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Recent Encounters: Unidentified, Differentiated Duplicates, and Passer-Bystander

The descriptor that got through to me, that I could understand a labyrinth as sacred geometry after, was grace. The shape of a labyrinth can mean: In this place, there is nowhere else you must be; in this movement, there is nothing else you must do. 1,165 more words

Astral Sacred Space/Altar:My How-To

Having an altar and sacred space to meditate and do magickal workings is vital for the witch as not only does it help encourage you to continue your practice on a daily basis but becomes a comfortable place where you know you can meet with the Divine to commune and work. 925 more words


Astral Group Meditation Experiment

Selene Blackwell and Elm Dealandé set out to test if it possible to meet another witch, on purpose, in astral while you are both meditating; the objective of the experiment was to confirm that both witches remember the experience in the same or very similar manner. 2,129 more words

Author: Selene Blackwell

Astral Destinations: Trabine Bar

I returned back to the bar, much like I had wanted to in the first place. It’s such a unique place to be and I wanted to know a bit more about it. 779 more words

Astral Work

Raise your vibration!

Hello Earth Angels! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! I know it’s Tuesday, but I have been having a lot of downloads of information and my head has been heavy! 289 more words


The Night of a Dreamwalker

There are some cultures who have believed the dreamworld was reality and reality was a dream, and I always found that concept fascinating. What if that were the case? 1,919 more words

Astral Travel

Transitional Realm: The Bar

The first time that I went The Bar, which is what I am naming this particular realm, was sometime in fall of 2016. I was doing a Calling Match for someone and this was the realm where the spirit was located. 211 more words

Astral Work