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Obscuring The Heart(Part 11)

Hiccup, Astrid and I all entered the great hall to be met with a load of screaming and yelling in concern and anger over the fact that Stoik was no longer here. 1,415 more words

How To Train Your Dragon

Photoshoot with Rochelle Elise Photography

For Astrid’s 1st birthday, we decided it would be good to get some high quality shots of the whole family. Good photographers are in high demand in Vancouver, so it wasn’t until August that we were able to schedule a photoshoot with  93 more words


I would say to always follow your dream.
And dream big because my whole career,
including any of the things that I’ve accomplished,
I never thought in a million years that I would be here.

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[Delirium] 1 - 5

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“No,” Ash said weakly from the floor where he still lay in a pool of blood and vomit. 5,215 more words

[Delirium] 1

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

To celebrate Thanksgiving and the beautiful fall weather here in Vancouver, we took Astrid to Southlands Heritage Farm to visit the pumpkin patch. Southlands is a bizarre neighbourhood in the south-west corner of Vancouver, with mansions on giant acreages, horses, and active farms. 151 more words


7 Things Xander Ford Tells Us About Society

by Astrid

I am not here to try to add more insult to the Xander Ford controversy. But in case you are living under a rock, internet sensation Xander Ford (formerly known as Marlou) just had extensive facial surgery that is garnering worldwide attention. 674 more words


Astrid: Social Butterfly

Now that Astrid has mastered walking, her brain has moved on to learning how to communicate. It’s been scary how fast she’s progressed. Her physical milestones (like rolling over, crawling, standing, and walking) were gradual progressions that developed over weeks. 316 more words