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Ticking away the moments

Sunday, July 17th 2016

Dear exiled French person,

I’m writing to you from my parents house you once visited, listening to music we both know quite well, and thinking about how many projects I’ve started without finishing them. 989 more words

I'm Leaving Today

Endings can be sad or they can be happy. If I was to make a mix-tape to accompany an ending, what songs would I have on it? 162 more words


How To Train Your Dragon

I haven’t really talked about movies/Tv shows because I run a book blog. I felt that I needed to start at least acknowledging movies and tv shows because they are such a huge part in why I do things. 492 more words


How did you get interested in the paranormal?

Dear Readers,

There are many reasons I am interested in the paranormal. This post will give you a taste of those reasons.

When I was a little girl, just before my fourth birthday, my family moved from Phoenix, Arizona, to Kingman, Arizona. 807 more words

Baby Astrid Arrives

July 10, 2016

We have a new grandchild! Christopher and Emily’s first child has arrived. Baby Astrid was in no hurry to join the world, and arrived with much fanfare 11 days late. 249 more words


And So We Begin Again...


Thank you everyone who sent good wishes after Cookie’s *ahem* incident. She’s doing very well, and back to being herself 100%.
And, a huge thank you to those whose shoulders I cried on during and after…words can’t express how much I appreciate the support and love y’all sent my way. 498 more words

A Little Bit of Catching Up...

In the time since we last saw each other much has happened here on the Farm.

We got chickens…yup, 20 ex-battery hens. One of the local farming FB groups had an ad for these girls, cheap, at a year old. 1,087 more words