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Astral Travel

A favourite past time is to astral travel
as it is limitless free flying wherever,
sometimes I hover low or speed about

I can visit places unknown or old friends… 107 more words

Daily Prompt

Freedom of the Spirit!

There is one place to this day that God can still be found and that is in the realm of the Spirit. The spiritual realm of the Spirit is really the realm of God’s presence because wherever you are on this earth or out of this earth should you go there, then we all need to be in the presence of God and not out of it or we are going to find ourselves spiritually dead. 1,526 more words


Shared NDE

This video illustrates a rare and wondrous occurrence: a shared NDE.

Come along now and listen to Scott Taylor describe his shared experience of death when his nephew dies. 29 more words


Magick with a meaning

A problem that I see in a lot of new magickians and other people on their spiritual journey is that people want to use these kinds of practices to escape the mundane world. 408 more words


Review: Harlequin's Riddle by Rachel Nightingale

Here’s my review of a sensational debut novel by Australian author and award-winning playwright, Rachel Nightingale. It might look like a YA fantasy novel, but don’t be fooled! 1,112 more words

My Crazy Head

Some of you will read this and think I’ve gone cray cray. If I’m crazy now, I always have been.

When I was in Minnesota (one of my favourite places on Earth) last year, I received two very powerful healings, followed by an activation and healing. 381 more words

Consolidating The Gap Year

The rarities...

Imagine it, waiting stargazing

In the middle of the night the light

stirred graciously amongst the skies

My dream have bled into this instead

Can’t seem to find my shoes… 104 more words