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{SpiritMonkey} - Astral Projection & OBEs - What & How

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Astral Projection & OBEs – What & How

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{SpiritMonkey} – Astral Projection & OBEs – What & How

Astral projection and out-of-body experiences have been reported since early shamanism. 108 more words


Past Dream #11

I was in a building with huge bay windows that could withstand the ocean Waves. My step father was there with me and we are looking out into the distance, the sky was greyish, dark blue and out of the clouds was an etherized looking cloud streaming down from the darker clouds. 40 more words

Astral Pregnancy Update

Astral birth can give one mean “hangover” feeling, slight migraine included.

I’m currently at work, about to eat something real fast, to try and help. I’m also trying to “work this through/off,” but Loki, I know, will say and has told me different. 💗


Iisrael teisel pool

Käisin täna Iisraeli või midagi sinna kanti riigis-linnas. Oli loodus. Kivist trepid -keegi ronis minuga üles. Siis pidime minema kaugemale (umbes 30min kõndida ühte kohta). Meid suunas sinna üks tüüp (kes ei mäleta enam), aga oli tähtis koht. 271 more words


There is No Beginning – The Big Bang Never Happened

HERE’S what H. P. Blavatsky wrote concerning the expansion of the universe. Compare it with what our modern physics has to say. In The Secret Doctrine… 1,745 more words


Dream log August 26th/2016 

Dream log 1: Had a dream of my little cousin Sam laying on her left side with her bf. I then message my cousin later on that day and told her about my dream and she says that is the side she sleeps on and the side of the bed was right too. 90 more words

Ethics & Spirit Work Part 1: Consent

Consent is, I would say, the foundation for the majority, if not all, ethical issues in spirit work. Frankly speaking, consent is incredibly complicated in spirit work, more so than it is in the physical world (and that is saying something). 1,833 more words

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