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Courage Renewed (Astrid #8)

The pain that seized her was like nothing she could have expected. She felt like she was being torn in half from the inside out, her body twisting and wrenching with the pain. 972 more words

Horses are...

Strange creatures.
They can hurt themselves in the oddest fashion, and some, in the most spectacular ways.

Take, for example, our Bella…

We’ve just come out of blizzard-like conditions…again. 372 more words

Storm's Childe 4 - A Difficult Contract

Author’s Note: This chapter contains spoilers, not only for the “Mourning Never Comes” quest but also my Selene Stormblade series. I am writing this in the same world as Selene, after Selene’s story has been completed and before Dragonborn: the Legacy begins, and that means that certain out-of-game, off-lore things have happened. 3,633 more words


What is...even happening?

Ummmmmmm. Uhhhhhhh. Liiiiiiiiike. Pfffff… Dude. Calm down. I don’t know. SHHHHHHHHHHHH…

There there. It’s okay. I mean, uhhhhhhhhhh…no no, it’s fine. I meaaaaaaaaaaaan… Yeah—like, no, it’s cool—yeah, it’s okay… Blegggggghhhhhh…

35 more words
Ten-Cent Safari

The Winter Blues

January can be a tough time.
We’ve just come out of the hustle and bustle of Yule, Orthodox Christmas has come and gone, we’ve eaten and drank ourselves into a stupor, and now we’re facing the long cold journey until the warm spring winds start to blow. 632 more words

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Try, try again.
So, I’m trying again make it all the way through the alphabet on the Friday’s Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills… 120 more words

Desenvolvimento de Niska x Astrid na Season 2 de Humans

Eu comecei a assistir Humans ano passado, vi a primeira temporada toda, ok. Tudo heteronormativo como sempre, nenhum sinal de que pessoas que não fossem hétero existissem. 2,090 more words

Análise De Representatividade