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Astral, Traveling

To anywhere
Without reason
Through the
Of ghosts,
The wind


On Hidden Names

The appearance of the name FOLAK (Volac) in the square used to obtain a vision of a Pumpkin presents a notable phenomenon that is consistent among the squares of the Abramelin. 240 more words


III. A Pumpkin

Servitors: Apolion, Nascelon (Naskelon), Nasi, Afolop (Afokop), Kilik, Kokolon, Alpas, Ipakon.

The word found on the Square’s outer edges, KIKAION, comes from the Hebrew קיקיון (see Jonah 4:6-11), which relates to a gourd, which belongs to the same family¹ as the pumpkin. 1,420 more words


The Rose of Jericho

Dry, brittle, and dehydrated are the branches of the Rose of Jericho. To the unknowing eye, it looks like a curled up dead plant in the dry season. 367 more words


Twin Pillars of White and Black

The chapel is golden limestone, stained glass
in blues and reds like salvation and damnation.
The angel of the pillar descends to smite the
dragon, fiery sword thrust into scaled hide, 340 more words

II. A Hunting Party

Servitors: Nagar, Gorilon, Liriol, Asorega, Alogil, Ragaras, Igilon, Sigis, Laralos, Gesegas, Nasi, Tolet, Igarag, Aril, Lagasas, Kilik, Kokolon, Isagas, Soterion, Negen.

The linguisitic origin of the word KINIGESIA found in the outer lines of the Square comes from the Greek κυνήγι, ‘hunting’ combined with the suffix -ησία (-esia) which denotes the condition, situation, process or action of something. 866 more words


Fictional Characters as Deity (or Aspects of Self)...

So, I just finished watching a Kelly-Ann Maddox Ytube video about working with Personified Deity.. and something she said near the end just vibed with me enough to write a post… 267 more words

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