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Astral Pregnancy Upside:

For myself, being astrally pregnant and experiencing everything outside my body, which also shows the experience physically, so technically I am both astrally and physically pregnant, but my body is doing pretty good. 99 more words


Flames Can't Hurt You If You're Already Made Of Fire

I mentioned in my last post that Set helped me the most in coming to my recent revelations about perspective. I met Him for the first time about three weeks ago when He helped me re-establish contact with Anubis after o/Our separation. 1,197 more words


Quareia Module 3 is up

The reason I’m saying this is because module three has to deal with the dynamics of creation, which are important in more ways than one for magicing things. 33 more words


Date with Self

Dear All,
In my pursuit to know myself better, I wrote few lines, which I am sharing with you all.
Presenting to you my original creation – ‘Date with Self’: 236 more words


How to derive spirits and energies from the universe

Or, in other words “Getting To Know You: The Pants-Shittingly Powerful Edition”.

Its simple, really. This can be applied to anything, including exoplanetary magic, star magic, magic based in the laws of the physical universe, trench magic, etc. 122 more words



Penny Black has several negative space stamps in the new release which are fun to work with. Working with this one called ‘Astral’, I decided I wanted several colours behind the bright white bird and tree so built them up in several stages. 153 more words

Penny Black Stamps



Places me ten steps ahead of the chemist,

Resisting temptations,

The mind, focused on higher senses,

Intelligence, everlasting,

Invincible to the daughters of Satan, 70 more words