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V is for Valiant

As in…The horses made a valiant effort to stay awake while the sun beat down on their bodies.

That drooping bottom lip tells me Sable was darn near asleep on her feet…the only reason she was coming to the fence was because she was hoping I had a cookie for her. 154 more words

Video Konser Tanpa Ariel - Dari Sahabat Untuk Sahabat 2012

Di bulan Februari 2012, Lukman, Uki, Reza, David melakukan tur ke 4 kota, Lampung, Banjarmasin, Semarang dan Bandung. Ketika itu Ariel masih di dalam penjara. Tur ini sangat langka, karena Ariel bukan sebagai vokalisnya. 30 more words


Astrid Just Couldn't Adult...

Some days, it’s hard to be a horse. Especially one that stands up to eat, run, poop…y’know, do Horse things. Sometimes, the sun shines, the birds sing, the wind settles down, and a horse’s bones turn to jello. 80 more words

SHS~April 12th Edition

Wheeee! I finally remembered to take pictures for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, after missing a couple. :)

Prompts this week are Monday, Peace, Letters… 348 more words

U is for Upset

We had a few upset animals this past week…

These 2 were upset that I wasn’t fast enough to get them their morning cream. Yep, spoiled brats they are! 375 more words

Top Ten Tuesday – What Are You Up To?

I found this topic extremely difficult. I didn’t think I would, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the recent penchant for serializing everything (even when it doesn’t need it) means I know pretty much everything I need to know about most characters, or there are books to come that will satisfy my desire to revisit, or there are more books and I haven’t cared enough seek them out. 402 more words

Top Ten Tuesday

The Witch Part 2

Hiccup stared out at sea, hands in pockets, waiting for his mother. Things had gotten out of hand with Astrid. No longer could he just stand aside. 470 more words