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Voyage of the Damned

Doctor Who is developing a proud tradition of providing work to pop stars: Billie Piper, McFly, Leeeeee John and now Kylie Minogue. Like Billie, Kylie was an actress before she became an icon of pop, and a very good one at that. 1,894 more words

Doctor Who

Sexuality Pet Peeves - Astrid

Triggers. We’ve all got ’em. Just because it’s become a topic that’s the center of many jokes doesn’t make it any less valid.

My point exactly. 296 more words


An Introduction - Astrid

To anyone reading this, I’m simply Astrid. My identity will be both unknown and unimportant.

If you’re reading this and know what this blog is about, chances are you already think I’m somehow different. 153 more words


One Day at a Time

So I got lost there for a bit.
Had to.
Dealing with Cookie’s death has been a challenge…

My own grief, my human family’s grief, my little herd’s grief. 1,145 more words

Daydreamer's Log #01: Cats and Time

by Astrid

“Are you awake?” she asked the crowd.

It’s a fitting question; for the air in the room wraps your skin like a cold blanket on a hot summer day. 292 more words