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Astral Stuff

Alright, so lately I’ve been having some issues. Normally I do all astral stuff in dreams, but some shit has come up that requires more direct and consistent handling, the kind of shit where I shouldn’t just wait around for the random encounter or event during sleep. 139 more words



So, I was having some thoughts about sound and song with my magic. It occurs to me that I suck at using sound on the astral. 615 more words

Surrounded By The Sun

Stones Speak

I had been drawn to runes for nearly a year. Before, in my so called innocent or godless years, I fancied Tarots. My Palladini Aquarian deck is ages old. 809 more words


Loki with Horns

I got to experience Loki with horns, and I wasn’t certain what to think? So, Loki let me know, he is still Loki, the one I married. This made me smile. <3


Eyes Wide Open

Astral or psychic recognition – either of your own spiritual inner power or of the forces and energies that activate and control physical life forms – is the way to open your third eye or sixth sense. 217 more words


an encounter with a spirit

I don’t have much time, but I needed to record this encounter before I forget the details.

I arrived within the shrine. After a short prayer-meditation in front of the fire, I opened the heavy wooden door to strong winds. 571 more words