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Spell of the Week - Astral Projection

The longer a campaign lasts the more and more likely it is to involve planer travel, whether this involves conquering demons on their home turf or nipping into the realm of faerie for a talk with the Summer Queen. 966 more words


An Unexpected Lesson on Symbols from My Dreams

This experience is a special one for me because it happened during a difficult time in my life.

I had been studying Belsebuub’s work on spirituality for some years but I felt empty and dark within and like I couldn’t find a way back to the light. 511 more words

Mystical Experiences

Next Steps

I’ve been wanting to warn my loved ones about what I am going through with this entity. At the same time I don’t want to scare anyone into to actually giving thought/ energy to this thing. 485 more words

Astral Anomaly

– It is said that we are the universe experiencing itself. That we come from stars miles away in the sky and we hold galaxies in our chests. 304 more words


Flying in the Astral Plane

For a period of time I used to have different dreams where I used to see a friend from primary school. He would appear in different ways and we would do different things as we used to do back in our childhood. 850 more words

Out-of-Body Experience


When consciousness operates outside the body it takes the mind with it

I begin in a peaceful place at a time I will not be distrubed… 85 more words