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From Astrobites: "Living the ‘Magellan’ life : Observing at a Chilean masterpiece"


Feb 4, 2016
Gourav Khullar

Personal experiences

Carnegie Institution Magellan 6.5 meter telescopes

You are driving up a mountain. In the middle of nowhere. In a part of the globe that’s too remote to imagine. 1,102 more words

Basic Research

From Astrobites: "A Nested Binary System"


Jan 19, 2016
Matthew Green

Paper title: Title: KIC 7177553: a quadruple system of two close binaries
Authors: H. Lehmann, T. Borkovits, S. A. Rappaport, H. 796 more words

Basic Research

Mid-AAS Musings

I can’t imagine kicking off a new year without the winter AAS meeting, and there’s no better venue than Seattle. This year, I’m teaming up with fellow astrobites author… 419 more words

Adventures at AAS

One of the highlights of my year is always the winter American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting. It’s a few days in early January jam-packed with as much astronomy as you could imagine—some 3000 astronomers presenting new research, learning about resources for education and outreach, and seeing colleagues in person for once. 587 more words

AAS Astronomy Ambassadors and You

The following is cross-posted from a guest post on Astrobites, a blog that features summaries of recent papers in astronomy and astrophysics. From time to time, Astrobites contributors write about conferences, education, outreach, and other “real life” interests for astronomers. 678 more words

Keeping Up With Academia

By the time I begin my PhD I will have been away from academic study for two years.

A lot of academic work happens in two years. 216 more words