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Dreaming Astrid

I went for a walk in the pasture yesterday, before the rains hit us again.
I like to do that to check on The Girls, to check on the grass, to make sure nothing dangerous has blown in…or been tossed over the fence. 143 more words

Opening the Front Pasture

We’ve leased our big field out for another year. As much as I wanted to finish fencing, and seed for pasture, there were a few other things that needed attention first. 406 more words

Astrid and the Temple of Horrors

Surprisingly well recovered after their brief rest, the party roused themselves once more, to venture down the new passage of smooth dressed stone, impressive quality suggested probably dwarven construction, likely from before the Cult laid their cursed grip upon the mines. 3,456 more words


Spectral Tentacles

In the early morning with the sun still below the horizon, the impromptu encampment was disturbed by a Bruxx, seemingly appearing from nowhere amidst the party. 1,348 more words


Astrid - No Reason

01 – No Reason
02 – Standing In Line
03 – See The Sun