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XIII, Remedy

The old man had just appeared behind them, but he didn’t seem so old anymore. He was a professional swordsman who drove back the same two creatures that Simon and Gabe couldn’t defeat together. 4,214 more words

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3: "Girl, the last thing you need is access to sharks"

Astrid worked for the Roehampton Modern Art Gallery, otherwise affectionately known as the RMAG. Some unwise marketing employee had written a rap about it, which had been used in TV and radio commercials alike, to draw in foot traffic. 1,370 more words


XII, Goodbye

Astrid was right behind Simon as he leapt onto the stairs. The new light was so bright in her eyes that she found it hard to see. 887 more words

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Place in the World

Do you ever wonder about your place in the world?
Are you doing what makes you happy?
What you feel you’re meant to be doing? 193 more words

Daily Prompt: Astonish


Hi Everyone!

This statement is so true! How many colors, patterns are you wearing today! That many! Great job!!!!

LOOK UP IN THE SKY!!!!  39 more words

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X, Captive

Her whole body felt as if it were made of lead. Even her eyelids seemed so heavy that it took an effort just to open them. 2,885 more words

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I cannot tell you how much I’m loving these longer days.
I mean I could, but words aren’t quite enough, I think, to explain how much the sunshine is a balm for the Spirit. 144 more words