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A quick note

As I may have mentioned before, often when I am inside of the shrine I will meditate in front of the fire.

Meditation in the astral realm is very intense. 54 more words

Astral Projecting

An attempt to explore

I had decided it was time to look around farther than I’ve already been. After starting off on foot, flying was the chosen form of travel. 187 more words

Astral Projecting

Astral Projection Experience

Well, it happened again. I just cannot recall of whom I slept with? Don’t worry, it’s never the first time over here. Trying to figure this out is the next hardest part at times. 56 more words


Astral Sex God

In sleep he leaves the body to its involuntary motions
lead by the automatic beatings of the heart.
In the astral plain, he is god among dreams… 263 more words


Hey I need your help!

My friend have this memory of a past life as another being. 
If any of you know anything about any of the following please do contact me! 109 more words

Lisa Renee - Commanding Space duiring Sleep State - Stopping Astral Interference - 3-21-15



Our HGS Panel share their experiences commanding space during sleep state and stopping astral interference.

Lisa Renee