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Obscuring The Heart(Part 10)

Hiccup and I both landed next to the arena on our dragons. Those that were stuck in there were trying to kill the others. The culprit for it was the dragon root that was sitting in the middle of the arena. 1,862 more words

How To Train Your Dragon


There is nothing imaginary about the benefits horses provide to the lives of people who love them and live with them.

Are they a lot of work? 196 more words

9. May old acquaintance be forgot...

ASTRID: I don’t think they heard me. It’s open! Come in! It’s open!

ESPERANZA: It’s open!

GILLIAN: No way. Hey! Veronique!


MAVIS: No… oh no… Veronique… 639 more words



The best portion of a good man’s life

is his little, nameless, unremembered

acts of kindness and of love.

~ William Wordsworth

Kui oli õige aeg astreid külvata, siis olid minul seemned kadunud. Aga ema mulle tõi nüüd ette kasvatatuid. Kuna mul siiski ühtegi peenart pole, siis sai “suvalisse” kohta pandud, ehk ümber mingi imbväljaku toru. 17 more words


8. Esperanza's Studio

MAVIS: How much longer? I don’t mean to rush, but I’ve been trying to reach Dan all day and its not like him not to call me back. 450 more words