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Space Between (Mentalists & Liminal Power)

A couple weeks ago we discussed the possible presence of both psionics (Dreamscarred Press or the ancestral system) and psychic magic (from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures) in the same campaign. 627 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Here Comes The Turning Of The Year

It seems like a good time to post a picture of my altar space for the Free Court (that’s the elves I work with) as it’s been over the winter, especially since today was the last day it’ll look quite like this—at least until next autumn. 309 more words

What Is My Life

Let There Be Dark Chapter Three


What Did the Little Girl See?

In Ameera’s home, Madam Azizah looks out the window of her living room, at the cordoned road and barricades, the police and soldiers at guard with the bright lights shining out. 2,423 more words


Let There Be Dark Chapter Two

Hi all, as promised, chapter two of my book let there be dark. This chapter is called Last Remaining Light. I posted chapter one yesterday please see that as well. 3,840 more words


The Multidimensional Afterlife, Part I

There are many ways that spirits describe their environment to those who still inhabit the earth; and yet like humans, spirits are fallible, prone to disagreements and misstatements; their words can be mangled by mediums, distorted by channels, prone to bias from the human mind or simply misinterpreted due to the general perplexity in communication between our worlds.  4,463 more words


Proof Positive: The Gravity Defiers

RULING the Earth is not the god gravity, as taught by modern science, but something much more powerful, and even closer to home.

That something is the universal Tibetan god “Fohat”or electro-magnetism, … 1,525 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Conversations With The Universe #2

New original continuated stream-of-consciousness intoxicated fiction or is it fiction…  Who knows where this is going?  Nobody.  I’m just gonna spill it and then stop.  Enjoy.  927 more words