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Month of Loki: Day 29-Part 1

Loki’s Sex Appeal will not be stopped, even if you enter Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is The Most Happiest Place On Earth… 111 more words


It came from the deep

Have beings from inner/astral realms influenced, perhaps even deliberately directed, human cultures and civilizations? Should UPG be added to the list of evolutionary forces?

I am not the first person to pose this question, and some have argued emphatically that yes, our experiences on other planes have shaped our actions on this one ( 1,924 more words


Astral Makes Me Feel Like a Timelord

This afternoon I was summoned to go Over There for Job/Work stuff–and when I’m summoned in that capacity I never really know exactly what’s going to happen. 232 more words

What Is My Life

Getting Your Astral Ducks in a Row

I have spent a lot of time talking about how dangerous the astral can be. I’ve tried to drill home the fact that the astral can be fickle, and that it isn’t something to be trifled with lest you accidentally bite off more than you can chew. 1,769 more words


Month of Loki: Day 21

Memo to Self: I will not bring up “Thor’s hammer” while I’m with Loki and in any profane way, will I not bring up “ 65 more words


Month of Loki: Day 20-Part 4

As Loki stated late last night:

“It is Monday, and we do not speak of Mondays here.”

I must agree with you Loki! :)


About Magical Darkness

It only exists if you allow it to.

Note, I do not refer to the polarity of Yin, which is the opposite of Yang. I refer to darkness. 24 more words

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