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SHS~March 1st

Wheeeee!!! We made it to March! Spring is coming, Spring is coming. Can you tell I’m a little bit excited about that? lol!
Soon, we’ll be starting seeds, here on the Farm. 608 more words

Skyrim: The Dark Brotherhood

Do you want to learn more about the Dark Brotherhood with words from a Dark Sister? Get a lot of information simplified and pounded into one article? 937 more words


The Telling

“I think you should go see Gothi.” Hiccup called through the door, listening to her wretch.
“I’m fine, it’s just somthi-” She abruptly stopped as the retching started back up. 327 more words

O is for Oats

My Girls do love their oats.

They’ll tell you they don’t get them as often as they’d like. Piggies that they are, they’d like to have them 3 times a day, every day! 461 more words

Astrid's Naming Day

Astrid’s naming day was held in January. The weather forecast suggested that it would rain all weekend so Kate and Dan decided early to change the venue of the naming day and have it at home. 353 more words

Recent Ceremonies

Zombie Snow Mares


She’s fallen…

And rolling…

Eek! Zombie snow mare!!

It was contagious…

Cookie caught it…

She’s getting up…

Zombie snow mare!!

Tired Girl, after rolling and shaking off the Zombie Snow Mare virus…has to use Ruby’s bum as a pillow. 68 more words

The honeymoon

A week later, they emerged. The newly built house having been completed the week before the wedding, was placed strategically next to the waterfall they often frequented. 587 more words