart with Her magnetic love language. 952 more words


4AM Voice Mail Message from Pops

VM Message:¬† “Michael? (despite my constant reminders that voice mail is electronic and not a machine I can monitor, he still thinks I can hear him while leaving messages) Michael? 338 more words

Pops Shaldjian

Going To Mars and Being On Mars

I’ve been hearing a lot of chat lately from and about folks who’ve signed up to visit Mars, folks other than astronauts that is. I’ve also heard critiques announcing that the time projections for such a trip are way off and it can’t possibly happen for another decade or so. 819 more words

TPE - D is for Death Goddess

When I was young, I was terrified of death. I was an atheist and I didn’t believe that there was anything after death. Sometimes I despaired, thinking what is the point of struggling through life, only for everything to end? 704 more words

Galaxy Shoes (dream)

Her gentle benefactor made for her a pair of shoes as a gift of love and mystery. They were crushed suede pumps of a cloudy, midnight blue. 72 more words

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